Video Marketing for Wedding DJs

on April 16, 2018

When you consider the industry, video marketing for wedding DJs is the best vehicle for reaching the most important people. It’s a competitive market, and video is one way for DJs who rely on audio to stand out online. After all, 55% of people watch videos online every day. That means that when it comes to video marketing, an audience is always tuned into that channel.

Don’t waste time publishing ads in the back of a bridal magazine, video marketing for wedding DJs is how you will rise above the competition. Here are a few ways in which you can utilize the process and target the right consumers.

Invest In Your Demo Reel

It’s one thing to play audio samples of your work, but if you can show your services in action, people will perk up and pay attention. This is where video marketing for wedding DJs makes promoting your business pretty easy and quick. It basically makes your demo reel a 3D calling card.

Additionally, it demonstrates another level of your skills and professionalism that you bring to your during events. Once you’ve created a demo reel with superb audio and visuals, don’t forget to publish and market it all over your channels. This even includes tucking it into emails.

Consider The Bride

Brides are in total visual mode and for good reason. They are scoring places like Pinterest for dress ideas, flowers, table arrangements, you name it. Video marketing for wedding DJs displays your services to brides in a live environment that takes it a step above scrolling through pictures.

You are building brand trust by showing the most important guest your value. It’s about taking advantage of the ability to promote your work in a visually dynamic sense, in addition to audio. After all, your business is music, so it’s an extra step for customers when you can present them with video evidence of your craft.

Don’t Settle For Bad Video Production

Another way to establish brand loyalty and engage brides is by creating your own high-quality videos. Step outside the realm of just a demo reel. Video marketing for wedding DJs should definitely include videos you intentionally produce for brand building. But you don’t need to hire a huge production team.

If you have a message and a logo, Promo by Slidely can help you create incredibly high-quality videos in minutes. The platform also allows for easy Facebook integration which is perfect since brides often use the site for joining groups, events, and forum about weddings.

Shine On Social

Video marketing for wedding DJs and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. Reports show that 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. With that in mind, make sure you are incorporating video into your social media marketing campaigns as much as you can.

Facebook video ads are an affordable way to promote your DJ business to different target markets. You can create one campaign for brides and another for grooms. The best way to go about understanding your audience is to consider a buyer persona.

This is like telling a story about your potential clients. Decide your average customer’s demographics, location, and interests prior to doing any advertising on social media. Video requires that you have a deeper understanding of your audience because it’s a bigger investment.

Handing out the business card won’t cut the cake. And, even though face-to-face marketing is always effective, your target audience is shopping online as we speak. There are so many social media platforms that cater to wedding planning, but most businesses only post static material. Video marketing for wedding DJs leads you to create and distribute dynamic content that demonstrates brand trust and speaks volumes to the right people.  


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