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Create Eye-catching Facebook Ads in Minutes

Promo.com makes it easy to create immersive Facebook Stories Ads that build your brand and drive results. No previous video experience necessary! 

Promo.com has everything that you need to create a high-quality immersive Facebook Story ad in no time: engaging video clips, customizable templates, full-screen vertical design – It all comes together quickly and easily when you use the Promo.com Facebook Story ad maker. 

Stay on top of the latest social media marketing trends with Facebook Story Ads while boosting lead generation, brand awareness, and sales. Because Facebook Stories Ads are still a relatively new Facebook feature, businesses that are jumping on the bandwagon early are seeing huge results. In fact, more than half of people surveyed said they make more online purchases as a result of seeing stories.

Don’t let anything hold you back. With the Promo.com video ad maker, it’s easy to include Facebook Story Ads in your marketing strategy today!

How to make a Facebook ad with Promo.com

There is no better time than now to jump into Facebook Story Ads. With the Promo.com Facebook Story ad maker, go from blank page to ready-to-publish branded video in no time.

Just follow these quick steps:
Step 1
Sign up to Promo.com or log into an existing account
Step 2
Find the best video ad template for your specific marketing goal
Step 3
Customize your video with your own text and colors
Step 4
Preview your video, download it, and publish!

The Rise Of Facebook Story Ads

Speak directly to your audience like never before. You already know that Facebook has a huge pool of users of just waiting to be turned into fans of your brand. With Facebook Story Ads, you have the opportunity to speak to them in a whole new way. 

What makes story ads different than other types of Facebook ads? 

  • They are placed directly in your target audience’s storyline, between organic stories 
  • They display on a full vertical screen, so your viewer can watch without being distracted by other things on their newsfeed
  • They are short and to the point (6 to 15 seconds long)
  • They have a “swipe up” feature that leads directly to your landing page

No Design Experience? No Worries!

It’s a big, competitive world out there on social media. If you want to taste success, your visuals have to be perfect. Promo.com gives you access to perfection, without the high cost of fancy video production. Now, you can access the highest quality video footage to build a completely unique branded video. You’ll be amazed at what you can create on Promo.com. Best of all, it’s easy to do
and takes no design experience.

Start by choosing one of our expertly designed Promo.com Facebook Story ad templates. Then, browse and sort through our 15 million video clips. With so many to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find a clip that depicts the exact story you want to tell. Finally, customize your video with text, music, and branded images. In as little as five minutes, you’ll have a video that looks like it took hours and thousands of dollars to produce.

These are our Best-Performing Facebook Ad Templates

Start with a marketing goal and then choose a template to match it. We have thousands of templates that allow you
to get your message out quickly and effectively.
Spring Cleaning
Don't Worry
City Bike App
My Promo video #22
My Promo video #38

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

What marketing goals can my business achieve with Facebook Story Ads?

Facebook Story Ads are a powerful marketing tool. They are direct without being “hard sell” and they can lead directly to your landing page. 

Use Facebook ads to increase: 

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Reach
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
Will my video look unique to my brand?

Yes! Our templates give you a format to follow but that does not mean your video will look like it was mass produced. Just the opposite! 

Because we have such a vast library of video clips (over 15 million clips!), you’ll find footage that is entirely on point for your brand. Then, use the Promo.com editor to go even further. Add your brand’s color scheme, use a filter, and add your own images. Finally, choose a text style and write copy that is all your own. 

When you press download, you’ll have a video that no one will believe took only 5 minutes to create! The fact that you started with a template and used pre-recorded video? That secret is safe with us!

How much does a Promo.com video ad cost?

Signing up to Promo.com is 100% free, no credit card required. You can create drafts, invite team members to view videos you create and get a sense of what Promo.com has to offer, completely for free.

When you are ready to download your promo video, Promo.com offers you flexible subscription plans to best meet your company’s specific needs. Visit our Pricing Page to learn more about which plans are right for you.

Do you offer customer support?

Absolutely. We have a whole team of REAL PEOPLE just waiting to help you out. Just send us an email!

Need Some More Inspiration?

We know creating video ads in-house can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help! Not only is our video maker easy to use but we also support you with fresh, helpful content all the time. Get loads of tips, tricks, and inspiration for your next video!