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on February 23, 2018

You’ve taken the bold steps of starting a business. You’re ready to market this sucker and grow grow grow. We are cheering for you! But running a successful marketing strategy requires you to spread yourself around quite a bit and grab wanted attention from the right people while doing so.

At Promo, we offer a creative platform in order to democratize video and thus allow every company, big or small, to make a real impression on the world wide web. Now, let’s make sure you’ve covered all your bases (or at least the must-dos) for online marketing.


Google pretty much owns the internet or, at least, replaced the yellow pages for sure. In case you haven’t done it yet, it’s essential to make sure Google knows who you are (and thus everyone else in the world) by listing your business. It’s absolutely free and always appears first when someone searches for you.

Make sure to add the basics like your name, location, a short description, opening hours and contact info. From there you can add your website, reviews and so much more. We highly recommend including a video to stand out even more.


You’re not a business in 2018 if you don’t have a website to show yourself. Consider this your online business card. With loads of free and low-cost website tools to make a beautiful page, you’ve got no excuse not to have this marketing must.

One goal of every website manager is to increase the time on page, and the best way to do this is by adding videos to your site. First things first, you’ll need a video on your homepage and next, you can sprinkle them in on product pages and your “About: section just to name a few. By getting potential customers to spend more time with your brand, you increase the likelihood of them making a purchase as well as signaling to Google that your content is valuable and deserves a higher ranking within search.


You may not be a New York Times Bestselling author but we bet you’ve still got a few things your customers would love to hear about. Start a blog in order to create a more personal relationship with your clients and build loyalty with your cherished users. Your blog can include articles about your process, your products, news and more. Just make sure that you’re prepared to update weekly in order for it to best serve you and to increase the likelihood of visitors returning for more.

Here’s a video we used to open up a recent Blog post:

Social Media

If you’re not yet on social media, something has gone awry. While social media profiles used to focus on connecting with long lost friends or easily getting invites to local events, these platforms are now a business must and a marketer’s dream. Each social media channel offers its own audience and features that support you reaching those potential customers and fans.

If you’re new to the whole social thing, start with a Facebook Business Page and a LinkedIn Company Page. If you’ve been around the social block and this is old news, optimize your efforts with online campaigns that target new leads and engagement. No matter what level of familiarity you have with social media, there are always new channels popping up and new features that allow you to position your brand in front of new users in an interesting and effective way. Start with creating memorable video content on a channel or two and work your way up to managing more channels and larger paid campaigns.

When it comes to social media content, we’ve got your back! Get a social media post for every single day of the week with our monthly Promo Plan. We include daily themes, hashtags, business recommendations, jokes, and even video examples you can customize for your unique brand.

With over 3,700 video views, this simple idea got a lot of great attention:

Facebook Groups

Often overlooked in the world of social media management are Facebook Groups. And that’s a mistake. Groups offer a real place for community engagement and feedback like no other social space. You can choose to create your own group (like we did with Badass Video Marketing Tips) and invite people within your industry or join relevant groups where both coworkers and clients will be members. Simply search a couple of keywords, and if you’re a brick and mortar, consider adding your location, to build your network online with like-minded people.

Once inside these groups, comment with helpful tips on compelling posts and show your personality every so often by posting an original video in order to ensure your post is seen by the most members and likely to be engaged with.

Check out this video from Association For Entrepreneurship USA. They posted in a Facebook Group and got over 1,400 views!


Like Facebook Groups on social media, forums offer deeper community engagement and interaction with your audience. If you are in an industry with a handful of dominant companies or websites (think Zillow or Realtors), this is a great place to start searching for a network. Once you join compatible forums, watch from the sidelines to get a taste of the tone and kind of communication and then jump in with your own thoughts and offerings.

Presentations & Conferences

An offline presentation or attendance at a niche conference gets you the in-person exposure that is priceless. But, just talking “at” people isn’t going to cut it and certainly isn’t going to help you stand out if competition is hanging around. Add compelling videos to presentation slides and conference booth screens to keep viewers attentive and snag passersby.

We, at Promo, are going to be hitting up Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World from February 28th to March 2nd in San Diego. You better believe our presentation will be packed with popular videos and attention-grabbing footage. We even used video to announce our attendance online:


A strong webinar cannot be discredited, even in the age of quicky marketing creatives. If you are a specialist and have the knowledge to spread, create a webinar for your customers and peer group. Online content sharing in a professional and tactical setting allows you to position yourself as a thought leader in your field without jumping on a plane or even across town. Like presentations, videos allow your content to be more dynamic and thus more engaging for your audience’s short attention span.


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