The ABCs of Marketing CTAs

on January 3, 2018

Have you been perusing the internet and keep seeing the term “Call to Action” or CTA strewn about? What is that, you ask yourself. Why does everyone say it’s so important, you wonder. From building your website flow to creating a marketing video that will make an impact on your business, you need to know what a CTA is and how to write a winner.

What is a CTA?

A CTA is short for Call-to-Action and describes the instruction you place in your marketing assets that elicits an action. Yup, it’s that simple. Often the CTA text will use a verb such as, “Try today” or “Call now”, and so on. The key is making sure the instruction itself is clear and it leads your audience to where you want them to go.

Pro tip: Before you can make any winning CTA you need to set your own goals of what action you want them to do in the first place.

Where does a CTA go?

Everywhere … but not too many. It sounds tricky, we know. But it’s clearer than you think. Let’s check out the major places you’re doing online marketing:

CTAs for your website

A CTA should be a button on your homepage leading your visitors into your product or service. “See more” or “Start now” can work great. You will also want to include a CTA on your pricing page or individual products that leads customers to complete a purchase. These are direct. You can make a statement such as “Buy now” in a prominent location on each page element to make the sale. Where else you place a CTA on your website depends upon your goals. On each web page ask yourself what you want your audience to do there. Do you want them to continue browsing? Contact your team? Sign up for your newsletter? Then make sure you provide a very short bit of clickable content that includes a verb and brings them to the desired destination.


CTAs for your emails

When creating a strong email, the shorter and more direct the better. Your goal is to get readers to move out of their inbox and into your online world. Most likely you want your newsletter readership to head over to your website, maybe even a specific product page. An excellent CTA within an email is, “Learn more” or “Try now”.

Pro tip: Don’t confuse your visitors with too many clickable links. Multiple options will lead to no action. Focus on 1 (maximum 2!) CTAs per email.

CTAs for your videos

While the content inside of a video ad is not clickable, it’s still hugely important. We are confident you are making videos that your audience is loving and perhaps even sharing around the proverbial [internet] block. But then what? While likes on Facebook are a major boost to any business, website visits are an even more exciting way to measure your video marketing success. In case we haven’t said it enough; simple, simple, simple. Your logo and website on your video’s end slide is a perfect option. If you’ve got a specific sale going on or new product collection, you can add that info below your site url too. That’s it! Just enough for someone who’s digging your commercial to find you, make contact and move the flow forward.

Pro tip: Don’t fill up your final slide with too much info. Keep it clean with a logo and tagline or url to close out your stunning ad.

Here’s some fun examples of videos with a clear CTA:


Ask Us How


Create a Great Video


Order Now


Buy One Get One

Visit Website


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