12 Engaging Content Ideas to Try This October

Hannah Halpern
By Hannah Halpern
September 27, 2021 · 10 min read

When you think of October content anchors for your social media plan, Halloween is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other key dates you can and should take advantage of this month.

October officially marks the start of Q4, so bulking up your editorial calendar and boosting those social media engagement metrics should definitely be on your to-do list. Occasion-based marketing is a great addition to any content strategy, and we’ve got you covered with some great social media holidays, special dates and content opportunities to discover. 

Whether you’re looking to drive engagement on social media, maintain a strong online presence or communicate better with your audience this October, here are our favorite content ideas to help you connect with your audience and boost your engagement in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (All Month) 

If you thought October was all about Orange, think again. It’s actually time to break out that pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Show your audience that you truly care about raising awareness for breast cancer by taking part in this extraordinary month-long initiative.

Breast Cancer Awareness Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Highlight some of the amazing campaigns that other companies and brands have launched to show their support (our recently launched popular footage section could be perfect for that). 
  • Personal Story: Feature your audience/users and their stories of living with breast cancer in their personal lives.
  • Supportive Initiative: Donate a percentage of all sales during the month of October towards helping the Breast Cancer Awareness cause. Don’t forget to spread the news about your initiative with an emotive video.

International Coffee Day (Oct 1)

The way you start your morning is the way we like to start marketing this October, with a cup of joe! This International Coffee Day, we’re here to help you energize your customer base and start the month off right. 

International Coffee Day was originally established by the “International Coffee Organization” in 2014 to help struggling coffee farmers worldwide and has taken place on October 1st each year since. Here are some ways (other than drinking the obligatory cup of coffee) that you can participate in the international holiday this year.

International Coffee Day Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Share some fun facts about coffee and educate people on its rich history.
  • Insider Video: Ask your employees to share their go-to coffee orders and give your followers an insight into your work/office culture.
  • Special Promotion: If your business sells coffee, offer a special coffee-related promotion like free refills or a free cup in honor of the holiday.
  • Fun GIF: Did you know that using our video editor you can create a GIF or turn any video you have into a GIF? Drive engagement around one of the most popular Instagram content subjects with a fun GIF and watch those views and likes rise!
  • Editorial Content: Entertain your followers with fun celebrity coffee facts they didn’t know. The best part? You don’t have to spend any time creating the video – we’ve already done it for you! Grab it here.

Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2)

“Where there is love, there is life” 

-Mahatma Gandhi. 

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Gujarat. This year will mark Gandhi’s 152nd birth anniversary. Recognized as a national holiday throughout India, Gandhi’s wise words and teachings have also reached far and wide. With so many people inspired by his teachings, there are ample ways to celebrate Gandhi’s life with your users!

Gandhi Jayanti Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Make a list of some of the top Gandhi quotes to spread his teachings.
  • Holiday Greeting: Wish your Indian customers a Happy Gandhi Jayanti with a thoughtful holiday greeting video.
  • Engagement Video: Ask your followers to share their favorite Gandhi quotes and teachings.

Pro Tip: Our editorial footage library has dozens of amazing photos and videos of Gandhi, available for unlimited use for our business plan members. 

Oktoberfest (ends Oct 3) 

Prost (aka cheers in German) – it’s Oktoberfest! While the celebration is technically centered around the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria (who later became King Louis I), we all know the true celebration comes with a drink… or maybe a few! These days, Oktoberfest is known as the world’s largest beer celebration. 

Fun fact: When Oktoberfest began in 1810, it took place entirely in October. As the festival got longer, the start was moved to September because the weather was warmer and the days were longer. Today, Oktoberfest is a 16-18 day festival that ends on the first Sunday of October.

The official Oktoberfest in Munich has been canceled due to COVID this year, but it can still be celebrated in other ways. Here are some creative ways to bring the German celebration to you!

Oktoberfest Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Celebrate the last day of Oktoberfest by rounding up some of the best Oktoberfest spots in your city. You can also highlight some of the festival’s oldest traditions.
  • Giveaway Video: Host an Oktoberfest giveaway on social media! Ask followers to like, comment, and share your Oktoberfest-themed post for a chance to win.

World Animal Day (Oct 4) 

World Animal Day was first established in 1925 by the publisher of a German animal lovers’ magazine, Heinrich Zimmermann, in Berlin. More than 5,000 people showed up to the first event which was initiated to raise awareness and improve the welfare of animals. Today it has turned into a global social movement advocating the rights of animals around the world.

This World Animal Day, show your audience that you support animal rights and greater animal welfare throughout the world.

World Animal Day Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Spotlight some local organizations that are making a difference for animal welfare and encourage readers to join the cause.
  • Community Initiative: Work with local shelters to promote their available pets for adoption to generate some customer engagement.
  • Social Responsibility Video: Offer your customers a discount for participating/donating to a cause that benefits animal welfare or donate a percentage of all sales to a local shelter.
  • Social Media Giveaway: Run a social media giveaway for your customers that post their initiatives that benefit domestic or wild animals. 

