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Add Audio to Video

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Add Audio to Video in Minutes

At, we’re always adding new features to make your video editing experience as exciting and creative as possible. With our audio to video editor adding audio to your video is easy and free. Choose your own sounds or pick an audio file from our award-winning library with over 1000 pre-approved tracks.

Upload Audio to YouTube Video

Background music is always a great addition to any video. When you add audio to YouTube videos, you’re creating an emotional connection with your audience – increasing brand loyalty and potential leads.

Remove Audio from Video

Our video editor allows you to swap out the current audio of a video with newly uploaded audio. You can easily try multiple music backgrounds on the same video to see what moves your audience the most.

Power your videos

With easy-to-use editing software, you can improve your videos’ quality as much as you desire. Adding audio to video is just the start. Choose text styles, fonts and even add your own logo.

Trim Your Track

For the perfect result, our online audio to video maker allows you to edit and trim your track as much as you like. Time the captions accordingly by choosing your favorite font and enjoy the beautiful outcome.

How to Upload Audio to Video

Import a Video

Upload your video to straight from your browser or choose from our materials.

Add Audio to Video Online

Upload any audio file from music tracks to voice-overs and tweak it to suit your needs – you can also use royalty-free music from our extensive audio library.

Download & Share

Save your work to the cloud or download it to your device. Share instantly to your social channels at any time.

Why Use Promo’s Music to Video Editor

Creative freedom

Not only can you add and remove audio from your videos – our free tools also include a video to GIF maker, free collage maker, image resizer for all social platforms, and so much more.


No previous video editing experience? No problem. Our online video editor was built to give professional results for non-professionals. Adding audio to video is as simple and intuitive as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Optimized for Sharing

Looking to share your videos across several social media platforms but worried about the different specs? Don’t! when you add audio to video using our free tool, choose between square, vertical, and wide video ratios for complete optimization with a single click.