The Future Of Content Marketing: Video Marketing

June 25, 2018 · 4 min read

It’s no surprise that content marketing has been on the rise over the past several years. And while trends come and go, it’s becoming more clear that content marketing is the key to a successful online marketing strategy.

However, while trends come and go; they also evolve. The future of content marketing is an exciting one filled with big ideas, innovation, and a whole lot of video marketing.

By The Numbers

Oh ye of little faith. Lest you doubt the full power of video marketing, the numbers back up the hype.  By next year (2019), video is slated to claim more than 80% of all web traffic. Video content is growing by leaps and bounds. Already the majority of web traffic, if you aren’t using video; you’re missing out on the future.

90% of customers report that product videos help them make decisions on what they are going to purchase.If this percentage isn’t enough to convince you that video marketing is the future of content marketing, we’re not sure what will.

When customers are actively seeking a product video, it’s a strong signal that they’re in the market for that product (or something like it). Through a comprehensive content marketing strategy that includes video, you’re

  1. Giving the customer what they’re looking for.
  2. Positioning yourself to be found when customers are most ready to buy.

And the results speak for themselves. In fact, 64% of customers are more inclined to purchase a product on the internet after viewing a video on it. Why? You’ve piqued their interest, helped answer their question, and lodged yourself in their mind all at the same time. That is video marketing done right!

These statistics should give you incentive to utilize more video in your content marketing strategy. More than half the people who will view your videos on your products are going to be interested in buying it right off the bat.

Looking for more video marketing power? Strap in. We’re not done yet.

Brand Name Recognition and Recall

What’s in a name? As it turns out, a lot. Think about when you are cruising in your car and that catchy jingle for a product comes on the radio all the time. It drives you nuts in the moment, but you catch yourself humming, singing or whistling it throughout the day. It inadvertently helps you remember the product or company by putting forth an effective marketing strategy.

Video marketing has the same effect. In fact, viewers are 80% more likely to remember or recall what the product was (who you are!). This helps to build brand recognition as well as facilitate brand recall.

When customers are able to recall your product and your company, you’ll be a in great position for when they’re ready to make that purchasing decision. Through video, you have a powerful tool that allows your name to be heard (and remembered) by customers. Many will investigate further. However, if they aren’t ready yet, they’ll know just where to look when the moment strikes and they need your product.

Video is Normally Compatible on All Devices

It’s 2018. People are logged on and plugged into their tablets and mobile devices like never before. No longer are people tethered to a laptop or desktop computer. The times, they are a changin’ and this is one trend that isn’t going away.

The great thing about video marketing is that even in the multi-device world, video tends to be universally compatible no matter what device or platform it’s shown on. Website landing page? Check. YouTube? Check. Facebook? Check.

Multi-Platform Content

Because of its broad compatibility, your video content marketing materials can be used in many ways and across several platforms. Let’s say you’re creating a recruitment video for your company. That video can be uploaded to YouTube, shared on LinkedIn, posted to a job site, or embedded on your website in a “Careers” section.

That’s at least four separate uses for the same piece of content and typically no changes are required.

A Chance To Go Viral

We got a fever and the only prescription is more video marketing. The truth is, everyone wants to go viral online. It’s no coincidence that viral video producers wind up endorsing products, making commercials, or making the rounds on talk shows.

Viral video is a powerful tool for organic reach. And when a video goes viral, you can reach millions of viewers. Of course, it’s difficult to make a video go viral. It almost always has to happen organically.

However, every piece of quality video content you put out there has a chance to catch on and take off. You might not be seen as much as that sneezing panda cub, but video marketing doesn’t need a billion views to be effective and provide a great return.

Although you may want to see if that panda cub is available for booking.

What Are You Waiting For?

In the world of online marketing, a phrase you’ll often hear is “content is king.” If that’s true (and it is), then video marketing reigns supreme. Customers are actively seeking out video content, engaging with it, and in many cases; demanding more.

Combine that with the fact that video content is exploding online right now, it’s no surprise that video marketing is the future of content marketing. Businesses looking to stay current and position themselves for success would be wise to embrace the future.


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