8 Reasons Why Content Managers Need Video Marketing

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
July 16, 2018 · 5 min read

One of the growing trends in online marketing is the rise of video marketing. Used by small and large businesses alike, video marketing is growing at an exceptional rate. While some may see this as a trend, there are a lot of reasons to believe that video is the future of content marketing and isn’t going away anytime soon.

The big brother of it all, content marketing, has changed a lot over the past few years. What was once a focus on article creation and interesting email campaigns has now blossomed into a pillar of every successful business, with branches stretching far and wide. But the focus remains the same, on generating engaging content for your potential audience. This content may take the form of blogs, articles, white-papers, infographics, and yes, even video! However, while all of these mediums combine to create a robust and comprehensive content marketing strategy, video marketing has a few things up its sleeve that these other mediums just can’t compete with.

1. Total Recall

No, not the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (or the slightly “eh” 2012 remake). Video marketing is a way to creep into the minds of your viewers and stick with them. In fact, according to recent data; 80% of viewers recall a video ad they watched online.

If that’s not enough, 46% of internet users took an action (such as clicking through to a website or online store) after viewing a video ad.

2. Educate Your Customers

We live in a complex world, and while your product may not be difficult to understand, a little help never hurt. Explainer videos and product demonstrations help to educate your customers on how your product works and why it’s right for them.

In all, video increases consumers understanding of a product or service by as much as 74%. Remember, an informed customer is a smart customer.

3. Sharing is Caring

Sure, you’ve heard it before. Create a video, they said. People will share it on social media, they said! But isn’t Facebook just for silly cat videos and pictures of your baby doing adorable things? Not necessarily.

Sure, ads aren’t the sexiest thing to share with your friend, but not all video marketing needs to be ad-related. Get creative and craft an interesting, amusing, and engaging video specifically for your target audience. Studies show that a whopping 83% of consumers would consider sharing a branded video if it interests them.

Of course, if you can work a silly cat in there, that percentage may go up*

4. Consumers Are Hungry For Them

One of the first rules of show business is “give the people what they want.” When it comes to video marketing, that mantra also rings true. Statistics show that 90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions, while email open rates increase by up to 19% by simply including the word “video” in the subject line.

Not only is video effective, your customers want you to use video to engage with them. Don’t let them down!

5. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

If you still think video marketing is a passing fad, you aren’t paying attention to the industry! Online marketers and content managers are using and increasing their use of video at a tremendous rate:

In a survey of online marketers:

  •         76% report an increase in sales
  •         47% report a reduction in support queries
  •         76% say it increases website traffic
  •         80% say it increases dwell time on their website

6. The Internet IS Video

While there are plenty of things that take up our online time, video is a clear king when it comes to content. In fact, 74% of ALL internet traffic is video traffic. By next year, that number is expected to rise to 80%

Far from a passing trend, the future of online content IS video, and content managers and marketers would be wise to get with the program or risk being left behind!

7. Build Your Brand

Whether you’re trying to penetrate a difficult market or stay top of mind; video marketing is great for brand awareness. In fact, according to the Aberdeen Group, video marketers increase their lead generation by as much as 66% per year as well as see up to a 55% increase in brand awareness.

Entertaining your customers while putting your name on their mind? That’s a win-win.

8. Supercharge Your Conversions

If you’re not using video, you’re missing out on a powerful conversion tool. When you combine the desire for video content with the effectiveness of the medium, it’s no surprise that the result is more conversions.

Video marketers and online content managers agree that video marketing sees a higher ROI than other content marketing methods. In fact, after watching an online video, consumers act:

  • ·         26% look for more information
  • ·         22% visit the business’ website
  • ·         And as many as 12% of viewers purchase the specific product features in the video.

Are You Ready For The Future?

Video content is in demand, in vogue, and indispensable for any business looking to take the next step with their online content marketing. Customers are actively consuming video content and are eager to engage. What’s more, the ROI of video is unsurpassed in the content marketing arena.

Brands who want to keep with the times and stay ahead of the curve would be wise to make full use of the awesome power that video marketing has to offer. You’ll boost your recognition, reach, as well as retention.

And maybe make a viral cat video along the way.

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