Why Short Videos Are Better For Marketing

December 5, 2016 · 3 min read

Since most viewers will stop watching a video rather quickly, you need to make sure your videos are getting your message through as fast as possible. Here are the reasons why short videos are that much better than longer ones when it comes to marketing.

There’s an old saying about little things meaning a lot, and in these media-driven times, it’s one of those few old adages that still holds true, especially in marketing. Short videos are a key part of a successful marketing plan for a variety of reasons.

Short videos are effective marketing tools because they appeal to people’s innate qualities and offer on-going engagement with minimal friction.

Most people absorb information best when it’s visual

Any good marketer wants to reach people in the most effective method possible, and developing video content achieves that goal. In fact, more than half of people are visual learners. This means they absorb information best through pictures. Roughly one-third of people are auditory learners; this means that they get the most out of information when they hear it. When the two are combined – as in a video – your content is aligned with how 95% of people best incorporate new information.

Short attention span is best dealt with through short videos

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests folks pay attention for roughly 8 seconds, although additional research found that 10-30 seconds is more likely the sweet spot as far as attention spans go. This same research also shows that there is some variation depending on the age of the audience, such as Millennials vs. Generation X. viewers. Video content that’s produced with its audience’s preferences in mind may stand a better chance of being effective. Understanding how short people’s attention span can be forces marketers to really hone their message to perfection because the opportunity to grab their viewer is so brief.

short videos

Improve your brand awareness

Ideally, successful marketing campaigns offer several opportunities to engage with consumers, with the goal of building and maintaining relationships, and for consumers to engage with each other (thereby further building a company’s relationships, even indirectly).

Consider what kind of short video content can be produced – informational, how-to tutorials, product demonstrations, Q&A, and even behind-the-scenes looks at the office or manufacturer operations. The key is to provide content that’s interesting and useful for consumers, and after that, the sky’s the limit.

Watching video content can lead viewers to develop a more positive attitude about a brand, and given the multiple entry points to engagement through a variety of video types, this could translate into a long-lasting consumer relationship. The best content will drive visitors to find out more about a business’s product or service, and prompt consumers to want to share it with friends and family.

Ease of Communication and the Rise of Video Content

While mobile phones are ubiquitous, not everyone has a really fast connection for watching videos. Short video marketing capitalizes on that because it gives businesses the opportunity to connect with people who have less-robust Internet connections. With digital advertising increasing almost 20% from 2015-2016, short videos are a key method for getting and holding consumers’ attention.

Content with a strong hook and memorable take-away is what gets shared. Short videos make it easy for viewers to access, watch and re-post with minimal effort – especially on mobile devices, further increasing a company’s reach and earning more ROI on that particular marketing effort. In many cases, social media platforms provide a wealth of statistics about a posted video’s performance, allowing marketing professionals meaningful insight into how their content is being received by consumers.

The Take-Away

Marketers work hard to attract, interest, and motivate consumers; shouldn’t their marketing work just as hard? Short videos are one of the biggest trends in marketing, and with good reason. The effectiveness of short videos comes from most people’s inherent affinity for visual and auditory stimuli, as well as their preferences for brevity due to short attention spans. Contributing factors include versatility in video content and purpose, and easy accessibility and sharing, even on less-than-ideal Internet connection speeds.


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