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Create video ads that will keep users engaged and give your business a boost
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Create video ads that will keep users engaged and give your business a boost


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Capture the attention of a whole new audience on the world’s largest video streaming site, with’s free Video Maker for YouTube. With online video ads, you can quickly and easily reach new customers for any business or product, and make brand awareness a priority.

You can choose from a collection of professionally-designed video clips and templates or start from scratch. Upload music, personal video, and images, or select from photos from Shutterstock and Getty. No matter what you choose,’s YouTube Ad Maker has the resources you need to create advertising videos that stand out and convert.

How to make a YouTube ad:

How to make a YouTube ad:

With, video creation is simple. Our easy-to-use video editing tools let you quickly create a YouTube ad that will make your viewers take notice. In minutes, you can create a professional video that looks great on both mobile and desktop:

Step 1
Step 1
Sign up free at or log into your account
Step 2
Step 2
Choose the YouTube ad template that suits your needs
Step 3
Step 3
Customize your video, and add your own text and logo with our online video editor
Step 4
Step 4
Preview, publish to YouTube and you are done!

Get to know YouTube video ads:

Get to know YouTube video ads:

Get to know the platform a bit before you start advertising on YouTube. YouTube offers a few different types of video ads, each with its own requirements and its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Video Discovery – These are a form of search ads. They are video ads that appear at the top of search results or in the list of related videos. When a viewer opens one of these up to watch, they will also see a related banner ad next to the video viewer.
  • In-Stream Ads – These ads play automatically before the viewer watches a regular YouTube video. In most cases, they can choose to skip the ad after five seconds so it’s important to make those first five seconds count.
  • Preroll Ads – These videos can’t be skipped but they can only be 10-20 seconds long, depending on whether they appear in the beginning or middle of the viewer’s video.
  • Bumper Ads – Bumpers are only six seconds long and play at the beginning of regular videos. Because they’re so short, they make great teasers for other media and bigger campaigns.
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Recommended YouTube Ad Templates

Recommended YouTube Ad Templates

Spring CollectionSpring Collection
Spring Collection
Dust Off Your ShortsDust Off Your Shorts
Dust Off Your Shorts
Mother KnowsMother Knows
Mother Knows
Winter Dosen't Last ForeverWinter Dosen't Last Forever
Winter Dosen't Last Forever
Flash SaleFlash Sale
Flash Sale
Stars, Strips & SavingsStars, Strips & Savings
Stars, Strips & Savings
Your StyleYour Style
Your Style
Easter RushEaster Rush
Easter Rush



Questions about’s YouTube Video Creator?

What is a YouTube ad?

YouTube ads come in a number of different formats, but just like everything else on YouTube, most of them are video. Some YouTube ads are videos that show up in search results or in viewer’s “related videos” list. Others automatically play while viewers are watching other videos. The length and content of your ad will both depend on which of these formats you choose.

How do you create a YouTube ad?

Use the YouTube Ad Maker and start by selecting your footage or uploading your own. Then it’s easy to customize and edit your YouTube ad to your liking. Craft your message and give your audience a strong call to action to lead them to your website or product page.

How do advertisements work on YouTube?

Advertisements can be displayed on YouTube videos in a number of ways. You can create and manage your YouTube ad through the Google Ads platform. Here, you will assign your ad to be a six second bumper ad that appears at the beginning of a video, an in-stream ad which can be skipped after 5 seconds, or any of the other ad formats listed below. When a viewer clicks on your ad, you as the advertiser pay (pay per click).

Is YouTube advertising effective?

YouTube advertising is an effective way to get your ads seen by a larger audience. Videos are being consumed by more and more people yearly, and YouTube is the most visited platform for viewing videos. This translates into more exposure for your videos and your brand, more engagement, and higher conversion rates, meaning more people will go to your site or product page as a result of your ads on YouTube.

What type of YouTube ads can I create with
  • TrueView Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • In-Stream Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Promo Videos
  • Business Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • and many more!
Where can I use YouTube ads?

YouTube ads are designed to be seen when users are already searching for other content on YouTube. However, other websites often link to these ads or have YouTube videos embedded in them. They can also be promoted on any site that is part of the Google Display Network.

How much does a YouTube video ad cost?

Start by signing up for for free, with no credit card information required. You’ll have access to all the tools available on’s YouTube Ad Maker, including a full library of professionally-designed templates and free images, videos, and music.

When you are ready to download your video, offers flexible subscription plans to best suit your company’s needs. Visit our Pricing Page to find a plan that meets your needs. Sign up, download, and your video is ready for YouTube.

What can I edit in my videos?

Everything! You can add, remove, and trim video clips to fit your vision. Write and edit video text, incorporate music, choose a color filter, add photos from Shutterstock and Getty, or upload your own to uniquely perfect each video. Complete it by adding your logo to make it truly yours.

Or, you can keep it simple and choose one of our ready-made templates already optimized for online success.

How do you add an intro to a YouTube video?

YouTube intros (as well as YouTube outros) can easily be added to your YouTube clips. Before uploading a video, make sure your channel customization features are enabled and upload the video you want to assign as your intro.

How long should my YouTube videos be?

YouTube limits your max video length to 15 minutes until you are a verified user, but even after that, we suggest keeping it short and sweet. YouTubers want something that keeps their attention, and your business’s YouTube ad is no different.

What if I need help with something?

No problem. We have a 5-star customer support team available in addition to in-depth articles in our knowledge-base, marketing, and educational materials on our blog, and loads of fun and inspirational content on our own social media channels.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

Browse our blog for great video creation and marketing inspiration:

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