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Why Video Marketing for Fashion Helps Brands Sell

April 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Video marketing for fashion commerce creates a multi-media and immersive shopping experience that will help your brand sell. As you could guess, modern consumers respond better to high-quality product content and directly correlate the ad quality level to the quality of your chosen product, which is all the more reason to invest properly. And when it comes to digital marketing, video is at the top of the food chain. Why videos specifically? People are on-the-go and they don’t have time to read a wall of text, certainly when in shopping mode. They want a 5-second to 2-minute video that will tell them the whole story while on the commute to work.

Create your own branding videos and make it easier for consumers to become your customers and watch what it does to your ROI. Here are a few ways in which video marketing for fashion commerce helps brands sell:

Develop Brand Trust

In a world of bad reviews and consumer skepticism, it’s not always easy to build brand trust. One definitive way to tell your brand story and relay your company values is through video marketing. That’s because studies show that 58% of shoppers think companies with video content can be trusted more.

So, why is it that consumers feel more connected to a business that shows them moving images? It goes a little deeper than that. Videos are emotive. They can help demonstrate brand culture and true craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton Savoir-Faire has a series on YouTube that involves the creation of their Leather Goods products. It’s mesmerizing to watch everything that goes into crafting a single high-fashion handbag.

Establish Shopper Confidence

Video marketing for fashion commerce is the type of approach that builds consumer trust, which can usually only be achieved after a shopper has a positive transaction. In other words, when it comes to shopping, video can be super powerful. In fact, 52% of consumers are more confident in their purchases when shopping with video content.

The more confident a shopper is with your company, the more they are willing to spend. Video marketing for fashion commerce breeds confidence in your brand. Video displays your product in an environment that brings it to life. Consumers believe in something that feels more real. The higher the assurance the higher the spend, and the more likely they’ll come back for more.

Turns Window Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Studies show that 73% more visitors that watch videos of your products will buy them. Video marketing for fashion commerce should start in your digital home. That typically means your website or landing page. In addition, when you want to convert consumers into customers quickly, you need an efficient means of creating superior video content.

If you’re not sure where to start with video marketing, a platform like Promo makes it easy. Choose from millions of high-quality video clips, thousands of ready-made videos, and licensed music tracks to get your video content made and rocking quickly. It makes video marketing for fashion commerce a super simple process.

Depend on Analytics

Using video has shown to increase page visits up to 127% on sites that contain video content. The proof is in the numbers. Search engines also love video. They will always rank your site higher when the spiders sense video content. That’s why you always see video displayed first on Google.

When fashion brands use video in their marketing strategies, it boosts the relevant KPIs across the board. It also makes people want to stay on your site and shop. Stats show that 81% more time is spent on websites where consumer audiences are watching video.

Fashion is an industry that greatly benefits from video because it is an emotive and visual format that conveys brand trust. Video marketing for fashion commerce is about telling your story, creating shopper confidence, and watching the metrics grow.


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