Why Video Content Marketing Works For Every Business

March 20, 2018 · 3 min read

As we dive deeper into the digital age, video content marketing has become more important than ever. While this approach to marketing might be one of the newer additions to the promotion and marketing toolbox, it’s certainly leading the way in efficiency and effectiveness.

According to Wyzowl, in the past year, about 63% of businesses started using video content marketing as an effective tool, and 82% felt it was a hugely important part of their marketing strategy.

But what makes video content marketing so important for your business? Let’s dive right in and see.

Why Is Video Content Marketing So Effective?

Video marketing content has increasingly become more effective because it boosts conversions and sales. Sure, it’s an investment at first (just like every other type of marketing), but by adding just one product video on your landing page you can increase conversions by upwards of 80%.

What’s more, videos can even lead to direct sales. When people are given a video of a product or a company, their trust in that product or company increases substantially, making the viewer about 74% more likely to make a purchase. We’re visual creatures, so it makes sense that giving a person a visual tool, like video content marketing, would be an effective way to sell a product and gain consumers trust.

Search Engines Love Video Content

Videos aren’t just effective for human-specific traits only, though. In fact, video content marketing is great for Google and other search engines. Videos keep visitors on your site longer, which builds exposure and trust. The time spent on your landing page by visitors watching your videos signals search engines that you’re creating quality content which people are interested in and want to know more about.

According to Moovly, you’re about 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if your company has a video that’s embedded into your website. It’s a piece of content that you can add quickly and easily and will help more people get your site more often–and who doesn’t want that? It’s basically the current key to moving up the tricky SEO ladder and seeing more success in the future.

Social Media Is All About Videos

Videos not only excite and improve your SEO status, they also stand to offer so much value when added to your social media channels. These days, people spend an average of an hour and a half watching video content on social sites. They’re the one content that performs better even in the post “meaningful interactions” update because they catch the eye and keep your audience from scrolling away.

In order for your video content marketing to be super successful, you not only need to use social media as a main distribution channel, you need to be posting videos there consistently–which means more than just one video. Simply put, you won’t see the results you want with just one video (and that’s no matter where you put it), so be prepared to create a campaign of great videos for social that will bring in the skyrocketing numbers in the end. This will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more all of the time.

How Promo Can Help You With Your Video Content Marketing

Now that you understand the significance of video content marketing for your strategy, the next step is creating the videos you need on a consistent basis.

Promo by Slidely might just be that company for you. What’s great about Promo? We offer a simple-to-use platform with all the tools you need to make stunning video content. We have a wide array of high-quality footage, customizable templates, a huge library of music, and a lifetime license for sharing all over the web.

You can even choose from one of our Collection videos which come with footage, music, and text included, you just add your logo. We’re even available 24-7 if you have questions along the way.  

When it comes to your video content marketing strategies, Promo plus these tips above will help your business grow overall.


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