How to Create Buzz Around a New Product Using Instagram Videos

Nahla Davies - Guest Writer
By Nahla Davies - Guest Writer
June 26, 2021 · 6 min read

Creating a lifestyle brand on social media can improve sales and position your company to be an industry authority. But you need to take the right steps to connect with your viewers. Using Instagram to share product videos is a great way to ensure that your audience will recognize your brand and connect with it. In fact, viewers are 95% more likely to retain your messaging when it is presented as a video rather than text. 

Making the most of your product video posts on Instagram involves following a few tried and tested rules to make your brand stand out above the rest. In this article, we’ll tell you how video marketing on Instagram can help you boost sales, how to make memorable videos and how to create buzz around your brand. We’ll also talk about Instagram marketing tips that can increase your revenues and make sure that your products are #trending.

Video marketing on Instagram

When people go to Instagram they are looking for a different experience and so you must tailor your product videos and insights to meet the needs of your followers. With 70% of shoppers turning to Instagram for information on products and services they’re interested in, it’s important to post videos to Instagram to stay relevant and create relationships with your customers. 

Source: Tailwindapp

Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users, so having a powerful Instagram marketing strategy will definitely improve your sales by giving you a substantial advertising outlet. The style and layout of Instagram is different from other social media platforms, so what works for you on other platforms may not work for you when you start using Instagram. 

How to stand out from the crowd

Pre-launch videos

Creating an Instagram product video pre-launch is a great way to get people excited and talking about your upcoming products. Deciding on the length of your videos should depend on where you plan to post it. Instagram in-feed videos can be up to 60 seconds long, but it is recommended to keep videos even shorter than that. Some studies show that the ideal length for an Instagram video is 36 seconds

Use influencers

Instagram influencers can be a great part of your pre-launch campaign as well. People who follow and trust their favorite influencers and are usually willing to try something based on their recommendation alone without doing any further research. In fact, 92% of consumers trust content from influencers over other advertising methods. Make sure to have your influencers shoot a short video with your product. You can later share this video on your page as well or merge videos of several influencers using your product of your very own influencer showcase. 

To get the most out of your influencer relationship, it’s important to rely on cloud-based collaboration tools that come with critical features such as custom access, reports, team management and mobility. Staying on the same page is ideal in order to create a cohesive campaign with your influencers. 

Get creative to show off your products

To create a lasting impression on your audience, your videos need to be creative, engaging and provide useful information about your products. There are many types of videos that you can make, but keep in mind your ultimate goal of creating marketing videos that have the potential of going viral.  Choose the right video type according to the information and features that you want to display, such as how-tos, demos and product reviews.

Start by setting a clear goal for what you want to achieve with your video. Next, create a script with an accessible message that your audience can relate to or that stirs interest in a certain demographic. Lastly, look for an online video-making platform that will allow you the flexibility to trim your videos, add music to video, and of course, brand your video with our logo and watermark. 


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Buzz building tips for Instagram Product Videos 

Use a social media calendar

To stay in the minds of potential customers and people who already swear by your products, you have got to be posting consistently. With so many brands advertising on Instagram, you will get lost and be forgotten if you don’t post regularly and in an engaging manner. Enter one of the best online content tools available today – the social media calendar. 

Using a social media calendar will allow you to keep track of what and when to post. With so many unique days and reasons to celebrate year-round, there is no shortage of content for your users to interact with. Short on time? Ready-made social media calendars like the one from will have you covered with ready-made video content that you just need to rebrand and publish. 


Make cloud storage a priority

Videos take up a lot of space. Investing in a cloud storage platform is necessary if you intend on keeping an archive of all your product videos and other content. According to cloud computing expert Barbara Ericson of Cloud Defense, “Cloud computing allows one computer to benefit from the shared resources and databases of computers connected to a single network.” Cloud computing is advantageous since you’re able to store all your files and data on remote databases instead of being limited to local hard drives or storage devices.

When looking to create Instagram product videos at scale, choose a video-making platform that also offers cloud storage. That way you don’t have to worry about how many videos you are creating and keep your eyes on the video-making prize.

Host giveaways

Another great way to get people to interact with your posts and follow your page is to host regular giveaways. A giveaway campaign attracts a lot of attention. Many times people will be interested in your products, but not totally sure if they want to make the purchase. 

A giveaway gives people a chance to win one of your products without having to commit to a purchase. It also creates a sense of attraction to your products, leading to buzz and eventually more sales. 


Because more brands are utilizing Instagram as a part of their marketing strategies, getting through to your target audience can be a struggle. Standing out from the crowd and making engaging video content is easy when you team up with others and plan in advance for product launches and video campaigns. 


About the author

Nahla Davies - Guest Writer

Nahla Davies is from Brooklyn, New York. Since 2015, she has worked with enterprise clients around the world developing RegTech protocols and best practices.

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