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August 16, 2018
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  • The Sound Of Music … Filters

The hills are alive with band new Promo music filters. This feature has just made your sound design experience about 100x easier (by estimation). We have expanded the music library and tagged every song in a very easy and efficient way. It’s like if someone magically went into your home and organized your silverware drawer plus that other random drawer with menus and such while you were sleeping. You get that feeling, right? Well, it’s that feeling for your incredible and growing professional music library.

As you create more and more videos (and you must) enjoy focusing not only on the footage but on the true advantage sound design can add to your content. Because we’re music junkies by nature, we wanted to make it even easier to peruse the growing library and find the perfect song to match your vision every single time.

Here are a few of the new filters for our music selection:

Genre: If you’ve got a musical style in mind, you’ll be able to discover all of the appropriate tracks for that type in one place. You can choose from Blues, Dance, Pop, Children, World and on and on. Basically, if it’s a genre on the Billboards it’s a genre for us.

Mood: When it comes to creating great video ads, it’s all about the feeling you give to your audience. That’s certainly the case when it comes to your sound selection. No need to know a song name or even be limited to one genre, now you can focus on the mood of the track to support your creative process. Imagine reviewing music by filtering through these feelings your audience will experience from them: Action, Glamour, Mystery and so on. This takes the creative process up a notch.

Tempo: Just like the thrill of watching a movie trailer, the tempo in an ad can have a huge impact on it effectiveness to convey your story. Slow it down or speed it up by filtering for your ideal tempo. We offer each track filtered by slow, medium or fast-paced.

Instrumental: You know, sometimes you’re just craving that drum base, or a little guitar solo. And why wouldn’t you? The instrument in a song makes a major difference in how a video comes together as a whole. From electric guitar to strings, use this in-depth filter option to have the flexibility in your design process that you’re ear desires.

New: With new songs added constantly, we don’t want you to miss out on the awesome jams flooding the music library. We recommend popping on over to the “new” filter every few times you enter the Promo Editor to take a listen and enjoy the growing options ready for your video creations.


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