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How to use Promo?

How does Promo.com work?

Promo.com has everything you need in an online video maker. High-quality professional video clips, royalty-free music, customizable video templates, and more.
Promo.com is easy, instant, and produces awesome results at an affordable price. It's also fun to use!

How much does Promo.com cost?

PromoAI is a groundbreaking new AI tool that creates 30 unique videos that are personalized for your business - in just one click!

What video sizes can I create with Promo.com?

With Promo.com you can create:
  • Horizontal videos
  • Vertical videos
  • Square videos
  • Banner videos

What is PromoAI?

PromoAI is a groundbreaking new AI tool that creates 30 unique videos that are personalized for your business - in just one click!
PromoAI generates unique jaw-dropping video posts for every single day of the month, so you're never stuck wondering what to share next. That's the magic of PromoAI!

How can I get access to PromoAI videos?

To fully utilize and benefit from PromoAI, you must initially register and create a Promo.com account. However, to access the capability of downloading or publishing videos generated by PromoAI for your business needs, a Standard or Pro subscription plan is required, as indicated on our Pricing Page. Users on the Basic plan are welcome to explore PromoAI and preview the generated videos for experimentation purposes.

Will videos have a watermark or Promo.com mention?

Videos you download are yours and do not have a watermark or Promo.com mention.

Can I use the video after my subscription is over?

Yes. The videos you download are yours forever.

Where can I use the videos I create?

You can post, publish, upload, and share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social networks, websites or blogs, as much as you want.
Still not sure? Check out our Video Marketing 101 Guide to see the best ways to use videos.

Are you hosting the videos or can I download the file?

Both. After you created and customized your videos, you can download them (if you are a Promo.com subscriber).
A downloaded Promo.com video is your property and comes with a lifetime license for unlimited sharing.
If you prefer, you can share a link to a public version of your video, once it's published.

What languages does Promo.com support?

With Promo.com, you can create videos in every language. Some fonts have limited support for special characters, but all languages are supported.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can become a Promo.com affiliate here. Once you register, you'll get your own unique link and earn up to 30% commission for every sale you make.

What is the resolution and file type of the videos I can create with Promo.com?

Basic and Special Holiday Plans can download videos in HD quality (720p).
Standard and Pro Plan subscribers can download Full HD (1080p) videos.
All videos can be downlaoded in MP4 format.

Do you provide photos that I can use?

100% yes! We provide over 1.4 Million photos in our FREE image library. There are no limits to how often you can use these images.

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with Stripe which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted.

Do you offer non-profit rates?

Special pricing for non-profit organizations and causes can be made available. Please contact our in-app customer support team so they can get more details and prepare your custom plan.

Do you save credit card details?

No, absolutely not. Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The information goes directly from your computer to our payment service provider.

What is Promo.com’s editorial content?

Promo.com’s editorial content is footage that is marked as editorial and includes sports, celebrities, major news events, entertainment and much more. Editorial content can be used by Promo users to inform, educate or entertain and cannot be used to sell or promote something or in any other commercial manner. Editorial content can be found in our ready-made templates, photos and video collections. You can also use our library filter to view all the editorial content available on Promo.com.

Is Promo.com free to try?

Yes, signing up to Promo.com is 100% free, no credit card required.
With a free Promo.com account you get access to our catalog of more than 15,000,000 premium video clips, fully-licensed music library and editing tools to create as many video drafts as you want.
You will only be directed to our Pricing Plans when you want to download your video. Once purchased, your video comes with a lifetime license for unlimited download and publishing online.

What kind of videos can I create with Promo.com?

There’s no limit to the type of videos you can create with Promo.com. Our users have created: And more!

Can I cancel or change my plan anytime?

Monthly subscriptions are billed month to month. No contract. No obligation. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
Annual Plans come with an awesome discount and run on a one-year billing cycle with cancellation available for the following year.

How can I reach your Customer Support?

There are many different ways to get support with Promo.com:
  • Visit our FAQ Page - odds are your question is already answered there.
  • Search our Knowledge Base for more specific answers.
  • If you have questions about Video Marketing, Social Media Advertising and what to do with your videos, visit the Promo.com Blog.
  • Alternatively, please email [email protected] and our team will be happy to help and bring a smile to your face!

What are Premium and Free Clips?

We offer over 100 million premium clips (from content providers such as Getty Images and iStock) for our subscribers to use according to their Promo Plan. The Basic Promo Plan offers 3 premium clips per month while the Standard and Pro Promo Plans offer unlimited use.

Will unused videos rollover?

Absolutely. Any unused video will roll over to the next month.
Videos accumulate in your account for as long as your subscription is active, even if you change your plan during your subscription period.

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