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About The Position

Promo.com built the first online video creation platform of its kind, modernizing video creation for businesses everywhere. Our great momentum and incredible revenue growth have positioned us  as an industry  leader and innovator in our space.


Having recently raised a series B round led by our great Getty Images, we are ready to take the next step in the evolution of Promo.com and further empower businesses with great visual content and tools that simplify, centralize and democratize their online marketing and social media activities. 


We are looking for an innovative, passionate and forward-thinking visual content leader.

The ideal candidate is a self-motivated storyteller who has their finger on the pulse of trending and innovative video content, B2B marketing video and advertising trends, and thrives in a dynamic fast-paced, execution-oriented environment. 


If you are comfortable with data driven decisions, have a deep understanding of video platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and IG+FB, and are passionate about popular culture, trending content as well as leading content creators - this might be the perfect opportunity to make an impact. 


As Head of Video Content, you will set the vision and strategy of how video can be used to engage target audiences. You will oversee Promo.com’s video template operation  - from the high level strategy to execution as well as all company video initiatives including our video podcast, academy and all original video content. You will work directly with our CEO and management team to help us write the next chapter of the Promo.com story.  




What you’ll do

  • Lead and grow the video content creative team, managing both in house talent and freelancers as needed. 
  • Build, establish and manage video creation workflows, processes, resources and production tools.
  • Reach out, negotiate and be the POC for content expansion deals (footage, music, influencers and more…).
  • Developing, manage, and maintain dynamic content that strategically enhances the Promo.com  visual brand and takes advantage of storytelling opportunities
  • Conceptualize and implement the overall video strategy, based on the company’s vision, data and customer needs.
  • Develop a strategic POV on emerging platforms and how Promo.com can leverage them for growth.
  • Work closely with company stakeholders to create relevant video content for different initiatives. 
  • Manage and monitor KPI Tracking, Analysis & Reporting on all video content.



Who you are

  • An innovative, yet data driven creator, with a knack for short content and deep knowledge of social media. You must be a strategic thinker and creative problem solver, with the ability to influence, conceive and execute groundbreaking ideas.
  • A skilled leader. You have prior experience with successfully building and leading a team of 10+ employees with exceptional Data and BI, communication and presentation skills and excellent creative storytelling abilities.
  • A driving force. You are hungry and resourceful, resilient and curious, and you have the skill set to lead marketing processes from A-Z: From ideation to execution, measurement, and optimization.
  • A go-getter. You are passionate about identifying new opportunities for growth and mining for insights by analyzing customer data.
  • An acrobat. You are comfortable working in a fast-changing, adaptive environment
  • Master planner. You are able to translate strategic goals into year-round tactical plans, and work with the CEO and CFO to translate them into business impact and results.



Why Promo is the best place for you

  • We have waited for you for a while now! You will work where you are appreciated. Your contributions will be meaningful and imperative to the success of the company, both in running your team and as an important figure within the company.
  • We have an awesome product that is appreciated throughout the industry. Our cutting-edge video maker is helping small businesses everywhere reach their goals. With partners like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Getty Images and TikTok, Shopify to name a few, we are at the forefront of creativity and technology.
  • We work hard.  We are constantly striving to discover new and innovative ways to improve and elevate our position in the market and build consistent great user experiences that drive revenue growth.
  • We invest in people. We consider each employee a long-term investment, and we see value in continuously nurturing and training them. We learn from each other and from our mistakes. We remind each other to focus on the good and valuable, and respect each other's time and talent. Life is too short, we want to build something real and valuable, and enjoy the journey.













Tel- Aviv

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