Mother’s Day Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

May 2, 2019 · 4 min read

Ah, Mother’s Day. A time when families dote on the most important women in their lives and celebrate the miracle of motherhood. No really, all silly sentiments aside, mothers are real-life superheroes and the hype around this holiday is very well-deserved. But it’s not just for the pitter pat of your heart, it’s also an exceptionally strong time for businesses.

As the holiday draws near, Americans buy everything from flowers and cards to food ingredients and books. Spending reached a whopping $23 billion last year – the highest in the history according to the National Retail Federation. However, with all this purchasing comes a great deal of marketing competition. That’s why it takes some serious preparation to be on the top of everyone’s gift list, no matter what industry you’re in. To do so you’ll need to create a handful of videos and ads that will share the message of Mother’s Day with your audience and stand out from the rest.

Here are a few Mother’s Day marketing ideas to inspire you:

Share a special sale or promotion

Yes, we did just say people spend in the billions but the average individual or family is always looking for ways to save. A small discount can go a long way to encourage them to choose you over your competition. Promote a special sale just for Mother’s Day and try to use language that puts an emphasis on the essence of the special day instead of the more “salesy” approach. For example, “Your mother deserves the best” rather than “Get this for less money”.

Another good option for Mother’s Day promotions is the 1+1 sale or just adding in a little something extra to your standard offer to make your customers feel good about their purchase.

Pro tip: No matter what you’re selling, let your customers’ know that you too appreciate their moms and your special sale is here to help them celebrate.

Tug at their heartstrings

Mother’s day spending is all about the emotion. Whether it’s love, gratitude, or even just a little bit of guilt, emotion in the driving force of most of these holiday purchases. So without being too cynical, this is definitely something you should tap into in your advertising.

For instance, you can combine beautiful footage of mothers and children with a thoughtful quote or well wish to trigger those tears. Whatsmore, you can create a video that inspires your audience to share it with their own mother and really see your organic engagement take flight. While this isn’t going to lead directly to immediate new purchases (though it certainly does for many businesses),  building your brand around positive emotions is always an ideal way to devise content.

Pro tip: Our recommendation for this one is to consider your audience carefully and make sure it’s inclusive of all different sorts of families that may be within the community.

Share your story

Does your business have a unique story to share? Of course, it does. All the better if you can include how motherhood has affected your business within that special tale. People like to buy from people they like, and nothing makes you more likable that putting a human story behind your brand.

While we aren’t encouraging a 1-hour sit-down, you can get creative and share a short anecdote as part of a larger Mother’s Day campaign to really bring your clients into your family living room. Video ads are a great way to convey this kind of storytelling.  This content bridges the gap between you and your customers and builds brand loyalty.

Pro tip: If you really want to your social media or online marketing to stand out, don’t be afraid to add a little something personal. Human stories are often scroll-stoppers because they show that you’re not just trying to make a quick buck but you’re real people behind the screen who understand real people needs.

Advertise an event

If you’ve got a brick and mortar business, advertising an event is a great way to get people through the door. It can be an invitation to something as simple as an open house or a special tasting. Seeing an event with a set time gives people a sense of urgency. Often consumers see something they like but push off the purchase (or end up not purchasing at all). This is less true when a time-sensitive event takes place.

Mother’s Day is a great time to hold an event. For instance, you can have a massage special for moms or maybe a book signing. Don’t worry, you can definitely keep it within a budget and it can do great things for your business’s brand awareness and holiday sales.

Pro tip: Create ads that will not only get people excited about the event but will also excite people, who might not be able to make it, about your service or product.

Don’t have time to make a video ad? Check out our ready-made video templates just for Mother’s Day!


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