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Our GIF editor allows you to crop GIFs online straight from your browser with just a few easy clicks!

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GIF Editor

Create a GIF

Create Your Own GIFs

Choose from millions of videos or upload your own. Match them with our custom text styles and create your perfect GIF. Easily edit GIF, resize GIF, and crop GIF as much as you like.

Free GIF Cropper

Why pay when you can crop a GIF for free? Our GIF cropper is free and accessible to all. Use it as many times as you like for as many GIFs as you like.

GIF Resizer

Is your GIF the wrong ratio? Our online GIF editor resizes your GIF with the click of a button. Change ratio to square, wide, or vertical instantly.

GIF Editor

Easily edit your GIF over and over again with our GIF editor. Create multiple versions and download them as many times as you like.

Multiple GIF Options 

You can edit a GIF in so many ways using our free tool. Add Text to your GIF, trim it, resize it, add different elements, and of course, crop GIFs with ease.

How to Crop a GIF

Create your GIF

The first step in editing your GIF is to upload a video to our tool. You can either upload your own file or use our footage library to select the perfect clip. Add your choice of text and position it using our GIF editor.

Crop & Edit Your GIF

Use our markers to choose the footage you want to use. Add Text by choosing one of our text styles and fonts. Once finished, click on Save & Preview.

Download & Share Your GIF

On the publish page, choose ‘export as GIF’. Use the two blue handles to choose the perfect trim for your GIF and crop as needed. Once you’ve got the handles right where you want them, you can download or share your edited GIF with the click of a button.

Why Use to Crop GIFs?

Ready-made GIFs

With our GIF maker, you don’t have to start from scratch. Our templates already come with thousands of Gifable moments and great copy. All you have to do is choose your footage, crop GIF and publish.

Social Media GIF Resizer

Easily resize your GIF using our online GIF editor in seconds! Optimize your GIFs for all your marketing needs.

Simple Interface

Simplicity is key to the best GIF editing user experience. Easily drag the 2 blue handles on any video or GIF to choose the segment and length you want using our GIF trimmer.

What Our Clients Say

This site is AMAZING! Lots of content and very easy to use!

Franco Rocco

This is the best video-making website. The support is incredibly helpful and very very fast!

jamal van turenhout

Great video content in a jiffy! I was searching for simple and professional video content for ads and my customers just love it. It is so easy to customize and you have so much content.

Jan W

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit a GIF?

With, you can edit any GIF you want – you can even make your own GIFs in just a few clicks.

Is legal to make GIFs?

General use of GIFs is harmless and doesn’t tend to get any bad press. Businesses on the other hand need to be careful when using copyright materials for commercial use. There are no solid legal repercussions just yet, but tread carefully just to be safe.

How can I edit a GIF online?

By using a no-download necessary software like’s GIF cropper, it’s both easy to use and requires zero installs! It’s a great way to resize GIF online, split GIF, crop GIF, edit a GIF, and more.

The power of video at your fingertips

If you’re looking for a GIF cropper, we’ve got your back. However, there’s much more to do on Explore our collection of online tools and start creating better videos today.

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