12 November Video Marketing Opportunities You Don’t Want To Miss

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By Promo Team
October 20, 2021 · 13 min read

With the end of fall in sight and winter right around the corner, it’s an excellent time for your business to make that final marketing push before the start of the holiday season. Lucky for you, November has some awesome content and marketing opportunities to be explored (and exploited).

From the big ones like Thanksgiving and Black Friday to Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, we’ve rounded up some can’t miss November content opportunities for your business. On top of that, we’re sharing some creative video ideas to help you get started. Each ready-made template we’ve prepared can be easily customized for your businesses in minutes – so you’ve got no excuse to not hit the key dates this month!

Don’t forget, each awesome video you create on Promo can also quickly turn into an engaging GIF. With our export as GIF option, you’ll have a video to GIF ready in minutes! 

So, without further ado, here are content and marketing opportunities for November 2021 that will make it a November to remember for your business.

Main Sales Event of the Year

Who are we kidding? We’ve been waiting all year for this weekend, and we’re sure you have to! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two days of the year where you should drop everything and shop until you drop.

Of course, for small business owners, this also means endless sales and marketing opportunities you’re going to want to cash in on! From informational videos and driving engagement, all the way to SALES SALES SALES, here are the marketing opportunities you’re going to want to keep in mind – all month round.

Black Friday (November 26)

Drumroll, please… it’s Black Friday! Make sure you’ve cleared out some room in your trunk because the deals are endless. 

Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, businesses offer incredible deals on their merchandise and sometimes even open at midnight for those customers that just can’t wait. 

Since 1952, Black Friday has been the start of Christmas shopping and the busiest shopping day of the year since at least 2005. So, make sure you give your customers all the information they need to shop until they drop this Black Friday.

Black Friday Video Ideas

  • Informative Video: Take this opportunity to up your customer engagement by providing a breakdown of the top 10 best local Black Friday deals.
  • Sale Video: It’s Black Friday… everyone’s doing it! Need we say more?
  • Entertaining Video: Pretend April came early and showcase your merchandise at full price, only to shock your customers and reveal your true Black Friday sales at the end of your video.

Cyber Monday (November 29)

Didn’t get everything you wanted on Black Friday? That’s what Cyber Monday is for! Each year, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, consumers around the USA and beyond celebrate this wonderful online shopping holiday. 

Initially starting in 2005, Cyber Monday has become the sister holiday to Black Friday, reaching new levels of online sales revenue year after year. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to engage your customers and break your business’s online sales records! 

Cyber Monday Content Ideas

  • Sale Video: Showcase the various sales you’ll be having this Cyber Monday and get your customers ready for some deals!
  • Engaging Video: Create a video for your followers featuring the top 10 tips to maximize their Cyber Monday savings. What should they look for? What should they avoid?
  • Community Video: Is your business not focused on Cyber Monday deals? No problem! Take this opportunity to work with other local organizations to give your users a breakdown of the Cyber Monday deals in your community.

Additional Share-worthy November Dates

Just because November is synonymous with Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t mean you should sleep on the rest of November’s marketing possibilities. November is a month worth marking on your social media calendars. Here are the most memorable and share-worthy days this November.

Movember / No-Shave November (All Month)

Wait, why does everyone have a mustache? Oh, that’s right, to promote men’s health! Each November, men worldwide grow out their mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. 

Since 2004, the Movember Foundation has been running this amazing initiative, and we can’t wait to see all the creative ways you engage with your audience this Movember! Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Movember Video Ideas

  • Lighthearted Video: Highlight various mustache styles that your customers can strive for this Movember.
  • Special Offer: Let your customers know you support Movember by offering a discount to anyone who’s growing out their mustache.
  • Listicle: Create a video with the top 5 tips for quickly and healthily growing your mustache.
  • Charitable Video: While we focus on the mustaches, the month is truly about spreading awareness for Men’s Health, so take a minute to utilize your reach and spread awareness about Men’s Health.
  • Editorial Video: Send a shoutout to our favorite mustached man in 2021 – Ted Lasso! Who wouldn’t want to sport his look (and attitude?) 

