5 Tips to Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

February 15, 2017 · 4 min read

Do you remember what the internet was like before YouTube and viral videos took over our screens? Don’t worry—we hardly can either since videos have become an integral part of our daily digital experience.

In fact, a KPCB study predicts that video content will make up 74% of all internet traffic in 2017, and Cisco projects that the figure will rise to 80% by 2019.

They say that numbers don’t lie. So if you’re looking to amplify your content marketing strategy to reel in bigger, better business, then video undoubtedly appears to be the most important tool in your content-creation arsenal.

Users prefer video over text

Many people indulge in internet browsing for leisure and entertainment-seeking, and aside from digital duties at the workplace, few are interested in investing too much thought, energy, or effort in digesting the information they come across.

If you want to introduce your products or services in the most effective manner possible, then video is the surefire way to go. Four times as many consumers prefer to watch a product video than to read about it, and a quarter of them are actually turned off by a given brand if it doesn’t provide video viewing options.

Content marketers should be wise to these propensities and be sure to give consumers their preferred means of digesting information. This will help them reach the maximum amount of users in the most entertaining and relevant method possible.

When it comes to creating an entertaining video that catches and holds the attention of the viewers, remember to choose footage that can speak for itself. Viewers don’t like to be told what to do, they like to connect to a story. This video allows the footage and very minimal text to tell the story. It’s not preachy or pushy. It simply gets the message across in a creative and entertaining way.


Video optimizes conversions

A June 2016 Hubspot infographic provided a host of statistics proving that the inclusion of video in a given business’s content marketing strategy could significantly increase conversion rates.

The inforgraphic first showed an astounding 90% of users indicated that videos are a helpful factor in deciding whether or not to make a given purchase. This means that videos can work not only to relay information on a brand’s offerings, but can actively give them the encouragement to go ahead and buy.

It also showed that 80% of users could recall a video ad they had viewed within the past month. This shows that your brand’s videos can have an impact well after a user watches them. A winning video with the right balance of content, value, and promotion can have a psychological impact amongst your audience members, with a long-term pathway towards brand favorability and increased conversions.

Invest in social video

Social media has an undisputed leading role in the rise of the power of video. Given that Facebook users collectively watch over 8 billion videos per day—with that number rising by 25% to 10 billion daily video views for Snapchat users—brands should and must be savvy to the fact that social media provides unparalleled access to audiences on a significant global scale.

Businesses that utilize video marketing that can be accessed and shared on social platforms will be able to reap in the benefits of finding users who already actively choose to view them. This will allow them to meet users halfway via social sources where they already spend a great deal of their time.

When you want to improve your social efforts, add a video like this to your next social campaign. With a little budget, it will definitely reach more people and, because of it’s straight forward message and humorous tone, connect with the audience, move them to action, and spur them to share it as well.


Video marketing works hand-in-hand with SEO

SEO is inextricably linked to any brand’s content marketing success. Crafting videos is a tried and true method to boost your brand’s ranking on search engines.

In fact, videos prove to be so effective and beneficial to SEO that when they’re optimized correctly—with thoughtful attention to length, embedded keywords, CTAs, and the like—your chances of appearing on the first page of Google increases by an astounding 53 times. The SEO boost that video provides shows that investment in video marketing is more advantageous and far-reaching than merely collecting video views, and that video can increase digital exposure in a number of far-reaching ways.

Include video & watch your ROI increase

Businesses that have already included video in their content marketing strategies have proven that the time, money, and effort put forth was well worth the investment.

An impressive 76.5% of small-to-medium businesses and marketers have reported higher profit margins and more engagement as a direct result of their video campaigns, and more brands across diverse industries are getting wise to the revenue-building and interest-raising impact of video marketing.

Nature Valley released this ad campaign at the beginning of February 2017. Since it’s release date, it’s garnered more than 11 million views, both organic and paid, and current holds the number three spot on the Ad Age Viral Video Chart. With such a large viewership and high reach, Nature Valley is likely seeing some great returns.


What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t yet caught on to the business-boosting impact of video on your content marketing strategy, then consider this post to be your eye-opening, kick-in-the-butt CTA. Compelling, value-laden videos no longer require the skills of creative masterminds and big budgets (though they definitely don’t hurt should you have the resources available).

Thankfully, the video marketing industry has seen incredible developments that allow businesses of any and all sizes and budgets to craft powerful, entertaining videos that will undoubtedly amplify your growth and marketing efforts. This will help you reel in your audience in the most engaging, relevant way possible.

Video creation is a great method to optimize your business’s reach and to create a solid rapport with your audience, eventually leading to customer loyalty, greater exposure, and better profits across the board.


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