Easter: Creative Content Ideas

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
March 26, 2023 · 11 min read

Easter is an important holiday in the Christian religion that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and marks the end of Lent. It’s also become an anticipated yearly occasion for many individuals, children, and families who enjoy its colorful, sugary traditions. For businesses of all types, Easter serves as a wonderful inspiration for social media content you can create to connect with your audience.

To help you think of content and campaign ideas for your business, we’ve put together this guide with examples of Easter content ideas for five different industries. Take them as is, or use them as inspiration when putting together your content calendar for Easter.

About Easter

Easter is observed annually in the spring. The holiday has its origins in the Jewish festival of Passover and has been celebrated since the early days of Christianity. Today, Easter is a time for families and friends to come together and celebrate with traditional activities like decorating eggs, participating in Easter egg hunts, and enjoying a special meal.

While Easter is celebrated by Christians around the world, different cultures and countries have their unique ways of observing the holiday. From the colorful processions in Spain to the lighting of bonfires in Europe, Easter is a time for communities to come together and celebrate in their own way.

Content and Marketing for Easter

Easter is a wonderful opportunity for businesses of all sizes and types to create unique content and connect with their customers during the holiday season. Not only will it give you a fresh, timely topic to discuss on your social media, but it will also allow you to build more personal connections with your followers over a shared experience. 

To help inspire your Easter content, we’ve come up with some creative video content ideas that are relevant to five different industries: real estate, finance, health and fitness, food and beverage, and e-commerce. Whether your business is in one of these industries or a different one entirely, you can take inspiration from these ideas and tailor them to your own brand and social media campaigns. 

We recommend using these ideas to plan your Easter content in advance for a stress-free Easter social media campaign. By combining multiple content ideas and posting them over the course of a few days or weeks, you’ll be able to take your audience on a journey, engaging them and even leading them gradually toward taking an action you want them to take, such as making a purchase or visiting your business. Promo Planner allows you to pre-plan and schedule your social media posts to save time and effort in social media campaign creation. 

Real Estate

There’s nothing like celebrating Easter with your family in your very own home. Doing Easter egg hunts in the backyard and coloring Easter eggs in the kitchen – these are all highly impactful images that you can leverage to market your real estate services during the Easter season. 

Video and Content Idea

  • Home listings – Create video content showing off listings for homes that are for sale and would be perfect for celebrating Easter in, giving a few reasons why they’re good for Easter, such as the size of the backyard being perfect for Easter egg hunts.
  • Ideas for neighborhood Easter celebrations – One of the most special parts of being a homeowner is getting to know and build relationships with your neighbors. To help out, share some ideas for ways that your clients can celebrate Easter as a neighborhood. 
  • Tips for how to sell your home by Easter – For homeowners listing their homes for sale, help give them an even happier Easter by offering some tips and tricks they can use to get their homes to sell before the holiday. 
    • Easter photo contest – Ask your audience to share photos of their home’s Easter decorations and choose your favorites to reward with a social media shout-out.
    • Easter decorating ideas – Help clients who just bought a new home create memories in their space by offering decorating ideas they can use this Easter. 
  • Gardening ideas for Easter – Easter comes at the beginning of spring, a perfect time to start growing a garden. Give homeowners some gardening tips they can use to cultivate the perfect Easter garden. 
  • Guide to Easter celebrations in your area – As a local business, you can help bring your community together by creating a video that points to some Easter celebrations in your area your followers might want to know about. 


Campaign idea: A great Easter campaign for a real estate business might start with home listings, move onto decorating ideas, and finish off with a decoration photo contest.


Easter comes right before tax day, giving accountants a good opportunity to tie the two occasions together as a way to promote services. It’s also a great holiday for offering some investment and savings tips as people aim to “spring clean” their finances. 

Video and Content Ideas

  • Taxes reminder – Create a video reminding your audience to get their taxes done early so they can enjoy a stress-free Easter with their families. 
  • Easter egg ad – Create an ad with an Easter theme in which you encourage your audience to find their local “Easter egg” –  a helpful, friendly banking business hidden right in their area.
  • Egg-cellent finance tips from the Easter bunny – Use this Easter theme to give some finance tips that will help your audience get their finances together this spring. 
  • How to build your nest egg this Easter – With eggs on everybody’s minds, this is the perfect time to create content teaching your followers ways that they can build a nest egg.
  • Easter greeting from your business – Last but certainly not least is a classic holiday content idea: create a video from your business offering a warm Easter greeting to your followers. 


Campaign idea: Start with some finance tips, move onto a taxes reminder, and end with an Easter greeting on the day of Easter. 

