Fly High In July With The Perfect Social Media Content

July 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Your summer should be full of sunny beach days and evening drinks with a tiny umbrella.

To waste away in front of a computer would be a true shame and one we just won’t allow you to do. Because we wasted away in front of a computer FOR YOU.

We vigorously searched the world wide web, cover a whiteboard time and time again, and wracked our collective brain to come up with fun and trend ready content perfect for your social media channels. What did it amount to? A 31-day social media content calendar for the entire month of July. Get your hand on it!

Here’s your Complete Social Media Calendar for July 

Create marketing videos in a matter of minutes including daily themes, hashtags, business recommendations, jokes, and even video examples you can customize for your unique brand.

Here are a few fun examples to get your pumped for July:

Get your audience feeling inspired and ever so slightly nostalgic with the timeless tip in this video:

Tip Tuesday


What are two things everyone loves? Chocolate and babies. Help your viewers fall in love twice on World Chocolate Day.

World Chocolate Day


Highlight your company’s broad worldview with this visually stunning ad.

Travel Tuesday



This lively video will remind you and your customers that you’re already halfway through the week. Power On!

Hump Day


Wisdom. Heart. Nature. What more could you ask for in a Video Ad?

Sunday Read

Ready to see all 31 days and find the perfect videos for you? Check out the Promo Plan today!


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