How to Create the Perfect Halloween Video

October 9, 2016 · 3 min read

“I am the clown with the tear-away face…I am the wind blowing through your hair. I am the shadow on the moon at night. Filling your dreams to the brim with fright..This is Halloween, this is Halloween.” Don’t be a Jack Skellington, this year. Embrace Halloween, with all the guises, ghouls, and ghosts, and create the perfect video for your business.

For years now, more and more customers flock to and follow brands that not only offer great products and overall service, but to brands that showcase more and more personality, as well. Halloween gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. No matter what your brand communicates, Halloween offers you free range to use the feel and theme of the season to make a great video ad. Here are some excellent tips to create a video that gives you and your customers more tricks than treats.

Here are three things you need to make the perfect Halloween video:

Proper Theme

Halloween lends itself to so much creativity. This time of year you can find inspiration around every corner. Whether you take it from the changing colors in nature, the various decor draped over houses and across storefronts, classic movies and shows making a comeback for the month, or even urban artwork and beauty, you can find a theme that not only speaks to your already Halloween-inspired audience, but also, to your overall brand and marketing messages.

We suggest that you draw off all the inspiration to pick a proper theme. You can do this simply by just incorporating color. Choose to make a video with seasonal colors, like orange, green, black, and grey, for all your text and overlay. Using an iconic Halloween color can help transform your everyday video to a Halloween video ad. In our editor, you can customize colors of almost every element of your video.

You can also pick a theme to go along with a Halloween emotion like, scary, creepy, or thrilling for example. Through the Promo video library, you can search for clips that feature classic Halloween imagery like, witches, black cats, clowns, ghosts, full moons, or just simply search “Halloween.”

If you search “Halloween” in our video catalog, you’ll get a curated list of all our Halloween clips, along with the special Promo Collection series specially made for the holiday.

Good Music

Music can turn any video from good to a great masterpiece–especially during a special holiday season. Music both evokes memories and incites pretty strong feelings. Music sets the tone, mood, and pace. A perfect Halloween video can catch attention and raise a heart rate. No matter what kind of feeling you want to communicate with your video, make sure to choose the right music to do so.

Whether you want something that sounds seasonal (you know, kinda like how pumpkin spice is the taste of the Fall season) or you want a particularly ghoulish sound to creep out your audience, you can find what you’re looking for in our music library. Not only is the music library professionally curated and completely licensed for your use, it’s constantly updated with more and more tracks.

For Halloween, we added a special filter called, Halloween, where you can find the perfect sound to suit your video.


Captivating Captions

There’s no better way to flex your creative muscles than with new holiday-themed captions–especially with one as fun as Halloween. It’s much easier than you might think. By adding some fun adjectives, you can really transform the feel of the video. Here are some good ones to try:


Another great way to up your captions for Halloween is either by using famous quotes from various sources (like we did here, at the beginning, with the Nightmare Before Christmas) or try rhyming to create something uniquely catchy (and creepy).

We just love holidays, in general, and worked to help integrate new tools into Promo to help you make the perfect Halloween video. Head into Promo now to get started


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