Day of the Dead / El Día De Los Muertos (November 1 & 2)

This incredible Mexican tradition takes place every 1st and 2nd of November, where people spend time with family and friends to celebrate the lives of the loved ones they have lost. While certain roots of this tradition can be traced back to All Saints Day in Europe, the true origin is still up for debate. However, unlike other memorial days, Día De Los Muertos celebrates life, using colorful flowers and candy sugar skulls to honor the deceased. 

Join the celebration by encouraging your audience to participate in this beautiful Mexican tradition of celebrating life and honoring the deceased.

Day of the Dead Video Ideas

  • Video Greeting: Wish your Mexican followers a Happy Día De Los Muertos with a thoughtful holiday greeting video.
  • In Memoriam Video: Join the celebration by creating a loving memorial video to celebrate the life of the loved ones you’ve lost.
  • Engaging Video: Encourage your followers to share stories about their deceased loved ones and celebrate their lives on this beautiful day.

Diwali (November 4)

Get ready for the festival of lights! Diwali is a major festival celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs. Symbolizing the victory of light over darkness, the festival is celebrated with people’s finest clothing, lighting up the outside of their houses, fireworks, family feasts, and the sharing of sweets and gifts. 

While the festival is associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, it’s always a great time to engage your audience by having them join in the celebration! 

Diwali Video Ideas

  • Happy Diwali Video: Add some sparkle to your feed with a special Happy Diwali greeting video that your audience will love.
  • Educational Video: Share the historical background behind this bright holiday and educate your audience on the festival’s traditions.

Daylight Savings Ends (November 7)

Are you ready for an extra hour of sleep? We can’t wait! 

Every year, on the first Sunday of November, the US sets the clock back 1 hour to have darkness come at a later time. Originating in 1916 in the German Empire, Daylight Savings has been used in various countries. However, it is still only used by a minority of the world. 

To all the countries who do not observe this tradition, I’m sorry that you won’t be getting an extra hour of sleep this November 7th! 

Daylight Savings Video Ideas

  • Sale Video: Offer a discount to anyone who remembered to change the time on their microwave before the clock’s switching.
  • Reminder Video: Remind your customers that the clocks will be changing and ensure they won’t be late (or early) to work.
  • Engaging Video: Create a video inspiring your customers with the top 10 ways they can spend their extra hour.
  • Business Update Video: Do your hours change as a result of Daylight Savings? If so, don’t forget to let your customers know!

World Kindness Day (November 13)

Every 13th of November, people worldwide initiate random good deeds to promote the idea of kindness throughout the world. Initially founded in 1988, the World Kindness Movement began celebrating this day in the hopes of building a kinder, more compassionate world. So, encourage your customers to do something thoughtful today and join the global movement to create a better tomorrow!

World Kindness Day Video Ideas

  • Community Video: Encourage your customers to join the kindness movement and donate some of your proceeds to a local charity.
  • Engaging Video: Create a video featuring 10 ways your viewers can give back to their communities.
  • Celebrate Kindness: Notice a good deed around your place of business? Take this opportunity to highlight those in your life who represent the values of this holiday every day of the year.

Thanksgiving (November 25)

Did somebody say turkey and gravy? One of everybody’s favorite holidays is finally here… Thanksgiving! 

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, the US celebrates the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving, aka Turkey Day. Originating as a day to give thanks and conduct a sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest has become one of America’s most famous days of the year. 

Thanksgiving is known as one of the most joyous days of the year, with millions of people joining together with their families to eat turkey and give thanks for the blessing of their past year. Encourage your customers to make the most of this amazing holiday and watch your engagement grow (like our stretchy pants) as a result!

Thanksgiving Video Ideas

  • Heartwarming Video: Take a minute to appreciate the beautiful traditions of this holiday, and encourage your customers to make the most out of their Thanksgiving. 
  • Charitable Video: Each year, many families struggle to afford a Thanksgiving meal. Use this opportunity to showcase the various charitable organizations making a difference this Thanksgiving and encourage your customers to do their part.
  • Engaging Video: Create a video including 10 topics to talk about (or avoid) this Thanksgiving meal!
  • Sale Video: In the spirit of giving, give your customers a discount they’ll be thankful for.

