Why Video Marketing for Real Estate Helps Brands Sell

July 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Video marketing for real estate is not a new concept, but it is one that’s been growing in popularity. When your industry relies heavily on forming a positive connection with your clients, a lot of online marketing options just won’t cut it.

That’s why relying heavily on video marketing has become a go-to move for the real estate business. Sure, print ads and emails are great. However, they’re no match for the power of creating beautiful, professional quality video content.

Yes, more realtors are using video these days and in a variety of different ways. But do you know just how good of a fit video marketing is for your real estate business? Well, now you do. The stats are in, and they point towards a real estate world churning with video marketing goodness:

  • Realtors as a whole have seen an overall 40% increase in profits attributed solely to video marketing.
  • Listings which include video receive 403% more inquiries than those which don’t
  • When it comes to ads, Facebook Video ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 84%, the highest of all digital ad formats.

How To Reach Potential Clients

If you’re already in the real estate biz (and if you’re reading this, you probably are), you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s all about “location, location, location.” Well, when it comes to your video marketing content, there’s one great location to find potential clients. Remember the stat above? Yep, Facebook is a pretty great location to be.

With an 84% click-through rate, your real estate marketing will be taken to the next level with Facebook video ads. The powerful targeting features of Facebook’s advertising tool means that you can segment your target customer based on predefined characteristics that match the customer demographic you want to reach.

In an industry which is already highly segmented (first-time homebuyers, city/urban dwellers, retirees, commercial property, etc), this is an important feature to lean on. It allows you to more finely tune your marketing approach and put yourself in front of the customers you want to reach.

Creating Your Video Ad

Creating beautiful video marketing ads is not only easy, it can be fun as well. This is a time for you to let your creativity shine through as you customize each ad campaign based on the property and target customer.

As any realtor knows, not every property is created equally. If they were, we’d all live in the same type of building. How boring would that be? Thankfully, we don’t live in that world, and the ads you create should reflect that.

Your ad construction as well as your target audience will vary based on the property type and who you’re targeting. We also don’t have to tell you that buying or selling real estate is a pretty big deal with a lot of emotions involved. You can use this to inform your ad.

For example, if you’re selling a property such as a single family home, your target may be a young couple or new family. This is an important distinction to make from, say, a retiree looking to downsize to a condo.

Your video marketing should draw on these emotions and experiences to hit home with the target audience. Video ads should demonstrate that your company and this listing are about family, peace, or planning for the future.

On the other hand, the retiree may be better suited with themes that draw on comfort, security, or convenience. Whatever the occasion, the important element is to draw on the specific circumstances and tailor them to your video marketing.

However, not every video or video ad has to feature a specific listing. Rather, you can craft ads that speak to the target customer without outright promoting a singular property. After all, the listing you feature in your ad may not appeal to all customers even within that customer segment.

This is not to say that video listings aren’t important for realtors. They absolutely are. However, the ads you promote don’t have to be unique to that single listing. So long as you draw inspiration from that customer segment and craft a video which speaks to their needs and pain points, you can create a rich video ad experience without putting all your eggs into one property’s basket.

It’s Not All About Facebook Ads Either

Video marketing can help you sell in other ways too. One of the great things about the medium is that the content can be used in other places as well. Targeted ads are great, but there are also email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other social media platforms to consider.

Emails that contain the word “video” have a higher open rate. LinkedIn also allows video posts and recently launched their own video marketing feature with sponsored content. For commercial real estate, LinkedIn can be a great place to advertise and share content.

YouTube is a great place to host your videos, although there are alternatives as well. However, with YouTube you can post your videos and easily share them to other platforms. What’s more, by including links and descriptive keywords in your video description, you create powerful SEO backlinks to your listing, landing page, or homepage.

Bottom Line: Video Helps You Sell More

Video marketing is an important part of your overall online marketing strategy. By creating a multitude of video types, including targeted ads, you can reach more potential clients as well as enhance your SEO.

Many small businesses of all kinds are jumping on the video marketing bandwagon like never before. For realtors, it’s become even more important. Video offers a means to connect with customers on a personal as well as an emotional level in ways that other mediums can’t match.

However you choose to approach your video marketing, making that real-world connection even in the online space is important. Be creative with your approach and try creating multiple video ads to suit the needs of your diverse customer base.

When it comes to marketing real estate, there’s no better way than to say it with beautiful, creative video marketing content.


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