10 Essential Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

May 17, 2018 · 4 min read

The video game “Sims” allows you to build and furnish houses in a virtual world. The appeal is that you have a 3D avatar with construction capabilities like Thor and the budget of Oprah. It’s a fun game. Now imagine if that game only involved pictures without 3D renditions. Kind boring, huh?

Same goes for how technology is revolutionizing the industry of real estate marketing. Who wants to see a drab photo when they can experience a property through interactive video? Does the question even need to be asked?

The answer is “YES,” because it’s rarely addressed.  

Real estate video marketing is a relatively new field of digital marketing. It’s engaging, easy to consume, and enables you to inject some personality into your online profile. So, where do you start and what formats work best? Check this out:

Informational Video

Real estate video marketing is about making your buyers and sellers feel like they’re getting more from you than they bargained for—but in a good way.

Impress them with brief videos. These should have an educational tone. In them, answer all sorts of common real estate questions and address everyday misconceptions. Use a clear, conversational tone ¬– like you’d use when talking to your friends or colleagues.

Clients learn at their own pace while you grow your audience of prospective buyers and sellers. An informational video should be short and concise and convey all of the MLS information in a brief manner, while showcasing the property’s best assets.

“How To” Video

Over the last few years, “how-to” videos have exploded on sites like YouTube. In fact, they’ve grown by 70% year-over-year. What’s more, they help you increase your social proof and get your name out there as someone who genuinely cares about clients.

The key is to give actionable insights on things like

  • How to properly stage a home for viewing.
  • What small things do potential buyers notice during an open house?
  • What factors should a potential buyer consider when purchasing their first home?

Explanatory videos are a fantastic way to deliver value to your viewers. Engage them as an authority and increase the likelihood they’ll contact you or your agency.

Agent Profile Video

Profile videos are created to bring out an agent’s personality, their character, and their value as a professional on the team. Agents that have a personal brand can attack their sales and marketing from various directions.

Two ways you can showcase your elevated performance from other agents:

  • Demonstrate what you do to help buyers and sellers
  • Show people who you are as a person

Both of these work to build an engaging and professional story. Whatever you do, try to avoid clichés when speaking to the camera. Add in a few shots of you talking to clients. End it with a reminder of how much you care about an individual’s home-buying and selling experience.

Agency and Office Promotional Video

In real estate video marketing, agency and office promotional videos allow the firm to stand out. They introduce the staff, briefly tour the office, and give the viewer a peek into your company culture.

A few things to consider:

  • Prominently display awards and talk about them
  • Pinpoint your agency’s specialty
  • Hangout at the watercooler

These videos help bring in new listings. Don’t just tell the audience why your firm is different. Show them.

Listing Video

No aspect of real estate video marketing would be complete without listing videos. Listing videos showcase and promote property listings with virtual tours. They’re pretty simple to make using your mobile device, several photos of the property, and video clips.

They’re far more effective at getting a home to sell itself, so to speak. According to Mashable, 73% of homeowners prefer to hire listing agents who use online video as part of their marketing process. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

Neighborhood Video

It doesn’t just stop at listing videos. Location matters. It’s everything.

Grab the viewer’s attention by shooting video of the neighborhood surrounding your listing (assuming it’s nice). Take a drive through and capture things like a community park with children playing. You want your buyers to fall in love with the ambiance, as well as curbside appeal.

Testimonial Video

Invite your happiest, most loyal clients over for a chat. They’re by far the most effective brand advocates. Overall, customer testimonials have the highest ratings for efficient content marketing. They’re 89% more effective than photos. It’s called “word-of-mouth,” people!

Broach the subject by waiting until the end of a transaction. Then, politely ask if they’d be interested in recording a testimonial. Dollars to donuts they say “sure thing!”

Social Media Video

You’re probably already advertising on social media. What you might not be considering is that brevity is your friend.

Social media videos are different from what you’ll see on YouTube or your website because they’re shorter and specifically tailored to your specific audience preferences.  You might also want to consider the video’s format since most of these are watched on mobile devices.

Live Stream

Live video is powerful. It’s capable of connecting businesses to new clients. Simply put, live video gets our attention. It interrupts our day and our casual scrolling activities.

Using live streaming is the newest trend in real estate video marketing. Communicating with buyers and sellers in real time wasn’t possible until a decade ago. This video format lets you conduct a virtual open house, show off the neighborhood, host a live ask-me-anything, and so much more. Best of all, it takes zero in the way of extra time to do. Give Periscope or Facebook Live a try.

“Year In Review” Retrospective Video

How do you wrap up a great year if not with a thank you? “Year in Review” videos are a way of highlighting your goals and how you met them. Perhaps add in a slideshow of the listings you’ve sold. Include testimonials and get crazy creative. You probably have plenty to celebrate.

Plain and simple: If you’re a real estate agent, you need to be making videos. They need to be the center of your real estate marketing plan. They’ll move you closer to your sales and listing goals with little effort on your part in some cases.

The underlying message here is about connecting with buyers and sellers. What do people really want to see with a property? Realness. The closer you are to showcasing authenticity, the quicker the sale, and the happier every party involved.



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