Health and Fitness

Easter is a great holiday for people with a sweet tooth who want to chow down on sugary marshmallows and chocolates. But what about people who want to try to have a healthier Easter this year? As a health and fitness professional, this is a great chance for you to offer some advice on how to have a moderate, healthy Easter.

Video and Content Ideas

  • Healthy Easter treat ideas – Anybody hosting an Easter gathering is probably looking up Easter-themed recipes they can use. Create a video giving them some healthy options. 
  • Tips for staying healthy this Easter – Staying healthy during such a sugary holiday can be tough. Give your audience some tips for how they can keep things healthful this Easter. 
  • Healthy alternatives for Easter egg candy hunts – An Easter egg candy hunt is a classic family tradition, but it’s not the most healthy activity out there. Help your followers out by offering alternatives for other activities they can do instead, or other (healthier) treats you can fit in a plastic Easter egg.
  • Lent tips – A lot of people give up junk food for the 40-day Lent period. Offer some advice for how to do so successfully, and how to maintain their healthy habits after Lent is over. 
  • Tips for getting back on track after an indulgent Easter – Indulging in some sweet treats during Easter is really no big deal. The key is to fall right back into healthy habits afterward. Create a video giving your audience advice on how to do so. 
  • Best healthy recipes for Easter – There are some healthier foods associated with Easter, like carrots and eggs. Give your followers some more nourishing recipes they can use for their Easter meal this year. 


Campaign idea: Begin with tips for staying healthy during Easter, move onto offering specific Easter treat ideas and/or recipes, and finish of with tips for getting back on track after an indulgent Easter.

Food and Beverage

While it’s no Thanksgiving, Easter is known for certain foods and drinks that people enjoy during the holiday. You can use this to promote your business for Easter, creating content relevant to common edible Easter favorites such as ham, lamb, eggs, carrot cake, spring vegetables, and more. 

Video and Content Ideas

  • Invitation to an Easter brunch at your restaurant – A great way to get business for your restaurant during Easter is to host an Easter-themed event like a brunch. Be sure to announce the event by sending a video invitation on social media. 
  • Preview a special Easter menu you’re offering – Another terrific way to get more business during Easter is to create a special Easter menu. Share it with your followers through a social media video to create hype for how yummy it’s sure to be. 
  • Best Easter dishes – Don’t have a special Easter menu? That’s okay, too. Just show off photos of your restaurant’s best dishes that fit the Easter theme, such as anything with eggs, lamb, ham, or carrots. 
  • Announce a special promotion in honor of Easter – A surefire way to get more people into your restaurant is to offer a special promotion like a happy hour or another discount. Create a video announcing what kind of special Easter deal your business is offering for a limited time.
  • Easter greeting from your staff – Don’t forget to create a video Easter greeting from your restaurant and staff to your followers!


Campaign idea: Start by sending an invitation to an Easter brunch, follow up with a preview of the special menu, and finish with an Easter greeting from your staff. 


There are plenty of things that people buy in honor of Easter: Easter basket gifts, Easter egg hunt prizes, Easter decorations, and more. Take this opportunity to think of what your business sells that a customer could buy to have an even happier Easter celebration. The answer to this question will unlock your Easter marketing strategy.

Video and Content Ideas

  • Easter sale announcement – Want to make some sales for Easter? Put some Easter items on sale! And, of course, announce it with a video on your social media. 
  • Special Easter discount code – Creating a limited-time offer is a great way to create urgency and encourage customers to make a purchase. Post a special discount code for Easter that will expire after the holiday is over. 
  • Ideas for products to include in an Easter basket – One of the most exciting Easter traditions for kids is receiving Easter baskets full of fun gifts and treats. Create a product guide of items you sell that’ll go great in an Easter basket. 
  • Easter egg hunt contest for discounts – Create a fun, interactive Easter marketing promotion in which people “hunt” around your website for an Easter discount code. Announce it with a video on your social media. 
  • Egg decorating contest with a prize – Host a social media contest in which your followers send photos of their decorated Easter eggs. Reward the best ones with a prize.


Campaign idea: Start with a guide to Easter basket items, continue with an egg decorating contest, and finish off with an Easter egg hunt for discounts or an Easter sale announcement. 

Happy Easter!

No matter your industry, Easter is a great opportunity to create unique content that showcases your brand’s personality. Whether you run a restaurant, an online store, a bank, a real estate business, a gym, or something else entirely, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate Easter and engage with your audience.


We hope that these ideas have inspired you to get creative and come up with fun Easter content for your business. Whether you’re highlighting traditional Easter activities or showcasing your brand’s unique spin on the holiday, there are plenty of opportunities to create engaging content that your customers will love. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and how you join in on the celebration of this special holiday!

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