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Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
October 9, 2019 · 9 min read

We’re excited to share with you how our good friends at F6 Networks succeeded in raising brand awareness with the help of videos from

F6 Networks

Based in Fredericton in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, F6 Networks is a telecommunications company specializing in fiber optics networks. Equipped with its own infrastructure of more than 250,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables, F6 provides the commercial sector of Atlantic Canada with services such as Gigaburst Internet, Cloud Connect, telecoms brokerage, and consulting.

Shannon Payne has held multiple positions at F6 for nearly four years and now leads the customer experience and marketing departments of the company. Recently, the company has chosen to invest in digital marketing and video production to build on top of its activity in the local community. As a relatively small company, F6 Networks views awareness as their primary marketing challenge and sought to use video creation to overcome that. But awareness on digital and social channels is measured through views and engagement, and their content featuring static images left something to be desired. 

“Videos grab attention better than static images. People tend to stop and watch a video, especially if it’s something that is a little bit funny or a little bit different.”


Shannon and the leadership at F6 knew that in order to succeed on digital and social channels for the brand awareness campaigns, they needed marketing videos. To add to the challenge that they faced, most of their competitors actually own radio and TV stations, so F6 knew they needed to be creative with video production and promotion. 

Shannon wanted a service that could provide high-quality footage and was intuitively designed for marketers. Hiring a video editor seemed like overkill for the type of projects they had in mind, and they also didn’t necessarily need on-site videography. F6 was specifically looking for a video solution that they could use with their existing staff and resources to produce brand awareness videos quickly and easily. was the only one that fit both criteria. 

“We looked at a few video makers and decided that we would go with because of the large amount of stock imagery and videos available. And it just seemed so easy to use; so user-friendly!”

The videos

In order to achieve their ultimate goal of generating brand awareness, the F6 Network needed a range of videos for distribution across social media networks. Here’s a quick look at the different types of marketing videos they needed: 

  • Brand awareness videos for LinkedIn to catch the eye of busy professionals
  • Engagement videos for Facebook to showcase their events and community contributions
  • Looped videos to display during their on-site event sponsorships

Watch how F6 used video analogies to draw attention to the issues common among office workers. 

Comparison video on LinkedIn

In this example, note how they used a video comparing congested traffic to slow internet speeds; the bane of every office worker! The vibrant colors contrasted with the evening backdrop draw attention while the on-screen text pays off the visuals with a clear message that’s sure to resonate with its audience. 

In another example at the awareness level, F6 uses a scene full of white-collar professionals celebrating something.

Brand awareness video on LinkedIn

After being drawn into the pure joy on these office workers’ faces, F6 provides its primary value proposition—blazing fast internet connectivity—with a call to action. 

At the local level, F6 also uses video to help promote its event sponsorships. Check out this video on Facebook advertising the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, which draws more than 35,000 people into Fredericton and featured Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant this year!

Event sponsorship video on Facebook


It’s Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival time in Fredericton and we are proud to be a Triple Platinum Sponsor! Each year we look forward to celebrating with our staff, our customers and our partners and this year is no different!

#CustomerAppreciation #Customer #f6networks #telecom

Posted by F6 Networks on Monday, September 9, 2019

But F6 was more than just a triple-platinum sponsor of the festival—its team also ran fiber-optic infrastructure into each of the tents and set up wireless networks for the artists to use and staff to use throughout the event. By capturing photos and videos from the event, they were able to produce a video that was part event wrap-up and part case study—take a look.

Mini-case study video on Facebook

2019 Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival!

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival 2019

The Harvest Jazz and Blues week in Fredericton is always exciting, and this year was no exception! F6 is proud to be a Triple Platinum Sponsor but a telecom company can also bring value to a music festival.

The week of Harvest is a busy one for our office, especially for our Field Team. As soon as the tents are up, the crew starts running fibre optic cable to each venue, then set up wireless networks for staff, volunteers and musicians.

How is this used by the festival?
1. This network is used to scan each person’s ticket entering the tent – no one wants long line ups so a connection that doesn’t get dropped is crucial.
2. The bank machines require internet access so patrons can buy Harvest swag, get drink tokens or a meal at one of the many food trucks.
3. Speaking of swag, the Point-of-Sale terminals need to be connected. These are used to purchase both Harvest and musicians merch.
4. Volunteers (of which there are many) use this to stay in communication with each other.
5. Musicians use it to stay connected and prepare for the shows – have you ever travelled without access to wifi, no one wants that! Some acts have a direct connection into their production trailers allowing them incredible speeds in the middle of a parking lot!

Our field team also sets up our phone charging station so volunteers and patrons can top up their phones if they get low. We are pretty sure that this is their least favorite thing to set up, it sits on a concrete slab and calling it heavy doesn’t seem like a strong enough word! The team knows its value and how important a charged phone can be, so they set it up with a smile!

This year, we also added a free public wifi to the Harvest Garden for everyone to enjoy. This is a great little spot where patrons can enjoy a drink, play some games or put their feet up for a rest. Access to wifi here allows people to post on social media and make their friends who couldn’t attend the festivities very jealous!

After all of this, we like to celebrate our teams and their dedication to f6 so we have a Staff Night. We start with dinner and then take in a show, this year it was the Trans Canada Highwaymen. These guys always put on an amazing show and what better way to say “Thank you” to our team.

Our “Thank you” doesn’t stop with our team, the Friday night is our Customer Appreciation Event co-hosted with our strategic partner BrunNet. Overlooking downtown Fredericton on the patio at Brewbakers we had over 200 of our amazing customers and partners, without whom, f6 wouldn’t be what it is today! Thank you for putting your trust in f6 to provide your business connectivity, we know how critical it is for your business’ success, we are honoured!

Finally, Saturday night featured the f6 Networks sponsored show at the Blues Tent. The Tortoise, the Hare and the Millionaire started the show with a bang, Ariel Posen followed with beautiful guitar riffs. Then the crew started to set the stage for the main act, you could tell you were going to be in for a treat! Nathaniel Rateliff took to the stage and it was magical! Truly a world class musician!

Harvest week is a big one for f6 Networks, its one we look forward to every year. We work hard but we also make sure to have a lot of fun, hope you were able to enjoy some of the festivities as well!

Posted by F6 Networks on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Combining stock footage from, installation pictures, and video from the festival allowed F6 to not only show the human side of the company, it also provided an opportunity to show off their services. 

“When I’m looking to do just a short video, I use keywords to search through the templates database or go through the stock videos in the library. That usually triggers a creative idea and I move forward with that. Then I’m able to find a combination of videos and still images in your library that I can piece together because you guys just have stock imagery for everything. It’s perfect.”


In just a short time, F6 was quickly able to grow their reach on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with both organic and paid promotion. While raising brand awareness through increased impressions is key, Shannon also tracks engagement such as comments, likes, and shares on their video content. 

For its LinkedIn campaigns, the use of video marketing has doubled their impressions compared to posts with static images. 

Plans for the future

F6 has only just started using to achieve their video marketing and brand awareness goals, but based on its success in the short term it will look to expand the volume of video ads produced. 

“Since we started using video, we can be a bit more playful in what we put out. We can also be more specific, more educational. It’s opened up quite a variety of things that we can post. I’m trying to put out a minimum of one per month, and ideally more. I’ve got about 20 videos in draft right now!”

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