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A good intro for YouTube videos can make all the difference in getting your viewers to stick around and watch to the end. With’s intro maker for YouTube, you can easily design an intro that expresses who you are and gives a sense of consistency across your entire channel.

Use specialized intro templates or edit together your own with our YouTube intro creator and our premium library of high-quality videos, music, and stock photos, including free images from Getty and Shutterstock. Customize your video intro to quickly upgrade every video you post.

How to make a YouTube intro:

With’s video intro maker, in just a few minutes you can take your YouTube channel to a new level of professionalism. A good intro video lets you tie even the simplest videos together with consistent, high-level branding.

Step 1
Choose a template from the intro maker that matches your brand
Step 2
Sign up for free to or log in to your existing account
Step 3
Add photos, text, or music and customize your intro
Step 4
Download your intro and add it to your YouTube videos

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Questions about YouTube Intro Maker?

What is a YouTube intro?

A YouTube intro is like the theme song at the beginning of a TV show or the film studio’s logo shown at the beginning of a movie. A video intro is a short clip that appears at the very beginning of any video you make and post on your YouTube channel. It can be something simple like your logo or a short animation or it can be something longer, like a montage or photo collage with a jingle in the background.

Why create a YouTube intro?

Using a video maker to create a YouTube intro gives you a way to start off all of your videos with a bang. Videos can be expensive to produce and it can take a lot of effort if you want your videos to look like they have high production quality. A video intro works as a shortcut. You can make simple videos, such as a person talking to the camera, but give them a professional polish that creates a strong first impression. Your intro is a way to introduce your brand from the very first moment. It suggests who you are and what you’re all about in every video, while still leaving room for fresh and varied content every time.

How much does a YouTube intro video cost?
Signing up to use’s YouTube Intro Maker is free. You won’t even need to enter your credit card information until you’re ready to download your video.
When you first enter, you’ll be able to choose from our collection of professionally-designed templates and premium library of images, music, and video. You’ll be able to customize your video intro and even share it with members of your team.

Once you’ve explored the platform and perfected your video, head over to our Pricing Page and choose from’s flexible subscription plans. Then download your video and start using it on your YouTube channel.
Where can I use my YouTube intro video? YouTube intro maker is designed to give you the specific formatting you need to maximize your YouTube marketing. However, your video intro can and should be used anywhere you plan to use video, including your own website or other social media networks. Use your intro on all videos to create a consistent look and feel and make sure your brand gets credit for the content you create and the value you provide to your customers.

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