Top 10 Video Marketing Trends and Insights

on March 12, 2018

With marketing trends changing year by year, one thing continues to grow rapidly within the industry, and that’s video viewership. Video is predicted to represent 80% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2019. With such an overwhelming advantage to businesses using video marketing content, 2018 is the time for every business, on any budget, to perfect a creation and publishing plan utilizing this content form or risk quickly falling behind the curve.

Here are the top 10 insights about the future of video creation:

Shift Dimension

It is undeniable, square and vertical videos are the ideal dimensions for sharing on social media channels. This trend of fitting into a square or vertical format comes from the continuing rise in mobile content viewing. With over 50% of online activity occurring on a mobile device, it is essential to publish video content that naturally fits into the viewing experience on such devices. Not only that, square and vertical videos are an easy way to take up more real estate on your viewers’ screen. When creating video marketing content, ensure that you consider the viewing experience of your audience and choose the appropriate dimension accordingly.  

Limit Length

With the attention span of audiences getting shorter and shorter, data shows that the ideal length of an initial video is 6 seconds with retargeting lasting 15-30 seconds. With less video content in years previous, a video clip could be significantly longer and still hold an audience’s attention. Now, with the ever-changing landscape and content competition, short videos have become the sweet spot to tell a compelling story while not risking viewers abandoning your video.

Focus on Frequency

It is a not-so-little known fact that video stands-out on your social feed. This is why it is clear to marketers today that a business needs to publish and promote a consistent stream of videos in order to achieve its goals. Successful businesses across every industry share one common factor – they publish dynamic video content a minimum of one time per week on average. Our forecast is that this number will increase to a minimum of 2-3 videos per week as social media prioritizes videos more and more and images are becoming overlooked online.

To ease your workload we have created a monthly social media calendar with a concept, trending hashtag and video suggestion for every single day of the week. You can customize these videos each day to ensure your social media presence is thriving.

Learn From Popular Use Cases

One of the most interesting data discoveries is via use cases of most popular video ads. Our users’ experience shows 3 highly effective video content items that every company needs to share online:

Announce Sales

While there was a great deal of variety between industries, a few parameters are clear. Every business raised engagement with promotion and sales videos as opposed to images. The reach was stronger and the professional level of videos created made sales and promotions, which are the most challenging part of authentic marketing, appear more compelling.


Build a Brand

In 2018, the story of a business can affect sales and success just as much as the product. As consumers are inundated with ads and offerings, developing a strong brand story and visual language will set you apart not only from competition but from the influx of general online content that can distract your future customers. Perhaps for many small business owners, brand awareness used to be considered a luxury marketing effort, but it has now risen to an essential strategy element atop a long to-do list.

Businesses that both used video ads simply to share business information and company culture and that kept their video ads’ visual content consistent ranked among the top success stories of the research group.

Showcase Content

Years ago the saying was coined, ‘content is king.’ For business owners with the resources to create multi-channel content including original blogs and PR efforts, these too need video marketing. A substantial division between smaller and larger organizations was those who promoted their additional content via video and those who did not put in this effort. For those who used video to announce multi-channel content, they saw a significant uptick in readership and brand awareness.

We used this video when promoting our blog post The Ultimate Guide To Createing Your First Video Ad.

Track Data

Facebook announced that people watch around 100 million hours of video and 8 billion pieces of video content daily, and growing. With numbers that high, it’s safe to say not enough businesses are assessing their own data closely, specifically “watch time.” While no one can predict a viral sensation, monitoring data and evaluating the trends based on your content item and publishing schedule will make an enormous impact on the success of your advertisements. Both Facebook and YouTube have adjusted their parameters of measuring successful video content around watch time, though still not easily showing this metric within their advertiser interface.

Luckily, the team at Moz has created a 5-minute method to calculate such data with basic access to analytics. Whether you are focused on this newer metric of success where the advertisement platforms have focused their energy, or if you are looking at other data such as CPA, 2018 will offer a growing dashboard of information and you must put resources on evaluating it. Marketers are strongly advised to spend a minimum of 3-5 hours per week reviewing your social engagement data to make publishing decisions based on such analysis rather than relying only on instinct.

Test In Silence

After having an internal team review the top performing Promo content of 2017, we discovered that 90% of video ads or more that performed well were compelling with the sound off or on. This shows a few things, firstly that creating video-ads without narration does not hinder advertisement success.

In fact, according to social media management tool, Hootsuite, “Silent Video Rules on Facebook” and AdAge considers 2018 the year where autoplay video will finally die. Secondly, this shows that when a viewer does turn on the sound, it is essential that the musical element adds an emotional value to the content item. If the music is disjointed from the visual and textual components it can be off-putting and result in a viewer exiting the clip.

We decided to focus a great effort from our award-winning creative team on pre-selecting and editing all of the music offered to support users in having this symbiosis.

Learn The Purchasing Power Of Pinterest

While most of our users focus marketing efforts on Facebook, business owners with a predominantly female consumer base and eCommerce offering have found massive success with video ads on Pinterest. As the traditionally DIY platform recently announced, branded video ads are 2.7x more likely to get purchases than non-video content. While this platform is not for every market, if your audience is spending time on Pinterest, video ads are an easy win!

Own the Heavyweight Title With Instagram

Yes, after surveying the businesses, big and small, that are using video marketing to generate leads and amplify their voice, it looks as though Instagram will soon become the winning social media channel for the marketing efforts of all companies. After being acquired by Facebook, this may not come as a huge surprise, though for many, Instagram has still stayed in the number 2 – 4 spot of platforms to focus on. Not anymore. For leading industries such as Health & Fitness, Beauty, Food and Real Estate the visually focused platform grabs the attention of the right audience and doesn’t distract with erroneously written content, overwhelming links or indirect messaging. See if Instagram is right for your brand based on these parameters.

After reviewing video ads created by real estate agents, health and fitness professionals, restaurants, eCommerce businesses and so many more unique companies across the globe, the most exciting discovery could not be recorded via traditional data. What we found was creativity. We watched businesses with different brand strategies and audiences able to customize the same piece of footage to fit their own marketing needs successfully. We also saw clever text customizations written on some of our own most successful video ads that we never would have thought up.

While data is essential to learn the dos and don’ts and to build your upcoming content strategy, the best results are when you consider your unique audience and find something that you know will elicit emotion. Most of all, we saw numbers consistently climb as businesses moved from still images to video marketing and created more and more videos monthly. Essentially, when it comes to numbers, more really is merrier.


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