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June 25, 2018 · 4 min read

Of all the social media channels available, LinkedIn is one that tends to be forgotten. LinkedIn is a great platform for boosting your business to business connections or promoting your product/service to a professional audience. Like any platform, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd, but professional videos can give you a leg up on the competition.

Understanding LinkedIn

One of the reasons why LinkedIn tends to be overlooked is that it isn’t a “social media” platform in the same way that Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is. Rather, LinkedIn is more of a platform for professional networking between companies and business professionals.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for growing your professional brand or for B2B companies looking to network. It’s a crowded arena, but professional videos can help you stand out and make an impact.

LinkedIn By The Numbers

If you’re looking to connect on a B2B level, LinkedIn is your place and video is your ticket. Need a little data to back it up? No problem. By the numbers:

So now that we see that professional video can be an effective tool for growing your LinkedIn page, the question you have is where to get started, right? LinkedIn growth is not an overnight process. In that way, LinkedIn is not unlike other forms of social media. However, with the right approach, it will be more than worth it.

Growing Your Page With Video

Video content is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Up until this point, we’ve been assuming that you’re growing a B2B page on LinkedIn. Sure, maybe your company is in the industrial or manufacturing sector. However, you may also be promoting a product or service which primarily appeals to working professionals.

In either case, the approach is similar. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect on a B2B level OR a B2C level if your product or service is geared towards LinkedIn’s core users: i.e. professionals.

In either case, the approach is similar, though the content may change slightly if you’re promoting an actual product. Consider these quick tips for LinkedIn growth using professional videos.

Promote Your Products/Services

If the working pro is your go-to consumer, it’s hard to imagine a better place to connect than LinkedIn. Create professional videos that showcase your product or promote your brand’s culture. You don’t want to give away too much. Just enough to get them interested and following your page.

Engagement Is The Name of The Game

You want to post your professional videos at a time when they’re most likely to be both seen and engaged with. This may take some trial and error. If everyone knew the “best” time to post content, we would all do it then!

Not all pages and audiences are created equal, so experiment with your timing. However, the generally agreed upon best time to post your content to LinkedIn is during the workweek between 3-5pm.

This seems to fit. We’re all about ready to start goofing off on social media towards the end of the workday, right? Right? Just us? Never mind then. Unsurprisingly, the weekends see the lowest engagement rates.

Be Fun and Creative

You want your professional videos to be visually appealing. You may be targeting a professional audience, but you’ll still standout  more if you think outside the box. Create a video that is relatable and engaging. Don’t go with something that looks like a training video put out by HR. We’re on LinkedIn right before 5pm, remember?

Plus, videos that are fun and creative stand a much better chance of:

A. Being watched

B. Being shared

Get Your Employees Involved

A great way to help promote your LinkedIn page is to get your employees involved. When employees list their employer in their LinkedIn profile, they automatically follow your page. Encourage them to share your professional video content with their network.

This helps increase the organic reach of your video content while at the same time giving your employees a reasonable excuse for why they’re on LinkedIn at 4:45pm and not finishing up those reports you asked them for last week.

Be Consistent With Your Content

Here’s the truth about LinkedIn growth and content marketing in general. Content is king, but consistency is the queen. The truth is that a single blog, a single whitepaper, or even a single video isn’t likely to give you that extra oomph you need to get things rolling.

An important part of any content marketing strategy needs to be consistency. That is, regularly pumping out quality content to your audience. Your goal is not necessarily to gain traction with a single campaign. Rather, you want to build a core audience which enjoys and expects your content on a regular basis.

But hey, if you happen to strike gold and go viral, take the win.

Of course, “consistent” is not a tangible term. The real question is “how often should I post my content?” While there is no set rule for LinkedIn, the current thinking is 1x per week day, so roughly 20 times per month.

Not all of these posts should be videos, of course. However, your video content is an important part of your LinkedIn growth strategy, so at least a few of those posts should be focused on your video content.

LinkedIn suggests that by posting 20x per month you will reach an average of 60% of your audience which is in the sweet zone for social media engagement. However, as with other forms of social media, your mileage may vary. Don’t be afraid to try posting a little more or a little less until you find a schedule that is effective for you.

Get Ready for LinkedIn Growth

Professional videos can help elevate your LinkedIn page as well as boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Whether you operate exclusively in the B2B realm or your customers live there, LinkedIn is the place for you and professional videos are the content you should be focusing on.


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