National Book Month 

It’s time to get your booky on! October is National Book Month, where we focus on appreciating the importance of reading, writing, and literature. 

The first National Book Month began in 2003, to encourage reading in the hopes of improving vocabulary, memory, knowledge, and so much more! With such a fun subject to celebrate (who doesn’t love books?), make sure to make room for some book worms this month in your feed. 

Book Month Content Ideas:

  • Listicle Video: Feature some of your favorite books and let your customers enjoy the endless fun of reading.
  • Insider Video: Highlight your employees’ favorite books or book suggestions and why they appreciate reading.
  • Special Offer: Offer your customers a sale when they bring in a book they recently finished.
  • Community Idea: Get the conversation going by starting a book swap amongst your audience.

World Teachers’ Day & World Student’s Day (Oct 5 / Oct 15)

If you thought only “Back to School” last month was about education, think again! With both World Teachers’ Day (October 5th) and World Student’s Day (October 15th) this month, make sure you take the opportunity to appreciate our wonderful educators and educatees! 

Content Marketing Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Share historic teachers that made a major impact on education.
  • Community Content: It’s always fun to showcase local community teachers and students and highlight some of their amazing accomplishments.
  • Special Offer Video: Offer teachers and students a discount on their respective appreciation days.

World Mental Health Day (Oct 10)

This October 10th, show your support for Mental Health awareness and education by spreading support for the incredible cause.  By joining the world in discussing mental health issues, we can eradicate the social stigma and ensure that mental health care becomes a reality around the world!

Engaging Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Take a minute to highlight Mental Health Awareness and showcase its importance to you and your customer base.
  • Highlight Video: Highlight a few initiatives your customers can take part in to show their appreciation for Mental Health Awareness.
  • Special Offer Video: Offer your customers a discount for participating in the various initiatives on this day.

Columbus Day (Oct 11)

In 1942 Columbus sailed the ocean blue! Each year on the second Monday of October, we celebrate Christopher Columbus’s arrival to the Americas. Also known as Indigenous People’s day and Native American Day, this day presents a unique opportunity to engage your audience!

Columbus Day Content Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Educate your audience on Native American culture and share important historical facts about the day.
  • Humourous Video: Columbus Day is quite controversial, so why not lighten the mood with a humorous take on the day?
  • Special Sale: Use this holiday weekend as an opportunity to have a 3-day weekend super sale!

National Business Women’s Week (Oct 18-23)

Each year during the third week of October, across the US businesses celebrate National Business Women’s Week and the incredible achievements women have made in the business. 

Lean Madesin Phillips, the then president of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, originally launched the week in 1928, only to be officially recognized in 1938. During this week, take some time to show your audience that you’re in support of empowering women in the workforce!

Content Marketing Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Do a spotlight on successful women in business and share how they’ve navigated the working world.
  • Insider Content: Highlight the women in your company (or your clients) and discuss how they are empowered by their work.
  • Special Discount: Provide a discount for all working women during this week.
  • Giveaway: Run a social media giveaway by asking your followers to tag a business woman (or women) they’re inspired by in the comments.

Get to Know Your Customers Day (Oct 21)

October 21st is Get to Know Your Customer Day, the best possible day to reach out to your audience! Each year on the third Thursday in January, April, July, and October, companies go the extra mile to interact with their customers… so, what are you waiting for!?

Content Marketing Ideas

  • Listicle Video: Feature some of your most loyal customers to show your audience you truly care about them.
  • Special Offer: Offer a discount to every customer that provides you information to help you know them better.
  • Social Media Engagement: Post a poll asking followers what they want to see from your page.

Halloween (Oct 31)

No tricks here, it’s scary how many marketing opportunities there are for your business this Halloween! Just remember, you can (and should) start sharing Halloween themed content all month long!

Get ready to spook your customers and level up your online engagement with these spooktacular content ideas, our treat. 

Halloween Content Ideas:

  • Listicle Video: Share a list of fun Halloween costumes.
  • Holiday Greeting: Wish your customers a Happy Halloween with a holiday greeting video.
  • Special Sale: Slash prices or give out candy with every purchase in honor of Halloween.
  • Social Media Contest: How about a virtual costume contest?! Offer prizes for the winners and encourage followers to share their most BOOtiful looks!

Year-Round Content Inspiration

Fun and exciting days to celebrate with your audience are waiting for you in October, but this is just the start! There are so many other content opportunities to be explored and lucky for you, our social media calendar does just that.

If you think constant video inspiration for your socials sounds too good to be true… it isn’t! Check out our social media calendar to access free, fully customizable videos for every single day of the year. With Promo, you’ll never miss an important date again!

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