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Does Your Business Need A YouTube Video Maker?

March 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are creating  YouTube videos. It’s time for your business to join the fun and get noticed online with a YouTube Video Maker. Beyond being a cool way to keep in touch with your followers, YouTube is a powerful platform for online video marketing. Not only that, it’s a Google entity meaning it basically runs the world. So why wouldn’t you want to put your own video content on a free platform that garners that much attention?! If you’re still not convinced, we have a few fund facts for you. 

What’s The Big Deal?

If you’re still thinking that being a YouTube video creator is all about silly cats and parody videos, you’ve missed the boat on what a YouTube Video Maker is all about. Simply put, YouTube has revolutionized the way people consume video content. But don’t take our word for it, these stats from Google paint a clear picture:

  • 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online over television.
  • In 2015, 18-49-year-olds spent approximately 4% less time watching television. That may not seem like much, but during the same time frame, YouTube consumption soared by 74%.
  • Within that same demographic, 8 out of 10 people watch YouTube at least once per month.

Video Content Is The Future

In the modern era of online marketing, creating content is the key to success. Businesses from every industry have found a home on YouTube–from Coca-Cola to Harley-Davidson and more. If you have a product or service, you can create a video around it that will garner attention online with the right YouTube Video Maker.  One of the many reasons that every major business has posted YouTube videos is because the traffic is so high and the intention of everyone on this platform is specifically to view videos. Meaning, you already know a few things about what your audience wants to consume, making it even easier to create something valuable. So many brands have found success as YouTube marketers, isn’t it time your business did, too?

Why YouTube?

Simply put, YouTube is where the videos are. However, there’s more to love about YouTube than simply having a place to park your content. YouTube opens up a world of SEO opportunities for your website, and a platform from which your videos can reach thousands of potential customers. Your video content can be embedded directly into your website, or you can upload it to YouTube and link to it from there. From its home on YouTube, you can link to your website and create an SEO-rich backlink.

Whatsmore, YouTube videos can be optimized with keywords and metadata as well which help index the video. This allows your content to show up better in relevant searches both on YouTube itself and on additional search engine results. YouTube videos are also easily shared across social media channels or linked to from inside emails. This means that not only can you share your content with ease, but others can as well. 

What Kind of Videos Should I Create?

All businesses need videos. The good news is there’s almost no end to the type of content you can create and post on YouTube. Businesses need professional quality ad content to use in their online marketing campaigns as well as product videos, demonstrations, and more.

You can educate customers on your new product line, provide troubleshooting guides for common issues, or plug the new features you’re releasing on your flagship product. Trust us, once you get started creating video content for your business, you’ll wonder why you ever went without it.

But I Don’t Know How to Make Videos

If the thought of creating videos is intimidating, relax. It’s never been easier. With Promo by Slidely, you can start creating professional, high-quality content in no time. Choose from one of our customizable, ready-made videos, or create your own stunning video content using our simple, intuitive system.

Add footage from our library of over 3.5 million video clips, royalty-free music, images, and more. Users can create beautiful, professional-grade video content in as little as five minutes. You’ll be a world-class YouTube video maker in no time.

If your business is ready to unleash the full power of YouTube video marketing on the web, make Promo your go-to YouTube video maker platform.


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