Create Picture Perfect Videos … With Photos

October 18, 2018
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  • Create Picture Perfect Videos … With Photos

Have you been dreaming of adding original photos or pre-shot images to your videos? Now you can! Choose from our jam packed FREE professional photo library or uplaod your own pics to make your marketing videos even more dynamic and unique to your business.

Are you a Real Estate Agent? Show off your current listings. Do you have an amazing new product on your eCommerce site? Include the shots in your video ads. Are you a foody craving the ability to show off your treats? #Foodporn just went up a notch (and that notch is video BTW).

The Promo Team has worked around the clock to bring you a long list of advanced image features within our easy-to-use editor. Clean off those peepers and feast your eyes on the new Promo photo feature extravaganza to master how to create video from photos.

Photo (+ Video) Upload

  • Add unlimited photos and video uploads to your Promo videos.
  • Easily combine your own images and videos with breathtaking high-quality footage into one seamless video.
  • Showcase each product or an entire collection to run hyper-relevant ads and campaigns.

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Photo Library + Unsplash Integration

  • *Promo has integrated with Unsplash to offer 650,000+ high-quality photos right inside your video.*
  • All photos are FREE!
  • Locate your dream pics in seconds with advanced tagging and easy search capabilities .

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Photo Transitions

  • 8 new photo transitions to keep the momentum of your video.
  • 7 photo animations that allow you to zoom in, zoom out, pan and more.

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Tips For Creating A Professional Video With Photos

When adding photos to your video start by choosing your anchor photo, like your MVP of your video. Then you can begin to select additional images to add to your entire project to complete the story. Here are the 5 things you should consider when choosing the surrounding images in order to make the most professional and attractive visual content.

  1. Pay attention to the color palette and choose only similar or complementary colors. For example, if your MVP photo is red and green for Christmas, you won’t want to follow it up with a black and white or sepia tone image.
  2. Lighting matters. If you most important shot is a stunning landscape photo with that dreamy sunset lighting, make sure to keep the same effect in your additional images. For example, going from natural light to a dim indoor image can really kill the visual flow of your video.
  3. One of the best parts of using photos in your video is that you can share your own product and services with original shots. That said, while your unique images may be stunning they aren’t always HD, and that’s ok. You can still use the photos as long as you pair them with an image of similar quality. If you surround a photo of your newest goods taken with a cell-phone (we don’t mind) then using HD pro images is not ideal. Instead try to find something that looks equally as authentic, even if it is a stock photo.
  4. Animations are exciting but this an area where the age-old saying, less is more, certainly applies. One simple way to show visual consistency when creating a video full of photos is by limiting yourself to one (or maximum 2) Text Styles and using the animation as the guide between each image.
  5. Sometimes you have the perfect photo for your video idea but when it comes time to add the text it doesn’t look quite right. No need to fret if your copy is overlapping your image, you can easily edit the photo by zooming in and out to properly frame text placement within the image in a legible and optimal way.

Get snapping with these new photo features and more. Create video from images with Promo today!