5 Things You Need to Make the Perfect Christmas Video Series

December 12, 2016 · 3 min read

December is the perfect time to create videos that capture and share the spirit of the season and end the year with great results. As we learned this year, video took the center stage as the most powerful tool for marketing your brand and sharing your message online. We learned that a series of videos helps reinforce and spread your message. And, finally, we learned that short videos (thanks to the shorter attention spans of modern viewers) works best for reach and engagement.

Create a Video To End The Year With A Bang

Now it’s time to take all that we learned above and apply it to creating a great Christmas video series. A well-made series of videos will not only reinforce your 2016 messaging, it will give you yet another chance to connect more deeply with your audience, and help you hit your objectives to end the year with a bang. So, here are the five things you need to make the perfect Christmas video series.

The Right Theme

Most people find it easy to choose a Christmas theme. There are a ton out there from which to choose after all. You can go traditional, winter wonderland, Santa, kids, funny, family, and more. But, when it comes to making videos it’s important to stay consistent and on-message when you choose a theme. We suggest that you choose a theme that offers several variations and options when it comes to coordinating footage. Also remember that your theme should compliment your brand message, not interrupt or change it.

The Right Footage

At Promo, we make it easy to choose the right footage to suit your Christmas theme, brand message, audience, and products. We proudly give all our users access to a catalog of over two million clips to use. Obviously not all of the clips work for Christmas or holiday videos, therefore, we suggest you search terms like, “Christmas,” “Santa,” “Winter,” and “Christmas Tree.” Searching those terms will give you hundreds of different types of clips that will suit your winter, Christmas themes.

We also suggest you try using one of our special, limited-edition Christmas Collection videos. They’re professionally curated and created by our in-house creative team. The team boasts years of professional experience in commercial video creation and work hard to help create videos that work for social media marketing. In the collections, you can find a video that suits all of your need completely. You can browse and customize a video from the professional Christmas Collection here.

promo-Let It Snow from Slidely on Vimeo.

The Right Music

Music is such a powerful key to creating a successful video. And we all know it’s not a Christmas video without Christmas music, obviously. The right songs can help set the tone and create a nice memory and sense of nostalgia with your audience. To help you do this, we created a new music filter especially for Christmas. In this selection of music, you’ll find everything from traditional carols, psalms with a religious tone, and more upbeat contemporary options. Find the Christmas music by clicking the “Filter” button in the “Choose Music” section of our video editor.

Christmas video



The Right Texts

Christmas, like other exciting holidays, let us bring out our more creative side, especially when it comes to writing. We encourage you to be as expressive during this holiday to show sentiment like gratitude and thankfulness during this time. No matter what you say though, remember to keep your word count low (we suggest no more than 10 words per slide).

The Right Audience

You might think we’re beating the horse with this one, but it’s a very important aspect to consider. Choosing your audience helps you choose the correct social media outlet on which to publish your video. Different demographics and segments use different social networks. For example, younger generations are moving away from Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, publishing a video series on Facebook or Twitter should be geared for an older demographic. Knowing this will help you choose a theme, language, and footage that will engage better with your desired audience. If you’re looking to engage with a younger audience, publish your videos to Instagram or Snapchat.

Help end your marketing year with a great series of videos that can increase your reach, engagement, and overall brand awareness as well as tap into the spirit of Christmas. Don’t miss this opportunity and create a great Christmas video series now.


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