Your Holiday To-Do List of Marketing Musts

November 13, 2017 · 2 min read

With the Holiday season in full swing, we are dreaming of days sipping hot cocoa or a little trip to a beach curled up with the perfect book. But before the vacation can begin, we’d be remised not to take advantage of this peak in business sales. From real estate agents to health gurus and everything in between, now is the perfect time to give your biz a boost.

Time is limited and the competition is fierce so standing out by creating marketing videos is a no-brainer. But a video alone won’t push you over the proverbial edge. We’ve got the top 5 must-dos just in time for the Holidays.


Get festive

While silver and gold may not be your color scheme of choice, no one can resist a little sparkle in these cold winter months. Whichever holiday motif fits you, go all the way. Add some Christmas cheer, Hannukah humor or simply sprinkle some winter wonderland into your store, emails, videos and more. Adjusting your communication and even collection to be merry-making will bring smiles to future customers and get them in the door. Digital ones included.

Don’t ignore Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was invented to help YOU. Yes, it’s not an accident that the interweb goes bananas with sale ads for this shopaholic extravaganza. While Black Friday is getting less popular over the years, Cyber Monday is picking up steam. Don’t miss the chance to offer a discount, big or small, and give yourself your best sales day yet.


Reward your loyal customers

Did you know, acquiring new customers is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining current ones. Certainly, we’re not looking only at the numbers but, those are pretty good ones. Not to mention, if your customers feel connected to you then you’ve set off a positive ripple effect. A thank you goes a long way and the Holidays is the perfect time to take a moment and give a thoughtful nod to your loyal customers. A gift is even better. You will never regret being generous with your community.

Engage on social media

The frenzy of social media is not calming down. In fact, it only ramps up into overdrive during this precious season. So, if you’re not feeling like a marketing pro on Facebook and Instagram yet, don’t postpone this until your New Year’s Resolution to-dos. It’s time. In fact, it’s pretty simple. Start but making a fun holiday video showcasing your updated hours, upcoming sale, new products and more. Throw that bad boy online with a little budget and see it reach farther than your uncle’s arm in a bear hug. You can start by checking out our ready-made collection.

Partner with a good cause

Have you been passionate about the good work of a local organization this year? With so much to be thankful for, it’s an excellent time to give back. You’d be shocked to know how many people are just hoping to have opportunities to do good, placed in front of them. That’s why partnering with a non-profit or community organization is a win for everyone. Consider offering a special sale or a particular weekend where a percentage of profit goes to your charity of choice. Cross brand, collaborate and break into a new group who shares your values.


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