Kicking off the Holiday Season: A Promo Plan Step-By-Step Guide

September 27, 2018 · 3 min read

In the marketing world, the holiday season kicks off early. If you want to get people interested in your Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Columbus Day promotions, you’ve got to get the hype going way in advance. So early October is prime time to start planning your social media marketing campaigns—although you may have to hurry if you want to get the word out in time for your Columbus Day soiree.

If it’s starting to feel like the pressure is ramping up, you can take a deep breath and relax. We’ve got you covered.

The October Promo Plan is here to help you plan out your social media strategy this month. With the latest trends, ready-to-go video content, and share-worthy hashtags, the October Promo Plan has everything you need to gear up your channels for the holiday rush.

Still not sure what path to take? Here’s a demo of how you can use the Promo Plan to strategically build up to your holiday campaign:

Step 1: Throw them off the scent

Have you noticed how holiday advertisements and gimmicks seem to be starting earlier and earlier each year? Well, your followers have noticed too. Yes, it’s important to start your sales push early if you want it to be effective, but if you start too early, you run the risk of annoying your audience.

To prevent this commit pitfall, distract your followers from October’s main holiday (Halloween of course!) by celebrating a lesser-known internet holiday: International Coffee Day! This will keep your pages fresh, updating, and in the celebratory mode without becoming cliche or repetitive.

You can use this International Coffee Day video on all your social channels:

Step 2: Get them itching to buy

If a customer makes a purchase once and is happy with the result, it stands to reason that they’ll be more likely to return and become repeat customers. If you can hook your audience early in the holiday season, there’s a higher chance they’ll look to you first for all their holiday needs.

With this in mind, you can deploy the Secret Saturday Sale. Advertise a sale that’s only available to those who type in a special code at checkout. Where do they get this code? From your Facebook page, a targeted email, or wherever else your audience is most likely to see it. This accomplishes a number of things.

First, it gets eyes on your socials. Now people will feel more compelled to check your socials regularly to try and catch deals early.

Second, it helps push conversions because people love to buy sale items.

Finally, it builds a community amongst your followers. If people feel like they’re in on a secret, they feel especially recognized and appreciated by your company. This helps create brand loyalty and attachment.

Not sure how to promote a secret sale? Here’s a video to help you on your way:

Step 3: Initiate the Holiday Hype

Now’s the time to start getting people psyched for Halloween, and more importantly, for your Halloween sale or promotion. You’re still a few days away from the day itself, which gives you enough time to build the excitement. Everyone’s starting to get in the spooky spirit, so make sure your socials reflect that vibe. Maybe start by just setting your general tone to align with monsters and witches rather than your usual themes. Post something like this Sunday Scaries videos to give your followers some thrills and chills:

Step 4: Show Time!

The last step is easy. Celebrate Halloween in all its gory *ahem* glory. Post a scary or silly Halloween video and use this opportunity to advertise a holiday promotion. Celebrate with a video like this, and your audience will celebrate with you!

With a plan this strong, you can face the holiday season with confidence. Slowly building up to the holiday with a continuous stream of new content is the best way to maximize the holiday sales spikes. A strategy like this can be replicated and applied to all the big holidays in the upcoming months. And if this layout wasn’t quite right for you, the October Promo Plan is filled with even more ideas, so you can customize this format to best fit your company’s goals.

Check out the October Promo Plan and get the ball rolling!


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