5 Tips for Bringing Magic to Your Holiday Videos

Daniella Julius
By Daniella Julius
December 7, 2021 · 7 min read

As a business owner, the holiday season might be the most important time of year for your company. Thanks to the cozy and emotive nature of the holiday season, the holidays are not only about communicating sales to festive shoppers. They also open the door to building relationships and deepen your connection with prospective and existing customers. 

With that in mind, you should be in the midst of planning a content-driven holiday marketing plan focusing on end-of-year sales, holiday promotions, and getting your customers excited about your business in the year to come. Even if you haven’t gotten started yet – no need for alarm. Well, that’s where we come in – Santa’s little helpers. We’re going to ensure you make the most of your video creation and online communication this holiday season. 

Whether you’re wishing your followers a happy holiday or creating a video promoting holiday sales, here are some tips to follow to ensure your holiday content engages your followers, communicates your message, and brings your followers closer to your brand and business. 

1. Utilize Stock Photo and Video Resources 

When it comes to creating holiday videos, small businesses often lack the resources and time needed to gather holiday-related content. So if you haven’t had the time to pull together a Christmas photoshoot, don’t stress; there’s an easy fix. Stock footage. 

Stock footage is a fantastic tool to use to enhance your videos. Whether you’re creating a sales video, putting together a fun holiday gift guide, or wishing your followers a happy holiday, the footage you need to boost your holiday videos can be easily accessible and at a fraction of the price you might be used to paying.

Promo’s photo and video library is stocked (no pun intended) with over 110+ million premium assets and thousands of Christmas-related footage. Our library is home to thousands of unique holiday assets that will add visual interest, make your videos sparkle, and add a professional touch to every holiday video you create. 

Promo tip: After typing and entering your keyword into the search bar, you’ll notice a selection of ready-made templates that are waiting to be used. If you’re looking to create your own holiday video, scroll down, and you’ll be directed to our “Start from scratch” stock library.


2. Choose the Perfect Footage

Our library has all you need to create the perfect holiday video. While you may want to jump right in, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind to make your video creation faster and easier this season. 

Show Cheerful People 

Footage of people enjoying the seasonal festivities is perfect for generating emotion and growing customer connection. Whether you’re reaching out to say thank you for a wonderful year, letting viewers into your company’s backstage with a “Year in Review,” or promoting a Christmas sale – using happy and festive people will engage your audiences, stop their scroll and engage them with that warm and fuzzy feeling that the holidays are all about. 

Search keywords: Happy Christmas presents


Use The Right Keywords When Searching

When looking for stock footage, it’s always a possibility to type in “Christmas” or “winter” into the search bar – the results are endless! That being said, we recommend you get more specific with your search terms; if you’re looking to create a heartwarming video about being together for the holiday, search “Christmas dinner”, “Christmas hug” or “Christmas family moments.”

Let’s say you’re looking to get customers excited about the products you’re selling this Christmas; type in “Christmas presents” or “Gift-giving Christmas.” The more specific, the better your video will be because it will perfectly fit your vision for the holiday.

Pro-tip: Get creative! We have a wide variety of amazing Christmas-related footage. Don’t hesitate to search for original terms like “reindeer,” “funny Christmas,” “cat Christmas.” and “Gingerbread.” Express yourself with your search terms and find the perfect footage for you and your business!


Search keyword: Christmas hug


Search keyword: Christmas sale

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Holiday Humor 

Customers engage more when they’re entertained. Though Christmas is a heartwarming and family-oriented holiday, entertaining and humorous campaigns go a long way during the holiday season. In fact, humorous ads tend to be the most highly rated ads; over 53% of consumers say they are more likely to remember an ad if it’s funny. Why not that into the most wonderful time of the year? Christmas is the perfect time to be jolly and encourage your viewers to interact and engage through various platforms. If you’re selecting humorous footage, don’t forget to include entertaining texts and invite your audience to engage.

Promo tip: Merry Christmas GIFs are also a great way to use humor this holiday season. In case you didn’t know already, any video you create on Promo can easily be turned from video to GIF. That way you can easily share one great piece of content on multiple platforms.

3. Add Holiday Music to Every Video

From carols and jingles to holiday hits, we can’t imagine a holiday season without holiday music. Don’t forget to add festive and uplifting holiday music to your holiday videos this season! Studies have found that playing holiday music surrounding the holidays brings more shoppers, and shoppers buy more holiday-related goods when Christmas music is playing.

Dive into our royalty-free music library and add cheer to every video you create by adding the perfect holiday music to your video. While you’re welcome to search “Christmas” or “Winter” and listen to the dozens of festive holiday tracks, Christmas also comes with a range of subcategories. We recommend selecting the genre and emotive keyword to save time and find the perfect tune for your holiday videos. Here are some top choices that we love, but many more are waiting for you inside. 

“Christmas Cheer” by Dave Tough

“When Christmas Comes Around” by Nick Dukas

“Christmas Magic” by Veaceslav Draganov

4. Find the Perfect Font

While every video can be turned into a holiday video with the right footage and font colors, some fonts add that festive touch. Though it may seem like a given, we want to remind you that our video editor offers a wide range of fonts that are ideally suited for holiday videos. Our personal Christmas favorites are Santeli Light, Love Ya Like A Sister, and Griffy. Play around with them, check what fonts go best with your theme, brand, video, and message. Most importantly, have fun! Christmas is all about adding that festive, playful touch! 




In addition to the perfect font, we recommend you use our special edition holiday text styles! Whether you’re promoting a holiday sale, driving engagement, or creating a product showcase slideshow, use these merry text styles to add a cheerful touch to each of your videos! Stand out with every video and get your customers in the holiday spirit by using our festive holiday text styles. 

Once you’re done creating your holiday video, be sure to select our special edition Christmas outro. Insert your brand logo, CTA and drive sales, and ensure your viewers have a very Merry Christmas.

5. Don’t Forget a Personal Touch

Add your photos and clips to your holiday videos. With Promo, uploading your own footage is super easy. You can use footage of your business’ holiday decorations. We also recommend using footage of employees, and invite your audience to share in your work family’s holiday cheer. You can also add photos of your seasonal products, and showcase upcoming releases. Lastly, if you have one, add your company’s jingle to your holiday videos to boost brand visibility and recognition.

Final Words

We know you’re busy juggling time and resources this holiday season, but we’re also here to reassure you—you got this! These tips were carefully designed to help you create the perfect content for your holiday marketing efforts so that you can save time, energy, and money! For more holiday inspiration, check out our post on marketing ideas to boost your online presence this December!

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