A Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Winning Videos

Promo Team
By Promo Team
February 6, 2022 · 6 min read

While creating a good video ad may seem like something reserved for marketing experts and creative minds, you might be surprised to know that there is a method to it. And once you’ve learned the technique in question, you too will have the power to use this incredible marketing tool to reach customers, drive engagement and grow sales.

Video ad creation can be broken down into six cardinal rules, and we’re going to share them with you so you, too, can get a head start to creating video ads for your business. To illustrate the process, we will use examples from a fictitious business looking to create a fictitious Promo video for a fictitious audience. 

The lesson, however, is anything but fiction.

The Fictitious Family Diner Business Case

Step 1: Set a clear goal

The first step in creating any video is setting a clear goal. To avoid convoluting your message and confusing your viewers, your video must have a primary goal. 

You can achieve many goals with the power of video, including promoting a special sale, introducing new products or services, driving viewers to action, and eliciting social engagement. No matter your goal, it’s essential to keep it in mind when creating your video, as not setting your goal ahead of time may generate chaos. 

Example: Our diner’s goal is to introduce a new menu to a new audience and their existing one.

Step 2: Compose a coherent message

While choosing a goal is based on your marketing needs, the message should be focused on your audience’s needs. Once you’ve set your goal, you should naturally translate it into a message that will communicate it with your target viewers. The trick is doing so in the most effective way possible.

Your message should be brief and to the point, conveyed clearly and compellingly. If it’s a sale, consider adding a sense of urgency (for a limited time only) or a sense of exclusivity (for subscribers only).

The most important part of building your message is considering it from the audience’s point of view. You know what you want to tell them (come buy our stuff), but ask yourself, what is it that they want to hear (buying our stuff will improve your life, and it’s worth it).

Example: Our diner’s message is that they are introducing a whole new menu and for the opening week only, with a 10% discount on all entrees.

Step 3: Bring your video to life

Step 3 is actually comprised of 3 sub-steps:

1. Footage – You set your goal; you composed a message now it is time to string it all together using a video maker – preferably one that doesn’t require you to download software. Search Promo.com’s 110 million premium photos and videos from Getty Images and iStock.  Find the footage that communicates your message. A strong start is crucial to get people watching, so find visuals that stand out. You can also easily upload your own footage to our editor and use it as well.

Promo tip: Get creative! Express yourself with your industry-specific search terms and find the perfect footage for you and your business! Don’t hesitate to get specific with your search terms.

2. Text – Once you’ve selected your footage, write the text that will accompany each frame. When writing your copy, keep in mind that text and visuals need to go together. Make sure the copy coincides with your footage in seamless rhythm, not random or out of place. If you’re unsure what to write, go back to your intended message and articulate it in the shortest (but catchiest) way possible.

3. Music Check out Promo’s fully licensed music library and select and add music to your video. Music has the power to set the tone, so make sure it compliments your message.


Step 4: Culminate with your call-to-action

In the last frame of your video, or what we at Promo like to call your outro, it is crucial that you include two key elements: A strong CTA and your company logo. Essentially, you leave the most essential part for the end – your logo tells the viewers who you are, and the CTA tells them what they should do to take action.

Creating a strong CTA means your message should be crystal clear (no room for puns or jokes here).

A CTA example for The fictitious Family Diner

Step 5: Review your project

Okay, you’ve done it. You’ve pulled all the pieces together, and you have a fully functioning video. At this point, you’ll want to make sure that all the elements flow smoothly. Your visuals, text, and music should all do their part in enhancing your core message.

Watch and rewatch to ensure that the graphics, fonts, and colors are consistent and correlate with your overarching message. If you feel like something isn’t exactly the way you want it to be, don’t hesitate to quickly go back to our video editor and continue tweaking the video. That is why we make sure to include this step. Also, when viewing your video, keep in mind that most videos are watched on mute, so your message must come across with or without sound. Even if you are using a voice-over, it is important to include captions.

Example: Our diner went back and (after rewatching) noticed that the text was blocking key elements in the visuals and that the font and outro didn’t contribute to the compelling message they were trying to tell. They tweaked, fixed, and improved until they created the following (awesome) version:

Step 6: Promote your video

It’s showtime! Now is the moment to get your video out into the world. Remember that your distribution strategy is no less important than the video creation process. Build a spreadsheet that covers all of your marketing channels to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to get your video ad in front of the right eyes.

We recommend that your strategy includes social networks (a whole world unto itself), your website, blog, various landing pages, your emails list, and other online communities.

Example: Our diner shared this video on their Facebook and Instagram pages to share it with their followers and put up some paid Facebook ads to attract new ones. They also post it on their website and different culinary sites.

Need a little extra help?

Check out our video tutorial below on how to get started with Promo!

Pretty simple, right?

Go crazy, knock yourself out, and be creative as long as you stick to these six simple rules. No matter what industry you’re in, you can follow these steps to create amazing videos that boost your business.

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