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Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a custom Christmas GIF. This holiday season, send the message of smiles with amazing greetings made entirely by you. It’s the Christmas GIF that will keep on giving!

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Custom Christmas GIF

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Merry Christmas GIFs for Everyone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you can make it even better! With thousands of Christmas videos and photos to choose from and over 110M additional visual assets – create Christmas GIFs that your loved ones won’t stop watching. From a Christmas tree GIF to a cat Christmas GIF, Christmas vacation GIF, and everything in between – our online GIF maker will have your unique GIFts ready for you in a matter of minutes.

Funny Christmas GIFs

GIFs were made to entertain, and creating funny Christmas GIFs for your colleagues, friends, and loved ones is fast and easy with our online GIF maker. Search for ‘funny Christmas’ in our footage library, and be amazed at all the hilarious options waiting for you.

Custom Merry Christmas GIF

Our Christmas GIF maker puts the power of GIF creation in your hands. You can turn any personal video into a Merry Christmas GIF. Easily add your Christmas wishes by adding text and styling it any way you want. If you are a business – don’t forget to add your brand logo for the perfect result!

Christmas Eve GIF

Make Christmas Eve that much more special by creating GIFs you can send and share with loved ones you aren’t spending the holidays with. Let them know you’re thinking about them, wish them a Merry Christmas, or even send them a GIF made with photos taken from your Christmas Eve dinner!

Merry Christmas GIF for Facebook

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to send a Merry Christmas GIF to wish all your followers a happy holiday. Use our GIF maker to create a Merry Christmas GIF for Facebook, and engage your audience in minutes!

How to Create the perfect Christmas GIF

Upload Your Video or Choose from Our Library

Upload your video or photos to Promo’s online video editor or choose your Christmas GIF footage from our amazing media library.

Add Text to Your Christmas GIF

Choose the part of the video you want to turn to a GIF and add your Christmas wishes. You can easily place them anywhere in the frame, adjust the caption size, color and font for the perfect result.

Publish & Export as GIF

On the publish page, choose ‘export as GIF’. Use the two blue handles to choose the perfect trim for your happy birthday GIF and crop as needed. Once you’ve got the handles right where you want them, you can download or share your edited GIF with the click of a button!

Why Use's Christmas GIF Maker

It’s So Easy, Anyone Can Create a Merry Christmas GIF

Bring a smile to anyone’s face with a completely personalized Christmas GIF made just for them. Promo’s Christmas GIF maker is so easy to use, you’ll be creating Merry Christmas GIFs for all your loved ones!

Unlimited Christmas GIF Downloads

Not only can you create unlimited Christmas GIFs using, you can also download as many as you like. With endless GIF possibilities, you’ll never run out of cute Merry Christmas GIF ideas. The best part? It’s all online!

Create Christmas GIFs in Any Format

Want to share your Christmas GIFs on social media? We’ve got you covered! Easily download your birthday GIF in three different social media formats.

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This site is AMAZING! Lots of content and very easy to use!

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This is the best video-making website. The support is incredibly helpful and very very fast!

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Great video content in a jiffy! I was searching for simple and professional video content for ads and my customers just love it. It is so easy to customize and you have so much content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a Merry Christmas GIF from a video?

At, making a Christmas GIF is simple. First, import your video to’s Christmas GIF maker or choose from our extensive Christmas footage collection. Then, easily edit the GIF using our editing tools, available straight from your browser. Finally, save & Preview and then download! – voila! You’ve got yourself an awesome merry Christmas GIF.

How do I edit my Christmas GIF?

You can edit your Christmas GIF in our video editor. Go to your projects, choose the video you converted to a GIF, click on the edit button and create as many versions of your Christmas GIF as you like.

How do I choose a specific segment of the video for my Merry Christmas GIF?

To find that perfect segment in your Christmas GIF, we suggest adding text to all the footage you have chosen in your video. Keep a segment in mind that you would like to export as a GIF. On the publish page, select Export as a GIF. Use the blue handles in the pop-up window that appears to edit the specific segment of your video you want as your Christmas GIF! You can preview and change as many times as you need.

Do you have merry Christmas GIF images as well?

Yes! Our media library offers both Christmas videos and images. You can create your GIF from either or by combining the two.

How long can my Christmas GIF be?

You can create a GIF from any part of the video you are using. It can be as short as 4 seconds and as long as a minute. Just keep in mind that the longer the Christmas GIF, the heavier the file size will be – making it hard to share.

Can I also make a Christmas Vacation GIF?

Of course. With our GIF maker, you can easily upload your own videos and create a memorable Christmas vacation GIF with your favorite Christmas vacation memories to share. You can also create a Christmas vacation GIF prior to your trip, highlighting the destination you will be traveling to and getting everyone excited for the trip.

Level up Your Christmas Greetings

With Promo’s online Christmas GIF maker, you can create as many Merry Christmas GIFs as you’d like. But that’s not all! Our online video tools can help you create Christmas videos, New Year’s videos, and more.

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