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Best Online MP4 Video Editor

Creating standout videos is super simple with our online MP4 Editor. Use it whenever you need an MP4 cutter or trimmer. You can add text styles, footage, and music from our libraries as you go. Sign up for free and start creating.

Edit MP4 Videos With Ease

One of the simplest and fastest MP4 editors on the internet. You don’t need to be a pro to use Promo’s MP4 Editor. Professional-looking videos are just a few clicks away.

Cut and Trim Your MP4 Video

Need to remove unnecessary parts of your MP4 video? Our MP4 editor will enable you to resize, crop and trim videos for the perfect professional result.

Add Text Easily

Adding text to your MP4 video is easy using our editor. Choose the text style of your choice from our selection and customize the size and colors.

Create and Share

Our MP4 Editor offers optimized settings for sharing your videos on social media platforms. Expect top performance and the highest video quality.

How To Edit MP4 Files Online With Promo

Upload MP4 files

Select an MP4 from your files, then click Upload.

Edit your MP4

Using the editor, you can now make any changes you need. Crop, resize, add text, choose music and more using our MP4 cutter & editor.

Download & Share your MP4

Once you’re happy with the result, click on Preview & Save. The last step will be to download your video or share it through our editor to your preferred social media platform.

Why You Should Use Promo's MP4 Editor

Free Online Editing Software

Like most tools from Promo, you can enjoy this MP4 editing software for free! No payment or installation required.

Edit MP4 Videos From Anywhere

Our free online video cutter requires no installation or special skills. In just a few clicks you’ll have a professional-looking video featuring only your star footage, ready in no time at all.

MP4 Videos That Convert

Instantly improve your content quality and generate more interaction with your videos using our MP4 video editor’s many features.

What Our Clients Say

Promo has made my marketing so much easier with the templates and stock photos/videos. It has allowed me to channel all my creativity without using up all my time.

Cari White

Great video content in a jiffy! I was searching for simple and professional video content for ads and my customers just love it. It is so easy to customize and you have so much content.

Jan W

I love Promo! have lots of fun creating promotional videos for my business! The customer service is excellent too.

Laura Aloi

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy Is It to Edit MP4s?

No previous editing experience necessary! Our online video editor is designed to provide everyone with a smooth editing experience. We also update our tools regularly to help you work more efficiently.

What Kind of Editing Can I Do With Promo's MP4 Editor?

From basic actions like editing an MP4 video to special features like adding footage, music and text – we’ve got you covered. We encourage you to explore each tool yourself and let your creativity lead on!

Create any video for your business with Promo

If you’re looking for an MP4 editor, we’ve got your back. However, there’s much more to do on Explore our collection of online tools and start creating better videos today.

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