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Promo.com’s Instagram Video Maker is the fastest way to reach the active audience on the world’s largest visually-focused social media network. In just a few minutes, you can create a video ad that will draw attention to any business, product, or event.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or using one of our professionally-designed templates, we have user-friendly tools to help even the most inexperienced video editor get started. Our stock library includes millions of high-quality videos, royalty-free music, and stock photos, including pictures from Shutterstock and Getty. Mix-and-match or upload your own to get started creating the perfect Instagram ad.

How to make an Instagram video ad:

Start by choosing a professionally-designed template from Promo.com’s Instagram ad video maker. You can easily customize it with your own videos, music, and images or choose from a vast stock library to quickly create a video that looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Step 1
Choose a template on Promo.com
Step 2
Sign up to Promo.com for free, or log in to your account
Step 3
Edit your video and add music, text, and images
Step 4
Download your ad and publish it on Instagram!

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Get Inspiration for Your Instagram Ad:

Instagram video ads are a great way to attract attention. Instagram’s ad manager lets you carefully target your audience so you get seen by the people you want and you can create ads just for them. Users of Instagram Ad Video Maker have used Promo.com templates to create ads in a huge range of styles and formats:
  • Greetings – Videos are a great way to start building a relationship with new customers. Take advantage of the holidays to wish your customers a happy holiday season and create a connection between your brand and the feelings of warmth, joy, or excitement around a particular time of year.

  • Special Offers – Because Instagram story ads are fleeting, they are a perfect venue for information that is time-sensitive, such as details about a special promotion or one-time offer. Create a funny video that shows the clock running down or that teases an upcoming event.

  • Informative – It doesn’t take a lot of time to offer a fun fact or a useful tip. Instead of putting sales front and center, use your ad space to build trust and offer added value for your potential customers.

  • Emotional – Videos, particularly with music, are a great way to evoke emotion with minimal attention required. You’ll be able to quickly get across the happiness, relaxation, or energy your product provides, with just one short video ad.


Questions about Promo.com Instagram Video Ad Maker

What is an Instagram video ad?

An Instagram video ad is a paid promotion through the popular social media network Instagram. Instagram is all about visuals and using videos lets you convey more complex ideas than a single picture can handle, without the need to turn to wordy texts. You can introduce your product, your company, or a new feature to Instagram users who may not already know and love you.

What kind of ads can I create with Instagram video ad maker?
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Newsfeed Ads
  • Stories Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Square Ads
  • Vertical Ads
  • Horizontal Ads
Can I post ads in Instagram stories?

Instagram story ads are another great option. These 15-second videos appear in between Instagram stories and, like stories, are temporary and relatively short. They’re an ideal way to showcase limited-time offers or to post teasers for some bigger piece of content. You can use the story ad maker to create video ads that are designed specifically for this format.

How much does an Instagram video ad cost?
You can begin using Instagram Ad Maker completely free. You’ll be able to choose a template, edit it, and invite team members to check it out without even entering credit card information. Once you’ve explored Promo.com and created a video you’d like to download, it’s time to check out the Pricing Page . That’s where you can find out more about Promo.com’s flexible subscription options. Find the one that meets your company’s needs and sign up to download your video and publish it to Instagram.
What formatting do I need to know to create an Instagram video ad?

Instagram uses a number of different video formats. In some cases, square videos will be the best option but others, like stories, require vertical videos. However, this is one of the many advantages of Promo.com’s Instagram video ad maker, where you can automatically edit your video to the right format for whichever type of video ad you prefer.