4 Scary Successful Halloween Marketing Ideas

October 8, 2017 · 3 min read

This year, Halloween is about to break records. Consumers for this spooky season are expected to spend $9.1 billion, breaking last year’s record of $8.4 billion. That’s a lot of money and a massive and super engaged audience. Halloween offers a great opportunity for businesses, especially small businesses, to launch creative, engaging, and successful marketing campaigns.

With some creativity, a reasonable budget, and good timing, Halloween campaigns help put your brand in front of people looking to buy into the holiday in a big way. We put together this list of actionable marketing ideas to bring in some of the festivities and a lot of the revenue.

Four Successful Halloween Marketing Ideas

Run early-bird promotions and sales

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people will spend their Halloween budgets on costumes, candy, decorations, and Halloween greeting cards. But, while they’re ready and willing to spend the money, they’re still looking for an early deal or sale to help keep overall costs down. According to Prosper Insights, 22% of holiday shoppers are looking for deals online and 47% of in-store shoppers will visit discount stores starting the first week of October in search of Halloween-related goods.

What does that mean for you? Your customers and audience get into the spirit early and are on the hunt for a good deal. Give them what they want by offering early-bird sales and creating campaigns focused on your discounts. Also, launch your marketing campaigns for these promotions as early as the first of October.

Create & promote Halloween themed videos

The power of video is still very much relevant this Halloween season–especially considering that over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day. Video offers a great way to engage and entertain your audience. So take advantage of it’s power and create great Halloween videos.

With video, you can get as creative as you like and make several videos not only to promote your sales, but also to grow your brand awareness on social. You can follow Rice Krispies lead and set up a hidden camera to spook unsuspecting customers. Then share the fabulous reactions on your socials.


Think about creative ways to use traditional Halloween symbols in a new way. Like the UK-based grocer, Asada, did with this great video. A video like this taps into the emotions of your viewers which is a great way to activate social shares and reactions.


Use stunning Halloween-themed footage to grab and hold the attention of your audience. This Fall holiday comes with plenty of great content for you to customize and wow your viewers. A video like this one, from our special Halloween Collection, can be used in either paid campaigns or as an organic, native video on your Facebook wall or in your Facebook group.


Or you can choose to make something completely unique using any of the raw Halloween footage in the Promo catalog, like this one, which would be perfect for promoted campaigns on Twitter.


Speaking of paid campaigns, if you really want to see a great boost in your Halloween marketing efforts, it’s best to promote your videos with a daily budget. Just a few dollars a day and setting up some objective-oriented campaigns will make all of the difference.

Add pumpkins everywhere

Aside from the obvious pumpkins for carving the perfect Jack O’ Lanterns, pumpkin is basically the official symbol of the Fall season (there’s a reason why there is a pumpkin spice everything). In fact, every October, searches for the word “pumpkin” increase by 2000 percent.

Join the trend and help increase your brand awareness by adding pumpkins to your creatives, content, and paid campaigns. Add the pumpkin emoji to the subject of your emails, run YouTube video ads with the word pumpkin in the title, or run a photo contest on Instagram using a custom hashtag that includes the word pumpkin.

Show off your customers in great Facebook contests

Facebook contests are perfect for fan engagement, increasing your reach, growing leads, and even driving sales. During Halloween, 30% more people enter promotion campaigns and, with 48% of adults planning to dress in costume this year, it’s more than likely that your audience will be ready and willing to join a contest–especially if there is a prize involved.

The easiest way to run a contest is hosting a costume contest. Ask your fans to share videos of themselves (or their pets since one in five people put their pets in Halloween costumes) on your Facebook wall. The video with the most engagement (likes, comments, and/or shares) wins. Don’t feel like hosting a contest? Re-post your customer’s Halloween costumes or creations on your social media accounts and tag them in the post.

Just don’t trick yourself

Halloween is a great holiday not only to have a lot of fun creating awesome videos, but also to grow your business overall. Take this time to treat yourself with these tips and put your business in a place to win big with great results.


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