Junior DevOps Engineer

About The Position

What will you do?

As Promo's DevOps Engineer, you will help design and implement scalable systems that will keep Promo running smoothly and support our significant business growth.

You will be a part of an innovative, high-performance team that is committed to delivering an application using cutting edge technologies in a dynamic and agile environment. 


What do you need to succeed?

Own development and environments and production environments and production deployments

Build CI/CD system

Deploy branches to production

Monitor production

Assist in development environments

1. 2+ years experience.

2. Experience with live production, high load, scaling systems.

3. Mastering AWS: EC2, ElastiCache, Route53, S3, CloudFront, ELB.

4. Master linux/windows/osX environment.

5. Master shells as bash, zsh. 

6. Master Docker, docker-compose.

7. Master Web servers: Apache, Nginx.

8. Mastering node.js.

9. Experience with Redis, RabbitMQ.

10. Good knowledge of PHP, Mongo.

11. Experience with Gearman, supervisord, Ansible, Puppet. 

12. Experience with monitoring tools. Nagios -advantage.

13. Experience with Video systems - advantage.


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Promo.com is the #1 Video Creation Platform for Businesses and Agencies

What we do

We make creative videos accessible to all businesses, providing ready-made video templates, over 14 million premium video clips, curated licensed music and a user-friendly editor.

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Promo.com Team

The Promo.com team is a creative and passionate group of professionals who bring their expertise and innovation to every project. We take pride in working collaboratively and constantly test and advance our efforts to remain industry leaders.