Your Social Media Content Calendar For March

on February 22, 2018

It’s warming up. The ice is beginning to thaw and the days are getting longer. Welcome to March.

Spend more time enjoying the onset of spring and less time cooped up next to your computer by grabbing ready-made content perfect for every social media channel. To help you enjoy March use our monthly March Social Media Promo Plan and ensure you are creating engaging content every single day.

You can create a marketing video in a matter of minutes including daily themes, hashtags, business recommendations, jokes, and even video examples you can customize for your unique brand.

Think a daily creation is too much? Think again. In fact, the biggest difference between social channels that grab an audience and meet marketing goals and those that fall short is the frequency of posting. But those posts need to be great. And what makes something great? Creativity, of course.

Play with your content, show you have your finger on the pulse, jump into the conversation of internet trends, and make your audience feel something every time they see your brand online. With a task this big, a helping hand can make the difference.

Here’s your Complete Social Media Calendar for March.

Use this guide and share your amazing content with #PromoPlan so we can give your biz a special shout out.

Here are 3 videos you can use right away:

Hello, March


National Cereal Day


Ready to create your videos for March? Try Promo today!


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