How To Make The Perfect Valentine’s Day Video Ads

February 7, 2017 · 3 min read

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now’s the time to set your holiday goals, promote your brand or special sale, and create video ads that get the results you need. Valentine’s Day is a great time for businesses and brands of all sizes to benefit from some extra revenue and buzz right at the beginning of a new year.

Recent studies show that while Valentine’s Day sales are at an all time high, a changing shopper demographic and the continued growth of mobile usage requires businesses to adjust their Valentine’s Day videos accordingly. So how exactly do you create that perfect Valentine’s video ad that will affect your bottom line?

Break Away From Traditional Romance

In 2016, Valentine’s Day sales hit an all-time high of $19.7 billion. That number grew from previous years thanks to the fact that couples and singles alike started putting more effort into all of the special someones in their lives.

A survey conducted by Bing showed that half of the American population identifies as single, and of these people, a quarter say they plan to do something for Valentine’s Day. On average, a single man will spend $71 during the holiday and a single woman will spend $40. This means that Valentine’s shoppers now treat friends, pets, family members, and even co-workers to gifts that celebrate companionship and fun more than the classic romance reserved for committed relationships.

In fact, when people search the term “Valentine’s Day Gifts For …”, 22% of people fill in “husband,” 20% of people type “friend” and 17% “boyfriend.” What’s more, in 2016, a reported 19% of people bought Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets totaling $681 million.

What does this mean for marketers and brands this year? Create video ads that target this newer and obviously highly-engaged audience with messages around companionship and fun. Flex your creative muscles and choose footage and music that helps tell a story that celebrates every special person (or fluff ball) in your life, not just one.

This video made with Promo plays off of the traditional romantic tone, but adds a funny twist. A truly simple ad to tap into the ever growing love of four legged friends.


Don’t Publish Your Valentine’s Day Video Ads Too Early

In the same study by Bing, 46% of people shopping for Valentine’s Day said they don’t actually start shopping for gifts until the first week of February. This means that you can save some of your budget and kick off your Valentine’s Day video campaign starting the first week of February and no sooner.

There is no need to waste extra time and money when your audience is not yet receptive to your Valentine’s Day branded videos. Take this extra time to concentrate on setting holiday specific objectives (for example, “to increase the average order value of online sales to $15 per customer”) and defining your prefered audience and tone.

King Florist of Austin created a great ad perfect for running only a few short days before Valentine’s Day. It taps into the stress of (goodness-forbid) forgetting to buy a gift. It simultaneously reminds the audience of a problem and solves it.


Optimize The Videos For Mobile

As we know, mobile usage and shopping on a mobile devices continue to grow steadily. This upward trend also applies to people shopping for Valentine’s Day. Last year, 26.1% of V-Day shoppers planned to use their mobile device to purchase gifts. Of all the mobile shoppers, 30.9% were men and 21.7% were women. This trend makes it clear that your video ads need to suit mobile devices and audiences (especially the male demographic) even better.

Ensure a higher-quality mobile experience by concentrating your efforts on the readability of your captions. Adjust your font size so that it works well (not too big or too small) for various mobile screen sizes. Choose font colors that compliment your video and don’t disappear into the footage. Test your video on various sizes and types of mobile phones to make sure the fonts look clear and readable before publishing natively or sharing links.

Remember to keep your Valentine’s Day video ads as short and simple as possible to appeal to the mobile (and easily-distracted) audience. Concentrate more on finding relevant video clips that will stop your audience from scrolling up and away. Look for footage that surprises or asks questions of the audience.

Check out this Promo Collection video made specifically for Valentine’s Day campaigns. The super simple footage truly speaks for itself and, when combined with the clear and minimal fonts, you get a very mobile friendly video. It’s eye catching without being too busy.

Valentine's Day Collection Now Available

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This year, make a perfect Valentine’s Day video by breaking with tradition, publishing them at the right time, and creating something that works well for both mobile and desktop devices. These tips will help you make more creative, engaging, and successful videos so your customers and marketing goals feel all the love.


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