Small Business Saturday (November 27)

While we love our Black Friday deals at large national retailers, sometimes small businesses can be forgotten. Did you know that small businesses provide work for almost 50% of the entire workforce!? 

It’s crazy to think that over 40% of small businesses were closed at some point throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving hundreds of thousands of people out of work. If that wasn’t enough, around 57% of small businesses rely on personal savings to start their company, meaning each of these businesses’ survival was in jeopardy over the last few years. 

Encourage your customers to join the movement and celebrate Small Business Saturday by shopping local! 

Small Business Saturday Video Ideas

  • Sale Video: Offer customers a discount to get them in the door this Small Business Saturday. 
  • Community Video: Not the only Small Business in town? Take some time to team up with other local businesses to encourage your community to shop local this Small Business Saturday.
  • Engaging Video: Engage customers by creating a video listicle of ways to give back to small businesses and why it matters.
  • Informative Video: While you may know the difficulty of running a small business, your customers probably do not! Showcase some exciting facts about small businesses to get your customers ready for this great day.

Hanukkah (November 28 – December 6)

Who else is excited about jelly donuts and 8 nights of presents!? This Jewish holiday commemorates the incredible victory of the Maccabees over the Greek King, Antiochus, and the rededication of the second temple. 

This joyous holiday is celebrated by lighting the Menorah, opening presents, spending time with family, and of course by eating delicious “sufganiyot” (jelly donuts)! Give your followers the gift of excellent content this Hanukkah with these lit video ideas.

Hanukkah Video Ideas

  • Sale Video: 8 nights of presents? We heard 8 nights of sales! Join in the Hanukkah spirit and offer your customers a different deal for each day.
  • Community Video: Hanukkah is all about spreading the light, so take this opportunity to live in the holiday spirit and give back to local organizations.
  • Informative Video: Not so familiar with the Hanukkah traditions? Your customers may not be either. It’s always great to expand our cultural understanding, so take this opportunity to inform your customers and showcase your favorite Hanukkah traditions.

Giving Tuesday (November 30)

What started as a simple idea encouraging people to do good has become a global phenomenon that recurs each year. Giving Tuesday, originally founded in 2012, began as a day for people to do good deeds worldwide. Whether it is something as small as making someone smile, or as large as making a donation or spending the day volunteering, any act of kindness is appreciated on Giving Tuesday. Encourage your customers to do some good and join the movement on this wonderful day. 

Giving Tuesday Video Ideas

  • Charitable Video: It’s Giving Tuesday, so don’t forget to show your customers exactly where you’ll be donating this holiday and encourage them to join along!
  • Engaging Video: Post a video inviting your followers to give back in any way they can.
  • Sale Video: Give your customers an extra push to celebrate the holiday by offering a sale to anyone who donated to a good cause or volunteered with a local organization. 

World Vegan Month (All Month)

No meat or dairy for a whole month!? Yup, you read that right. This November is World Vegan Month, where the vegan community joins together to celebrate the accomplishments of vegans worldwide and highlight the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Not only is going vegan good for you, but it’s also good for the planet too! Encourage your viewers to give veganism a try or support the vegans in your audience this November with these vegan-friendly video ideas.

World Vegan Month Video Ideas

  • Sale Video: Encourage your customers to take part in World Vegan Month by offering a sale to anyone who goes vegan for the day.
  • Community Video: Does your business have little to do with veganism? Take this opportunity to showcase the various vegan restaurants in your community.
  • Informative Video: Do you love vegan food? Your customers might too! Highlight some of your favorite vegan recipes and ask your customers to share theirs too.
  • Educational Video: Educate your audience about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

365 Days of Videos With Promo’s Social Media Calendar 

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to create your own November videos and start engaging with your audience like never before.

It can be tricky to develop a creative content strategy month after month. This is why we love using Promo’s social media calendar. It helps us stay on top of the latest trends and important dates and events.

Not only does the Promo calendar provide never-ending content inspiration for every single day of the year, but it also provides you with amazing ready-made templates for each and every one of them. All you need to do is add your brand and share; it’s that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Start creating marketing videos for your business today.

You’ve got this!

Our November Calendar is Live

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