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Maximize Your Social Marketing ROI: Streamline Video Creation & Cut Costs with PromoAI Copilot

Daisy Rogozinsky
By Daisy Rogozinsky
April 11, 2024 · 6 min read
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  • Maximize Your Social Marketing ROI: Streamline Video Creation & Cut Costs with PromoAI Copilot

In today’s digital landscape, social video is a must for any marketing strategy, with 76% of marketers reporting that they see results with video marketing and over 50% saying that their video content has the best ROI. In fact, companies that use marketing videos have been shown to grow revenue a staggering 49% faster. 


Yet for marketing managers tasked with navigating budget constraints and time limitations, harnessing the full potential of social video can feel like an uphill battle, with the pressure to deliver exceptional results while optimizing efficiency looming ever-present. 


Enter PromoAI Copilot: the game-changing AI video maker for marketing teams designed to revolutionize social video creation and maximize marketing ROI. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, PromoAI empowers marketing managers to automate video creation, streamline workflows, and achieve tangible results—all while saving valuable time and resources.


In this blog, we delve into the specific challenges faced by marketing managers in the realm of social video creation and explore how PromoAI Copilot offers a transformative solution.

The Challenges of Social Video Creation

Let’s look at some of the reasons why marketing managers may struggle with efficiently creating high-quality social videos.

Marketing Budget Constraints

As stewards of marketing budgets, marketing managers are tasked with the ongoing challenge of finding ways to optimize spending while achieving maximum impact. In today’s competitive landscape, where every dollar counts, the traditional avenues of video production often present a significant financial hurdle. Costs associated with hiring videographers, purchasing equipment, and securing licenses for stock footage can quickly add up, leaving marketing managers grappling with the dilemma of how best to allocate limited resources to achieve their objectives. 




Est. Cost


Freelancers, Studios, or Expensive Editing Tools



Stock Footage, Video Shoot, or Expensive Generative AI



Hootsuite, SproutSocial, or Posting One-by-One


Time Constraints

Marketing managers operate within fast-paced environments where time is of the essence. The process of bringing social media videos to life—from ideation to publication—can be a time-intensive endeavor that demands meticulous planning and coordination. In the face of tight deadlines and competing priorities, marketing managers must navigate the complexities of content creation while ensuring that timelines are met and schedules adhered to. As the pressure mounts to deliver a steady stream of engaging content, finding efficiencies in the video production process becomes essential, enabling marketing managers to allocate their time strategically and focus on higher-value tasks.

Pressure to Produce Results

In an age dominated by data-driven decision-making, the pressure on marketing managers to deliver tangible results has never been greater. With stakeholders and executives scrutinizing every marketing dollar spent, the onus is on marketing managers to demonstrate a clear return on investment. This necessitates a constant cycle of experimentation, analysis, and optimization as marketing managers strive to refine their strategies and drive meaningful outcomes. Marketing managers must be prepared to pivot quickly in response to changing market dynamics, leveraging innovative solutions that enable them to iterate rapidly and stay ahead of the curve.

Introducing PromoAI Copilot

For marketing managers facing the hurdles of effective social media video marketing, PromoAI Copilot emerges as a game-changing solution. This innovative, cost-effective video editing tool streamlines the creation process, empowering marketing managers to enhance brand presence and boost growth and engagement across social platforms with ease.

Cost-Effective Solution

By automating video creation and eliminating the need for expensive production resources, PromoAI Copilot enables marketing managers to stretch their budgets further and achieve more with less. As an all-in-one video marketing platform that encompasses ideation, content creation, scheduling, and publishing, PromoAI Copilot eliminates the need to invest in multiple tools or hire expensive professionals. 


Moreover, PromoAI Copilot provides marketing managers with access to Getty’s extensive library of millions of image, video, and audio assets. By eliminating the need for separate licensing expenses, this feature helps marketing departments achieve professional-quality video content while effectively managing their budgetary constraints. With PromoAI, marketing managers can optimize resource allocation and enhance return on investment without compromising on the quality of their video content.

Time-Saving Efficiency

PromoAI Copilot offers marketing managers significant time savings in the content creation process. With its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, PromoAI streamlines video production, enabling users to generate batches of up to 30 videos in mere minutes, a staggering 20 times faster than the hour it takes to edit one video with Promo’s classic editor. 


Once PromoAI has generated videos, marketing managers can easily make tweaks and edits using the intuitive, user-friendly chat-based editor. With support for 26 languages, it’s easy to use simple commands to swap out captions, videos, music, or style. 


Moreover, marketing managers can seamlessly integrate PromoAI Copilot with their social media platforms, allowing for effortless scheduling and publication of video content across multiple channels. This further enhances efficiency, saving valuable time and streamlining the content distribution process.

Proven Results

PromoAI Copilot’s track record of success is evidenced by its ability to drive tangible results for businesses of all sizes. Case studies and testimonials from industry leaders attest to the platform’s effectiveness in driving engagement, conversions, and ROI, providing marketing managers with confidence in their investment.


Joel Comm, a New York Times Best Selling Author, shares his experience with PromoAI Copilot: “Creating videos can be extremely challenging… That’s why I’m really delighted by Promo. Even I can put together a professional promotional piece of content quickly & easily!” Joel’s endorsement underscores the accessibility and efficiency that PromoAI Copilot brings to the table, making high-quality video creation achievable for all.


Dennis Yu, CEO of Blitzmetrics, echoes Joel’s sentiments, stating, “Promo is simple and effective. It completely removes the bottleneck from the content process and provides a step-by-step guide to creating engaging videos.” Dennis’s testimonial highlights PromoAI Copilot’s ability to streamline the content creation process, enabling marketing managers to overcome common obstacles and deliver compelling video content with ease.

Boost Your Social Marketing ROI with PromoAI Copilot

PromoAI Copilot offers marketing managers a powerful solution for improving social media marketing ROII, streamlining workflows, and achieving measurable results. By automating video creation, cutting costs, and saving time, PromoAI Copilot empowers marketing managers to elevate their video marketing strategy for social media, and drive meaningful impact for their businesses.


Experience the transformative capabilities of PromoAI Copilot for yourself. Start your free trial today and discover how you can boost your social marketing ROI, automate video creation, and save valuable time and resources. 


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