is the first video creation platform to offer UNLIMITED premium clips

May 28, 2020
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  • is the first video creation platform to offer UNLIMITED premium clips, the world’s leading video creation platform for businesses, is the first of its kind to offer customers unlimited premium footage with lifetime licensing.

Up until now, along with all other video creation platforms in the industry, Promo offered users a limited number of premium stock clips according to the plan they purchased. 

However, users quickly realized that to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged, their businesses need a constant stream of fresh video content on the highest level. The limited number of premium clips restricted their output, creativity, and effectiveness.  

After hearing customer requests and in a joint effort with Getty and ShutterStock, found a way to give small businesses and agencies what they need.

As of today, offers UNLIMITED  Premium Clips 

With over 20 million clips in’s stock video library, users have infinite options to create, test, and publish effective marketing videos, all at the same price.


While the Basic Plan for beginners includes 3 premium clips a month, the Standard and Pro plans do not limit the use of premium clips, allowing users to create as many high-quality marketing videos as they need.

This is a game-changer for businesses and agencies everywhere who rely on marketing videos to create ads, promote their products, and engage their customers. Unlimited premium clips allow them to: 

  • Use multiple clips to tell richer marketing stories
  • Test and optimize various video ads to increase sales
  • Share fresh content to keep your audience intrigued
  • Enjoy all of our premium calendar content and ready-made templates

No longer forced to count clips or scour for free footage, their creativity and imagination is now the only limit to creating professional marketing videos.

To sum up, users now get unlimited premium footage, unlimited video downloads, and as a derivative of this – unlimited opportunities to grow their business.

More top-performing video templates

Not only can Promo Users now make their own high-quality videos with unlimited clips, but they can also freely use Promo’s ready-made premium templates, saving them precious time and providing them with tried and true marketing videos. offers over 4,000 ready-made video templates and counting. They can all be found in the Promo Template Directory categorized by social platform, event, and industry as well as within our Free Social Media Calendar, which provides users with a ready-made social media video for every single day of the month. 

Most top-performing templates are composed of multiple premium clips, which has limited their usage – until now. Now users can select any of our templates, customize with their logo, and publish a professional marketing video in a matter of minutes. 

Video creation without limitation

This is another step forward in’s effort to empower small businesses and agencies to create professional and effective videos to successfully promote themselves and level the marketing playing field.