5 Video Creation Tips To Boost Your Customer Loyalty

Dorian Martin - Guest Writer
By Dorian Martin - Guest Writer
March 15, 2021 · 8 min read

How do videos boost customer loyalty?

Videos help customers use products and services. They save people time by providing quick answers. They help businesses grab the attention of customers and break through the noise. Not to mention they make a brand look cool.

That’s why the best companies invest in short videos (you’ll see some examples in this post, too). If you’re interested in joining them and making videos to improve customer loyalty, here are five unconventional tips just for that purpose.

1. Look for Ideas on Review Platforms

Does your business have a profile on review platforms like G2, Foursquare, or Google My Business? If yes, then it could be your source of inspiration for video content.

Customer reviews are great because people describe their experiences with a business in detail. This often means they highlight some specific strengths like quality customer service, products, and ways they benefited from choosing that business. 

These experiences could help your team come up with creative video ideas. For example, some reviews mention specific customer goals they were able to achieve thanks to your product or service. Mentioning these goals in promotional videos is a good idea to help viewers understand how they can use your business and increase their customer loyalty yo the brand.

Besides, B2B review platforms like G2 also have video customer testimonials. Monday.com, a project management app, has many examples—in this one below, the customer rates the app at 9 out of 10 and explains why.

Source: G2, Monday.com page

They could also be a part of your customer research and help to improve your own marketing videos.

2. Check out Your App’s Reviews

Are you running a SaaS business?

Then your app’s page on an app store – Shopify App Store, WordPress plugin directory, etc. – is another unconventional place to find ideas for short videos. Similar to review platforms, app pages contain customer reviews, which you can use for inspiration.

Go through the reviews and copy the most detailed and interesting ones in a special doc. As your marketing team meets for the brainstorming session, take a look at the reviews together – chance is you’ll find a worthy idea to make into a video.

This review of an influencer app for Shopify businesses has useful details like the app’s performance, some specific results, and customer goals. All of these points are worth mentioning in marketing videos.

Shopify App Review
Shopify App Store

Also, consider getting in touch with the authors of the best reviews to ask them to participate in a short customer testimonial video. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to increase conversions with video content, so using them will definitely help your business. 

3. Browse Reddit Threads

Reddit is a place where people discuss all sorts of things. Men’s fashion, DIY projects, dating advice, politics, restaurant advice — the website surely has tons of discussions related to your business or industry.

That’s why marketers and businesses often use it for content ideas. If you’d like to give it a try, go to Reddit and use the search bar to look for content. Use keywords related to your business to find the most relevant discussions.

If you’re in the business of pet supplies, for example, you might find this Reddit discussion below interesting. Someone asks if people are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly pet products.

Reddit ReviewSource: Reddit

Most people who wrote the answers said they agreed to pay for eco-friendly bags more even when the price was 50% higher compared to standard plastic bags.


A discussion like this one shows customer preferences, needs, and goals for specific products. Try to find discussions and answers from people who represent your target customers, and you might find interesting ideas for video marketing

The “eco-friendly pet products” discussion, in particular, can inspire a video to show a brand’s commitment to eco-friendly materials and environmental protection. Such a video would grab the attention of environmentally-conscious customers.

Consumer studies support this trend. A recent survey by IBM and the National Retail Federation, for example, found that 70% of US consumers were ready to pay 35 percent more for sustainable purchases like recycled or eco-friendly goods.

4. Make an Unusual Video Opening Statement

Would you believe that a brand promoted its products by saying that…

They’re worthless?

That happens more often than you think. One of the examples is Timberland. Their latest product video for the brand’s iconic yellow boot opens with an unusual statement: “These boots are worthless.”

Not kidding — see for yourself.


The video continues by saying:

“Until you take them… Up a ladder, down a hole, to the woods, to the backyard, through the storm. Until you take them scratched, dirty, muddy, greasy, wet, dusty, scuffed…”

And ends with:

“Until you make them worth everything.”

See what they did there? They grabbed our attention with the unusual opening statement and then showed a bunch of ways the product can be useful for us. These ways inspired a lot of emotions, and drew viewers in to capture their attention for longer.

Seriously, every phrase — “up a ladder,” “to the woods,” etc. — was accompanied by a scene of someone using the boots in that environment. There are people working in different settings, hiking in the woods, riding a BMX bike, scratching metal in a car repair shop, and even going up a ladder that looks like on the top of the world.


This way, they made an emotion-rich, memorable video that shows how versatile the product is and how different are the people who can use it, a great way to boost customer loyalty and engagement with the brand. 

Try adding an attention-grabbing opening statement to your marketing videos. It might not necessarily be something controversial like in Timberland’s example, so here are some ideas for you:

  • Surprising facts about your product or customers
  • Questions – they make us think about the answers and engage viewers early
  • Rhetorical generalization about a customer or product as a pathway into the argument
  • Obstacles or problems that customers can relate to

5. Make Customer Support Videos

Customer support videos aren’t exactly the first thing that comes up when businesses plan a customer loyalty strategy. But they can be just as effective as loyalty programs, rewards, and discounts.

Here’s why (source: SuperOffice):

  • 40%of customers prefer self-service to speaking with customer support representatives. This means they’re likely to find answers themselves with resources like how-to videos.
  • 73% of customers say they are likely to visit a company’s website rather than using a live chat or email support feature.

So, self-service is an excellent strategy to provide support to existing customers. Many businesses – both B2B and B2C – are creating FAQ pages, knowledge bases, and help centers for this purpose.

But there’s a problem—

55% of customers also say that self-service portals are difficult to use (SuperOffice).

This means that companies often write long textual instructions that might be difficult to understand. Or, in some cases, it takes some time to find answers. So, how can you hit both marks?

The answer: videos.

In this case, how-to and customer support videos are literally worth thousands of words. Instead of the traditional way — writing long articles — try a how-to video and a short textual summary. 

Both elements should be easy and focused. The video should provide step-by-step instructions on tackling the problem within a few minutes max. The text should be as concise as possible (within 200 words). Writing tools like GetGoodGrade and Grammarly can help with text editing and proofreading for clarity.

Dropbox’s knowledge base is a treasure trove of such videos and texts.

The company provides short and informative videos on completing tasks inside Dropbox. This one, for example, shows how to synchronize files with the app in just one minute.

Source: Dropbox tutorials: Explore our video tutorials | Dropbox Help

Creating such short videos to help your existing customers use your products and services will be an effective strategy to meet the needs of those who prefer self-service.

B2B businesses can make how-to videos with instructions, guidelines, and tips to use their software. B2C eCommerce businesses can make videos to explain returns, shipping, and delivery policies, product care, or any other frequent customer questions.

Besides helping customers get quick answers, such support videos will also reduce the workload for your customer service team. Instead of spending hours handling simple, repetitive requests, they will be able to focus on more complex ones.

How to Use Short Videos to Improve Customer Loyalty: Summary

Do you know what all of these tips have in common?

They’re all about the viewer. When we use customer reviews, Reddit discussions, or Timberland-style opening statements, we have the interests of the viewers at the center of this project. It’s them, not products, who inspire us to create videos.

Being a customer-first business is something that will go a long way in making more people interested in your content and brand. Eventually, that interest will turn into loyalty and even brand advocacy.

Let’s get your business there! Choose a free video template for your future video—no video marking skills are needed. 

Start creating something amazing.

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