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Our partners:
shutterstock’s online video maker provides an easy way for HR professionals to go after the best candidates. Think beyond traditional recruiting methods and create stand-out videos that will get noticed by even the most sought-after job seekers. All in just a few minutes. 

Step up your recruiting efforts while minimizing the work. has just what you need in an online video maker to create captivating and attractive videos. Choose from high-quality professional video clips, royalty-free music, customizable video templates, and more. Get started today and take your HR recruitment to the next level. You’re just a few clicks away from creating
awesome custom video content for:

  • HR Videos
  • Job Ads
  • Company Promos
  • Hiring Videos
  • Job Fair Ads
  • Social Media Videos
  • Facebook & Instagram Stories
  • YouTube Ads
  • Intro videos
  • And more! gives you the tools to achieve all of your company’s human resources goals. With unlimited creative freedom to make amazing videos, you can easily compose anything from a straightforward job post to a funny human resources video, and both will be eye-catching! 

Start creating your recruiting videos from scratch or select from any of our eclectic video resources. Our stunning library includes customizable HR video templates, over 23 million high-quality videos, licensed music, and an easy-to-use editor. So make the hiring process more effective, and fun, for both yourself and the job seeker.

Getting Started Is Easy

In just a few minutes, you can create the HR videos your company needs!

Step 1
Sign up for or log into your account
Step 2
Choose the HR video template that’s best for you
Step 3
Customize your video with our online video editor
Step 4
Preview, download, done!

Why Choose

Getting started with is easy! We want you to skip the expensive video production and attract the best possible talent to your company with professional HR promo videos that are quick and easy to make. With our library of over 23 million high-quality video clips and thousands of video templates, we have all the tools and features you need to support your HR marketing strategy and create awesome video content. Your company’s next stellar HR video can be created in just minutes! So don’t wait to check out these features:

  • A unique collection of ready-made HR video templates
  • Millions of professionally made, high-quality video clips
  • Royalty-free music
  • Horizontal, vertical, and square video aspect ratios
  • An easy, user-friendly video editor
  • 5-star customer support

Check Out Some Of Our Most Popular HR Video Templates

Need some ideas? Here are just some of the inspiring video clips and templates waiting for you at No matter what direction you want to take your HR video, we’ve got you covered.

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Got Questions? We’re Here to Help

How much does it cost to create an HR video? is always free to try. You can get your hands dirty, create multiple drafts, share viewing links with coworkers, and revise your HR videos completely free. 

When you’re done and ready to publish your HR video to your social networks and download an MP4 file for safekeeping, offers flexible subscription plans sure to fit your company’s needs. Check out our Pricing page to view and learn more about available plans.

Where can I use HR videos made with

You can share your videos anywhere you like! Every HR video you create and download with can be posted, published, or uploaded to every social media platform including LinkedIn and Youtube. You can also embed your video in your company’s job posts, and send it in emails to candidates you are attempting to recruit - get ready to make a great impression!

What can I edit in my videos?
Everything! There’s no limit to what you can do with the online video maker. Add, remove, and trim video clips to fit your company vision. Write and edit text, set your frames to music, play with fonts, and more. Brand it by adding your logo and you’re all set! Video making and editing have never been easier.
What if I need some assistance?

We’re always here to help. Our 5-star customer support team is available for anything you might need. We are also proud to provide you with in-depth articles, marketing, and educational materials on our blog, and loads of fun and inspirational content on our own social media channels.

Need Some More Inspiration?

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