AI and Digital Marketing: How to Transform the Way Your Teams Do Marketing in 2021

March 1, 2021 ยท 4 min read

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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across many industries has been a mega-trend in recent years. The use of AI capacity for business purposes means above all a low demand for human labor and extreme productivity. The potential of AI for smart automation has allowed companies to optimize and streamline their processes. The field of digital marketing is among the major fields where the application of AI is vast and increasing day by day. There are at least eight common applications that you can observe in marketing-oriented firms and companies striving to harness this technology for business growth.ย 

Letโ€™s look at the most typical AI applications in the area of digital marketing.ย 


Chatbots are a popular way of automating customer support and interactions through software applications. Unlike simple rule-based chatbots, AI-based bots can be a cost-effective replacement to live agents. Being available round-the-clock, AI conversational agents can act and think like humans. They are characterized by context awareness and are able to understand the userโ€™s intents and come up with relevant solutions. Backed by AI algorithms, these chatbots are most desirable to deploy, as this way enterprises can lower their operational costs as well as reduce the average response time.ย 

Advanced search

With the implementation of AI technology in digital marketing, consumers have become more demanding and impatient in their customer journeys. Their readiness span to wait for one or another product or service is quite short, which pushes them into choosing among the first websites on Google. This pattern in consumer behavior clearly indicates that small and big companies should think of advancing their search algorithms, so their brand appears on the top in search results. Adopting AI and speech recognition technologies will let companies be visible to their target audience no matter which type of search they prefer: texting, voice-based or image-based recognition.ย 

Email marketing

The role of AI becomes more important in the area of email marketing. Here, AI tools are needed to automate the workflow and personalize marketing messages. Through AI, marketers can segment their audience into groups and send each of them customized news, offers, and letters. The application of AI can be also helpful in writing CTAs, email subjects, and even detecting the best-suited words to ensure the highest level of customer engagement. Since AI is capable of analytics and prediction, it will help you foresee which email patterns are most likely to win your audienceโ€™s attention.ย 

AI-driven content

Despite digital transformation across all sectors, the need for quality content keeps growing. However, content managers no longer have to rush in a bid to recruit more copywriters to create unique and engaging content for social media profiles. AI content automation tools can replace writers and produce a variety of content according to your schedule. Such programs are designed to understand the narrative and generate pieces of content that fit with your topics. The biggest tech companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Tableau have already started using AI-powered content software to produce human-level content for business-related purposes. So you should consider doing it too.ย 

Social media data

Social media networking is one of the largest sources of data production. Your ability to collect, manage, and analyze social media data defines your chances of success and popularity online. In this case, AI can be used to detect consumer insights and trends in customersโ€™ interests. Quick AI-based data processing will let you keep track of market trends and adjust your brand strategies in a way that perfectly suits your audienceโ€™s expectations. In the time of increased competition, the knowledge of consumer wants and needs is the key to getting current and potential customers interested. The use of artificial intelligence in business, in this case, lets entrepreneurs build brand awareness and scale their businesses faster in the long run.ย 


Digital advertising is considered an essential part of marketing, especially for young companies that only try to gain popularity and build a solid customer base. Tying your ads with Facebook, Instagram, or Google is only the first step towards promoting yourself online. You can achieve far better results if AI is integrated into your advertising tools. Based on the information collected through AI analysis, you can invest your money in the right ads targeting your customers with a high payment capability and interests your company can match. Today every other company relies on a variety of digital ads, but only a small percentage of them results in real sales and profits. To make the most of your spending, you should enable AI in your marketing processes, which is a safeguard against inefficiency in advertising.ย ย 

Dynamic pricingย 

The capacity of AI also involves dynamic pricing, which means that with AI, you can regulate the prices for your products and services in accordance with the changes in the market or in your audienceโ€™s wishes. Say, if one category of product suddenly increases in demand, you can supply it first and drive huge profits. But to know of this trend beforehand, you will need to adopt AI marketing software that will help you detect upcoming trends and take advantage of them. Similarly, you can monitor the least preferred products and discount them at the right time, making room for more popular products. To put it simply, AI potential for sales forecasting will let you avoid financial losses and gradually increase your profitability.ย 


Another reason why AI is worth integrating with your digital marketing tools is extreme personalization. Existing eCommerce practice shows that the majority of customers prefer having an opportunity to choose among multiple options or, even more, create their own unique products that meet their needs in the best manner. If your business strategy does not allow for customization, you can give your buyer a rich choice and offer the best product recommendations based on their searches. Personalized shopping experiences are of the utmost importance if your business objectives are fast business growth and customer loyalty. Both can be delivered through AI adoption.ย 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this articleย  will help you leverage AI potential and build data-driven marketing campaigns to increase user engagement, improve the quality of customer service, and drive insights into consumer behavior.


Kyle McDermott is a web developer, blogger, blockchain enthusiast, and business analyst. He loves to write about new technologies, business news, and sports events. Kyle is also a proofreader at Computools.

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