7 Easy Steps For Creating Videos That Convert

January 31, 2017 · 5 min read

When it comes to video marketing, especially on social media, the competition is fierce. In 2016 alone, Facebook reported that users watch 100 million hours of video daily. That means, with so much competition for attention and engagement, you must publish a well-made video to succeed.

No matter how many articles explain how easy it is, we know the struggles that come with creating great video ads. It’s why we created Promo in the first place. It’s also why we put together this list of Promo video ideas to help you use our tool better and create videos that convert.

Your Audience Comes First

Some of the best Promo video ideas come from users who put their audiences at the heart of video. So, before you start the video creation process, you need to define your target audience. Start defining your audience by asking the following questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What’s their biggest issue, desire, or problem?
  • Where do they get their info?
  • What benefit of your product solves their problem?
  • Who do they trust?

Creating a video that engages and motivates action is about building and maintaining a connection in just a few short seconds. Answering and discussing these questions will help you create a video that resonates, engages, and moves your audience to action.

Here is a great example of a video that keeps the audience’s desires at the top of mind. It also offers a service that helps solve a problem for pet owners looking to enhance the quality (and hopefully length) of life for their furry friends.


Establish Your Tone

Now that you defined your audience, it’s time to choose the overall tone, or direction, of your video. The audience you built will actually help you more than you realize to do this. These personas lead to which Promo video idea works best for your objectives and audience.

Again, ask the following questions to establish your video’s tone: will your audience connect with a more literal portrayal of your brand or something that appeals more to the emotions?

When the AZ Taco Festival created a Promo video, they went directly for a more literal tone. They chose to keep the video centered around the the main event, tacos, and not, for example, the experience of eating and enjoying food at a community event.

Mouthwatering Videos

Got an event coming up? Add a Promo video to your email invites and Facebook events to get the word out and increase attendance. We're loving this one for the Arizona Taco Festival. Our mouths are watering from here.

Posted by Promo on Monday, September 12, 2016


Search The Right Terms

Regardless of your tone, audience, or industry, Promo has the footage for you. Searching for videos on Promo is much easier than you think. For example, if you’re a real estate agent looking to add a video to your socials or listings, searching the term “real estate” will yield you hundreds of usable clips for a more literal tone. You will see clips of houses, people smiling as they get the keys, sold signs, and, even, contract signings.

If you’re looking to evoke the emotions of “home” as a feeling versus a physical building, we suggest searching the term “home,” “home owner,” “happiness,” “love,” or “family.” The results will give you videos targeted to the emotional experience of building a home. Again, a better understanding of your audience and knowing your tone will help guide you to make better search term decisions.

For example, Duncan Prime Realty dove into the emotional investment of owning a home. They made a video that focuses on the age-old dream that a house that becomes a home because of who lives there and what happens under its roof. A video based on the idea that a home is a feeling not just an investment in property or a place to store your stuff.


Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience with Text

One of the biggest challenges for marketers creating videos comes from writing captions. It takes serious practice and creative thinking to write good, short copy in a video that lasts only 15 seconds. Too little text might not communicate your message clearly and too much text will overwhelm and frustrate the audience–an audience that comes from a population of 65% visual learners.

When it comes to Promo videos specifically, we suggest that you use a maximum of eight words per slide. You can always use less when needed, but, in our experience, more than eight words visually takes away from the footage, makes the video feel very rushed, and loses the attention and receptivity of the audience. So, just like all good things in life, the more simple the text you use, the better.

This video, by Huntly Barn Events, demonstrates a great use of text in a short video. It’s simple, funny, and to the point. It’s definitely not more than eight words per slide and, what’s more, it doesn’t need more than that to communicate a clear, funny message to their target audience. The idea of using colloquial language to suit the style of the event space also worked well.


Choose The Right Music

Just like our video catalog, we also offer a music library stocked with hundreds of options. Music plays a massive role in memory and emotion. No matter how well you choose your footage and write concise, clear, on-message captions, your video could flop if you choose the wrong music.

Just like your footage, your music selection should compliment your overall theme. It should push your video forward and help tell your short story in a memorable and cohesive way. Bad Promo video ideas would be choosing a slow tempo song to accompany a happy, cheerful tone or music that clearly just doesn’t suit emotion or tempo of the video clip–like using techno music over a sunset glass of wine between a romantic couple, for example.

Additionally, sometimes, marketers need to recognize when text distracts from the success of the visual experience. In those cases, music plays an even more important role and makes the correct selection even more crucial. Dog Agility Shop made a video without text until the call to action on the final slide. They chose a great piece of footage and then, in another very creative decision, chose the right music to tell the story.

Dog Agility Equipment and DIY Supplies

Posted by Dog Agility Shop, LLC on Friday, January 20, 2017

Include a Call to Action

CTA is an important Promo video idea of which you must take advantage. A proper CTA invites viewers to respond to the video they just watched. If your Promo video is trying to market your business, this is your gateway to CTRs.

The CTA you choose should appear on the final frame of your video (so it’s the last thing viewers are left with when they’ve finished watching and can take immediate action) and inform your viewers of what to do next. This includes simple messages like “Sign up today!” “Get yours now,” and “Like our channel.” It’s any sentence that fosters a continuing relationship between you and your viewers.

Share Your Video & Don’t Stop

After you’re happy with the finished product, your next step is to share your video. This is the key to expanding your audience reach and building a loyal following. Gaining an online presence on social media is a good springboard from which to promote your video, as your social network connections can share your video with their social network connections, and so forth.

However, understanding where your target audience spends most of their time socially helps you share the video in the right place. Sharing the video where your audience hangs out gets higher reach and more relevant traffic. Reference back to your audience’s content consumption behavior to find other valuable networks and channels, like YouTube, Instragram midroll ads, and emails.

Video creation isn’t always as easy as some make it out to be. Clearly, there are a lot of factors to consider before you even start searching our video catalog. Hopefully, these tips will help you turn your Promo video ideas into valuable, engaging, and successful pieces of marketing content that convert.


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