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November 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Deck the halls! December is finally here, and that means we’re barrelling further into the holiday season at full speed. Storefronts are decorated, trees are shining, bells are jingling, and Santa Claus is coming to town! If you’re not already tapping into the holiday scene in your social media marketing, then you better start soon! Your competition most likely already has their stockings in a row.

But that raises the age-old question: How do you stand out in the oversaturated holiday market? Well, our Christmas gift to you is the solution to this very problem. The December Promo Calendar!

The newest installment of our monthly social content calendar has everything you need to take the stress out of holiday marketing while leaving your competitors in the dust. What’s more – this season most of our videos are absolutely FREE!

Our ready to upload, professional-quality videos are perfect for increasing audience engagement and building a following. In addition, the Promo Calendar includes trending hashtags that will expose your posts to a wider audience, getting more eyes on each upload. You won’t have to struggle to come up with relevant content because the Promo Calendar lays out daily inspiration to keep your posting stream consistent and versatile, all while staying on theme for the holiday season. 

Here are a few of our favorite videos from this month to give you a taste of what the December Promo Calendar has to offer. 

December 1, Get in the Holiday Spirit

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Kick off the month with a joyful ode to the holiday season! It doesn’t just make their day a little brighter, it reminds customers that you are there this holiday season. Just look to Macy and Coca-Cola to see how important linking the holiday and your brand can be for stirring up loyalty, passion and of course wallets. Of course, you don’t need a multi-million dollar budget, a little nudge can go a long way in linking your brand with the seasonal cheer, especially when your video fills your customers with anticipation – the gift sharing season is upon them. For even more Christmas cheer, create a holiday hashtag or change your cover photo to reflect the winter season, there are a million ways you can bring your business in line with your glowing holiday video to create seasonal cheer all around. 

December 5, Winter Wonderland Wednesday

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There’s nothing like a white Christmas. Whether you’re reveling in a winter wonderland or longing for one, it’s fitting to pay tribute to the weather of the season. With 77% of marketers using video as part of their marketing strategy, finding a way to resonate with your audience is paramount to stand out and build loyalty.  Why not show off the childlike side of your business by jumping up and down (figuratively of course) over snowy days, or reflecting over your joint wish for snow. This is a great way to create holiday connections and lasting relationships with your customers. 

December 19, Keep it Toasty

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And what’s the best thing about that winter chill? Staying indoors and warming up with people you care about. A cozy video is just what your followers need to lift their spirits. Not only does this remind your customers of all the benefits of winter, but any psychologist will also tell you the benefits of associating your business with the feeling of warmth. With connotations of friendliness, generosity and Christmas cheer, your customers are sure to go away, particularly warmed up to your brand. 

December 25, Christmas Day

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At last, Christmas Day. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The video is all ready to go so you can spend the holiday with your own loved ones. Use the scheduling option on Facebook to ensure you don’t get wrapped up in the festivities, or worse pulled away from the Christmas table, we recommend any time before noon or 3pm. Before that, everyone will probably be too deep in gift wrap to check their social media. 

With the December Promo Calendar, standing out on social media will be a breeze. Just add your logo, hit upload, and spend your holiday season doing what you love.

Don’t forget to add #PromoCalendar to your posts so we can give you a holiday shoutout! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Video Making 💝


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